It took my Twin Flame love “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and me six months, to be able to say the obvious: “I love you.” It was the typical initiation phase of the Twin Flame journey during those six months, when we had to overcome the requisite (for the “initiation phase” of the journey is standard in its formula) denial and acceptance, of what we were, to be able to say those those three little words.

There’s no doubt that the Twin Flame journey is a steady diet of adjustment, accrued knowledge and greater awareness of The Truth. In our case, it took two and a half years from our inception as Twin Flames, to blurt out a just as important a truth as “I love you.” A few days ago, I had an epiphany in what must have been one of my more lucid moments as a Twin Flame, when I said to Twinklebear….

“You are not only my Twin Flame, you are my bestest friend ever!”

It is significant that such a pithy self-revelation, is couched in kids’ terms. I feel it is fitting, because nothing is as pure as the feeling one has as a child, that one cannot live without one’s “bestest friend ever!” The concept is simple, truthful and expands to the fullest extent, the idea of the “best friend.” When one is a child, one’s “best friend” seems to fill one’s entire world.

Consider how the pure, unadulterated mind of the child works. He thinks, “What is better than best?” Why, “bestest” of course. After I said this to Twinklebear, we both recognized the pure naked truth of this assertion, that we were each other’s “bestest friend ever!” I initially thought that I was making up a child-like word, to express a concept that was so crystal clear, that only a cobbled-together adjective could serve. To my surprise, when I looked up “bestest” in a dictionary, I found it to be a legitimate word:

very best; better than the best

Well, whaddya know! Okay, so it turns out to be a real adult word that I used, but consider how in my child-like exuberance, I qualified “You are my bestest friend” with “ever!” Whoa! That additional innocent word, “ever,” multiplies the profundity of the statement, exponentially.

My worst subject in school was math. Geometry was a headache, algebra was a nightmare and calculus was just something thrown around by an ex-president that indicates his ignorance of the contextual meaning of the word. But I can see as clear as day, the mathematical ramifications of “bestest friend ever!” To put it into quasi-mathematical terms….

Twin Flame love is an exponential multiplier.

The love between Twin Flames takes the ordinary concept of the “best friend,” of which there can be many for people, women in particular—and elevates the concept of “best friend” to an absolute which is unassailable in its exclusivity.

I’ve noticed that women can call several other women, “My bestie,” at different times (or even concurrently!), subject to the shifting sands of loyalties and changing circumstances. I view this as normal behavior. That shows how ambiguous “best friend” can be, relatively speaking.

There is no exclusivity to the title of “bestie” with the normal ebb and flow of life. A woman can have two to three, to innumerable “besties” as a matter of friendship politics. However, when one has an absolute “best friend” in a lifetime, others need not apply.

Calling someone “my bestest friend ever!” leaves no room for ambiguity. It means in no uncertain terms, that the person spoken about among a whole gaggle of “best friends,” is the very best of the best, the sole possessor of the title, “bestest friend ever!” The word “ever” meaning that it has never happened in the lifetime of the speaker before.

For the Twin Flame, one’s Twin is the very best of the best of all friends, “ever,” meaning that nobody in the life of the Twins, has deserved the title before. And so it is true of Twinklebrar for me.

I can remember as a kid, feeling so powerfully that I wanted to be with my best friend, a role more than one kid had filled for me. But those were just flashes in the pan, compared to the all consuming need I have constantly felt for the last two and half years, for my Twinklebear. I have said this many times, that I’ve felt this incomparable need to be with her every single day—since the day we met. This has been a constant.

In the Twin Flame journey, there is romantic love of the highest degree. There is sexual love of the most intense sort. There is the spiritual love of the eternal kind. And there is the practical aspect of the Twin Flames love, which can be encapsulated by these simple words:

Twinklebear, you are my bestest friend ever!

I need you every day, all day if it were possible.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way




MY TWINKLEBEAR AND I: Evolved in identity to Twin Flame status.

It was an evolution.

What were we?

When “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I met in 2015, we immediately knew that we were something special to each other. But what? The instant rapport was surprising. Surprising and delightful, at the same time. It felt right. It felt comfortable in the extreme.

It felt like an act of nature, but of the loving and benevolent kind.

Indeed, the term “act of nature” usually means a natural disaster, synonymous with “act of God.” In this case though, the connotation is lovely, kind and beneficent.

Incongruity and contradiction appear in the Twin Flame journey, quite regularly. Just as “roller” contrasts with “coaster.” Just as with a roller coaster ride, there is the most breathtaking and dizzying jetting to heavenly heights, in between stomach-dropping plunges into the most radical feelings of depression.

But the latter only occur if the Twin Flames try to part.

It is strange how some words betray us with their taint. Take the word “extreme” as I applied it to, “comfortable in the extreme.” The word “extreme” has a palpable hard edge, as it implies unpleasantness or suffering. The word is to most ears, incongruous with “comfort.”

Nothing of the sort, with respect to the feeling of comfort that Twinklebear and I felt with each other’s company right away. But the ultra-high degree of comfort we felt with the other, deserves an extreme adjective. It seemed so natural, that it felt supernatural.

But getting back to how comfortable we felt from the very first day. People are programmed by life to try to categorize, so as to better make sense of any phenomenon. We were no exception when it came to trying to pigeonhole precisely what we were. Did we fall into the “unaccountably best friends at first sight” category? For that is what we felt we were.

There was no middle ground. There seemed to be no time for us to decide how important we were to each other. There was only the immediate headlong plunging off the cliff, into the realization that we had to be with each other every day. And that was true from day one.

It was so joyful to want to be with each other, right away. The intensity of the need for the other, was ecstasy to experience, for neither of us had ever felt anything like it before. The feeling was….

“I’ve finally found someone deserving of my need for him/her.”

The intolerable void we felt when we missed each other, was a bittersweet fruit which nourished us, yet pained us with a sweet love that was full, complete, natural and total. There aren’t words adequate to do the feelings justice.

We defied description.

What were we? We didn’t know. And because we didn’t know, we entered the Land of Euphemisms. We spoke in the Language of Euphemisms, because to acknowledge the ultimate truth, would have blown our innocent minds.

We were too ignorant of the ramifications of being Twin Flames, to have felt comfortable with the idea that we were forever connected by a spiritual tether, the strength of which we could not have imagined.. It was too deep a pool for us to jump into, when we emotionally were only prepared for a wading pool.

And so, because we were so close, so quickly, we looked for a benign euphemism for what we were. We gravitated to “kindred spirits.” Kindred spirits has such a nice, warm, fuzzy and harmless sound to it, doesn’t it? “Kindred spirits” was just what we needed, as we bent over backwards to avoid the awful (yet wonderful) truth of what we were. We found ourselves saying in wonder….

“We’ve really bonded!”

At this point, we were not immersed in the subtleties of the soulmate culture, but we knew that we were some kind of “soulmates.” The term soulmate is bandied about so freely in the popular culture, that just about everybody has a vague idea that “soulmates” are a special coupling. The depth of the meaning of “soulmate” was lost on us, but we assumed that that’s what we were.

This suited us quite well for awhile, as it gave us a sense of “specialness” above and beyond the “normal.” We began to have an “us against the world” feeling, as we were sure that not many people experienced what we were experiencing. Yet, “soulmates” did not seem to be enough. The category seemed inadequate to match the intense and unbreakable connection we had.

“Anam cara” seemed more meaningful than “soulmates.”

Once Twinklebear and I came to the conclusion that we were exclusive soulmates, we began reading soulmate literature in our quest for meaningful categorization. In our research, we came across the “anam cara” concept.

“Anam cara” is Celtic for “soul friend” with the implication that one’s anam cara is a one of a kind in the world, “the one” we open up to totally. “Anam cara” conferred more intimacy and exclusivity than “soulmates.” This is why Twinklebear and I took to the term and concept so readily. We decided, “this was us!” You might be thinking, “Anam cara sounds a lot like what Twin Flames are.” But like so many things in life, the devil’s in the details.

Anam cara suited us for awhile, but there were certain phenomena that kept occurring with us, that were so specific and so consistent, that we knew that we were more than “anam cara.” Our “knowing” of each other, spoke of lifetimes together in past lives. There is more to Twin Flames than just “opening up to each other.”

Anam cara was not attribute-specific enough to fit what we are.

Twinklebear and I had experienced certain attributes of specialness, that we could not ignore, or categorize. We did not understand what we were, until we read about Twin Flames. I need not go through the litany of these signs we exhibited as Twin Flames, but we had all the signs that confirmed that we were Twin Flames.

All of a sudden, “anam cara” was too amorphous to describe what Twinklebear and I were. Anam cara does not touch on reincarnation. Through vivid dreams, visions and latent memories, Twinklebear and I realized that we had past lives together. This was an integral part of what Twin Flames are, Twin Souls reincarnated to reunite on Earth. There is a deep historical and spiritual basis for the Twin Flame journey, that is absent for just anam cara.

TWIN FLAMES: We finally knew what we were.

So here we are. Twinklebear and I have accepted, and celebrated that we are Twin Flames. This is not just a nomenclature, it is a full-on, dynamic, larger than life paranormal existence. Yet, as my martial arts teachers said to me regarding reaching first degree black belt, lo all these years ago….

“Scott, reaching first degree black belt level is not the end. It is just the beginning.”


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way




BRITS AND YANKS: Cousins under the skin.



“When we entered the dining room of the hotel that evening, we found it filled with Continental (the author’s reference to all others beside US and British military) officers, who, as we bowed to the groups at the various tables before taking our seats, rose politely and returned our greeting. Britishers unused to the elaborate foreign courtesy found the continual salutes that were the custom of most of the Allies, rather a tax at first; and the ungraciousness of English manners was a frequent source of comment among those of our European brothers-in-arms….

But they soon regarded us almost paragons of politeness, compared with our American cousins, who had no stomach for the “bowing and scraping,” and with true republican frankness, did not hesitate to let it be known.

Great camaraderie existed between the American and English troops. The sons of the Stars and Stripes amply repaid the disdain of the Continental (the author’s reference to non-British Europeans) officers with a contempt that was almost laughable.

In all the actions of the campaign the American troops distinguished themselves by conspicuous bravery; and the British recognised with pride and pleasure the gallantry of their cousins.”


“Mum used to call Americans ‘our country cousins’….”


“Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean is my British Twin Flame, and I am an American. Before I met Twinklbear in 2015, and before I began reading Casserly’s 1903 book, “The Land of the Boxers”—I didn’t realize that Brits considered us Yanks, “cousins.”

But I admit that I’ve held a similar view of the English all of my life. In a strange way, I’ve always considered England my “homeland” away from home (America), with China not even in the equation. That is because culturally, Americans are English at their base.

Obviously, I’m no Anglo-Saxon, but that isn’t the point anymore. Americans being the English’s cousins and vice versa, in not about the genetic markers of those English colonists who left home, and ventured into the “brave new world” of America on the Mayflower.

It is about our shared culture and language. Every single American’s life, regardless of the geographic origins of his or her ancestors, is predominantly British at its root, whether they admit it or not.

Language is the great equalizer. It is words and sentiments expressed in the magic of the English language, which binds, and binds, and binds, when it comes to Americans and English. But it is not just the words.

It is traditions and culture—as expressed through language–that define Americans as Brits’ “cousins.”

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” is as much a classic Christmas tradition in America, as it is in England. I live in New York. Guess what New York is named after? The “old” York in England. I grew up in Queens, New York. Guess who Queens was named after? Queens was named after Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II. Brooklyn is known as “King’s County.” Guess from which country the “King” references? The examples of commonality are endless.

There are still colonial era houses standing in New York City, that were built by British colonists in the 1600s. The only thing we didn’t retain from our British cousins, was that funny accent. Ha! Hey Twinklebear! Put that rolling pin down!

ARRRRGHHHHHh…..ahhhhhh……”DONK” Owww! Twinklebear…YOU!

Books have been written about how pervasive the British culture is in the US, such as Russell Kirk’s 1993 “American British Culture.”

As I read “The Land of The Boxers,” I am delighted to read how a 1903 Brit considers Americans as cousins, just as Brits the generation of Twinklebear’s parents do. The “Twin Flame connection” aside, this is part of the reason that Twinklebear and I related so closely when we first met—simply because culturally, we are so similar.

Now, if we can get Twinklebear to speak English correctly, and lose that :funny accent.” Ha!



I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way




HOME: My heart lives in Twinklebear


“Home is where the heart is”



We often read that Twin Flames feel that their twins, are “home.” But what does this really mean?

your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are

Traditionally, home has always been described as a “place.” However, for Same Soul Twins (Twin Flames), the idea of home has shifted from a portion of space, to a person. The idea of home has in fact for Same Soul Twins, evolved from a geographical entity which may contain loved ones, to a higher plane where the loved one is the home.

This evolution of “home” from place to person for Twin Flames, is fairly uniform as far as I can tell. This is why “Your twin soul will feel like home” is universally found in those ubiquitous “Ten Signs You Are Twin Flames” articles.

Just an aside: this “sameness” of Same Soul Twins feeling that their twin is “home,” speaks to the true existence of the Twin Flame phenomenon. Hey, thousands of Same Soul Twins feeling the same thing, can’t be wrong? Right?

The way that this transformation of the idea of “home” took place for my twin “Twinklbear” Lesley Maclean and I, is instructive as to the Twin Flames process—for it is a process. A painstaking and gradual process.

From the beginning when twins reincarnate and “find” each other in the same lifetime (if they are lucky enough to do so), the twins go through a “training phase.”

But first, a disclaimer. I am no Twin Flames guru, or teacher of such. I am merely one of 144,000 Same Soul Twins, who is relating his and his twin’s journey’s experiences, in the hopes of shedding some light for other Same Soul Twins.

If that occurs, I am happy. I am also an avowed writer, who finds it cathartic to explain our journey, and who gains satisfaction from conveying food for thought.

In our training phase, Twinklebear and I first had to handle the maelstrom of extreme emotion that newly re-found twins inevitably go through.

This “initiation phase” must first be successfully completed, before other changes in one’s perceptions of “home” occur. By now, any people reading this who have undergone a true Twin Flame experience, know exactly what “successfully completed” means.

If the twins haven’t “run away” from each other, because the Same Soul Twin connection is too strong, then they have successfully completed the initial phase of the journey.

Twinklebear and I got thrown into this overpowering vortex, known as the Twin Flame journey, and somehow survived the initial crucible by fire to emerge together, with our indestructible Twin Flame connection intact and as durable as ever.

We learned by being tested by the fire of forces we did not understand, that we would forevermore be together, no matter what. We withstood the schizophrenic heavenly yet hellish fires of the Twin Flames initial phase, to emerge in one piece. Thank God!

I love you, Twinklebear! So much, too much!

The mere acceptance of this fact, that we will always be together, helped to smooth our sailing waters. We were no longer in danger of capsizing. Acceptance brought more peace of mind.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Although we made it past this initiation phase of the Twin Flame journey, there were still plenty of smaller bumps in the road to overcome, and milder occasional storms to weather. But they were of a lesser intensity than that “initiation phase.” Remember that I said it was a process?

Twinklebear and I eventually reached a state of comfort. Call this the “comfort zone” after the big storm of the initiation phase. In this comfort zone, we began to feel that because we felt more comfortable being with each other, than the time we were apart–that we began to think of each other as “home.” We felt the “most at home” when we were together, than the other extraneous times of our respective lives.

Our time together was the most treasured, and each other was therefore, “home.”

It is amazing how far Twinklebear and I have come in our Same Soul Twin journey. Yet, we are still learning, still evolving—and that thought is comforting. It is truly wonderful! Our love and need grows by the minute. Our connection is “strong like ox!” Ha!

Saying that, that our connection is unbreakable, would have scared both of us during our initiation phase. But not now. Not now, because we revel in or peerless love and need for each other. It is not a weakness, but a strength.

We sustain each other. We are the other’s greatest strength, because we unconditionally love and support each other.

“Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.”

If I may be presumptuous enough to paraphrase from the Bible about God, for I feel comfortable doing so with Twinklebear and me in mind. I am comfortable with it, because I believe that as Twin Flames, Twinklebear and I are God chosen and inspired.

Twinklebear and I, as only one of 72,000 Same Soul Twin couples chosen by the Creator as such, feel honored and blessed as Same Soul Twins, who God split into two twins. We are rare, and blessed.

Twinklebear, thy strength and thy gentleness comfort me.

This is why Twinklebear is my “home,” and I am hers.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Same Soul Twins, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way




SOPPY DATES: We’re immersed in the juice of love


Someone who is sentimentally silly; a term of endearment.

Daft apeth

Great Britain 1920s


When one thinks of Twin Flames, one immediately thinks of the roller coaster of extreme emotions involved and the struggle of Same Soul Twins to reunite. Rarely do we associate “Twin Flames” with fun. But there is actually a great deal of fun within the Same Soul Twin journey, that lights up our daily lives.

That is the case with my Same Soul Twin “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and me. Part of our great fun, comes from the fact that she is a Brit and I am a Yank.

Our loving interactions include an intellectually fascinating, endless exploration of the other’s cultural and linguistic differences. While we do share a common language (But I do have to teach Twinklebear how to speak proper English—“RUNNING”—ha! Hey Twinklebear—put down that rolling pin!), there are so many idiosyncratic twists and turns in British English I am unfamiliar with, which I love to explore, and vice versa for Twinklebear about American slang. It is fun!

This adds spice to the fact that as Same Soul Twins, we experience the typical compulsion to talk for hours (if we could, schedules permitting) every day. This is a true characteristic of Twin Flames.

I’ll give you an example. Yesterday, Twinklebear said of someone, “He’s really jumped up.” I had no idea what this meant. She then explained to me that it means to behave self-importantly, “full of himself,” as if the person is acting above what his position usually is. That makes perfect sense, as if, “Jack Jones acted several steps above his status at the firm,” etc.

Whenever I hear Twinklebear using an British idiom and I express ignorance of its meaning, Twinklebear is always surprised that I didn’t know what it meant. That is because we share so much of our linguistic common denominator of the English language, that the occasional slang term not understood, is rare. But it does happen.

I’ve been marveling at the beautiful logic behind many British slang terms. Another British slang term that is wonderfully logical, is “tipping down.” One time, Twinklebear said to me, “It’s really tipping down now.” I finally realized that she was referring to heavy rain. The logic of this phrase is wonderful, if one visualizes a giant hand in the sky, tipping over a full pitcher of water.

Another British phrase that is commonly used is, “I feel shattered.” When Twinklebear once said that me, I was immediately prepared to comfort her. Why? Because when an American says “I feel shattered,” it means that person is emotionally distraught. It also means that in England, but its alternate meaning is, “I feel exhausted.” This phrase is never used in the context of being “very tired” in the US.

Here’s another one. Twinklebear once referred to the “car park.” In my mind, I visualized the living, talking cars in the cartoon film “Cars”—going to Central Park to have a picnic. Ha! But it means nothing of the sort. “Car park” is simply the English version of what Americans call “parking lots.” I bet that “parking lot” sounds foreign to the British ear.

There is one Britsh slang phrase I truly love. And this came up one time when I expressed how much I love Twinklebear. In response, she said to me…..

“My Sookybear, you are such a soppy date!”

Ha! How adorable is that? Now I’m a soggy fruit! But Twinklebear clued me in, as this was a phrase her mum lovingly applied, as a term of endearment, along with “daft apeth.” And it is true.

She and I are such soppy dates with each other, and this is a true characteristics of Twin Flames, where all the barriers have fallen between us, and we are totally and unembarrassingly ourselves with each other. We are like two teenagers mooning over each other, but it never ends regardless of age!

See? There is a a great deal of fun in the Same Soul Twin journey!

Twin Doodles Forever!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Same Soul Twins, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way




WORDS MATTER: “Twin flames” sounds flippant and inadequate.


“We did Sookybear, as you say, stumble across the phenomenon of being “Twin Souls” or “Twin Flames.” I for one have never been comfy with the term “twin flames” as it does not really resonate with me as a collective name for who we are.

I feel we are ancient souls, as I said before “sent on earthly missions.” All humans are sent on earthly missions, but not all are from one soul which was created by a The Creator and split!

It is like before connection, we are an empty plug socket and separate plug,
waiting to connect. Once connection takes place, the ideas that flow! Wow! It’s like a huge energy channel which charges, each time the plug connects—running free with every emotion, thought and concept. Only all are extremely fine tuned, concise and clear.”


I happen to agree with my Twin Flame, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean. I also have not been entirely comfortable with the term “Twin Flame.” The term, just seems too trendy, so flippant. It doesn’t seem to impart the gravitas commensurate with the concept.

Just think about how fantastic and profound a concept it is. What people are referring to as Twin Flames, are a man and a woman who at the very beginning of the world, derived from one soul.

It is difficult enough for the secular minded, to wrap one’s mind around the concept of the soul as an entity that can’t be seen, weighs nothing and cannot be tested for by conventional means.

But then throw in an additional wrinkle, that God then took 72,000 such souls, and divided them into two halves—the intention being that each single soul, became a man and a woman who shared the same soul, but that soul lives in two separate bodies.. Did you get that?

Here’s another wrinkle, just to make the concept more puzzle like and complicated:

At any given time, there are 144,000 separated souls living in human beings roaming the Earth, most probably unaware that they are one half of a unique couple. Not only are most unaware, but those that do become aware that they have a loved one “somewhere out there” who is their perfect mate, how do such confused people reunite with their “Twin Souls” (just another term that is accepted as synonymous with “Twin Flame”)?

According to several references in the Bible, God blessed only 72,000 such couples of men and women. In doing so, God gave these couples an ironclad guarantee that each Twin Flame partner would have the “perfect mate.” All they have to do is to find their respective partners. Easier said than done!

At the beginning of the world, each half of the Twin Flame relationship entered into a holy contract, stipulating that each would have no other “Same Soul Twin.” It was a pledge of exclusivity. It could be no other way because they share the same soul.

So, now we have these Twin Flames walking around, who share the same soul as their Twin Flame partner. Herein lies the problem with the current terminology. Neither “Twin Flame” or “Twin Soul” to me, connotes adequately that each partner, shares the same soul. These are lightweight terms being used for a heavyweight concept.

Based on current terminology, it is easy to mistakenly think that the man and woman of a Twin Flame couple, each has his or her own separate soul. This is not the case if you buy into the basic tenet that Twin Flames share the same soul. That is the problem with today’s popular terminology. They are not specific enough.

I have continued to use these terms, because “Twin Flames” and “Twin Souls” have become intractably embedded in peoples’ minds. These terms do, however, create confusion about the basic idea.

Perhaps there is not perfect term for these special 72,000 couples, of which, my Twinklebear and I count ourselves lucky to be one.

I personally like….

“Same Soul Twins.”

The term “Same Soul Twins” imparts directly, the essence of the Twin Flame relationship—that the man and woman share the same soul.

This very fact, is why “Same Soul Twins” are so close, why we are so compatible in every way, why we are empathic and psychic with each other. Do I expect the general public to adopt the tern Same Soul Twins, forsaking the currently popular terms? Probably not.

“Twin Flames” and “Twin Souls” have become entrenched in the public mind, for that to happen. But you have to admit that “Same Soul Twins” is perfect for the concept.

Twin Doodles Forever! Ha!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Same Soul Twins, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way




MY TWIN FLAME: More proof of Twin Flames than the Bible.

Does everybody have a Twin Flame? More basically, do Twin Flames actually exist?

There are differing opinions on the question of whether everyone has a Twin Flame, to which there is no conclusive answer for obvious reasons—because the Twin Flame journey is not an exact science. There is simply no way to prove or disprove opinions either way.

One school of thought, is based on the Bible which alludes to 144,000 people “who will save humanity.” Scholars have interpreted this to mean that these 144,000 humans are “Twin Flames.” This is a recent term, and since the Bible is ancient, one will not find this term in the Bible.

These Bible verses also offer at least literary proof, if not empirical proof, that Twin Flames do exist.

The Biblical verses make strong implication, that these 144,000 people who will save humanity, each have a “twin soul” who are are from the same soul, and are a perfect match for these 144,000. Also implied, is that these 144,000 have certain “missions” or “duties” in order to save humanity, in addition to trying to reunite with their Twin Flames.

The Bible verses that allude to Twin Flames, are the best evidence we have, even if the archaic language is obscure—that Twin Flames indeed do exist, and support the concept that only 144,000 Twin Flames exist (which means that 72,000 potential Twin Flame couples exist).

The other school of thought is that everyone has a Twin Flame. This is a nice and comforting thought, but unlike the “144,000 Twin Flames concept” found in the Bible—there is no evidence to support it, that I have seen, aside from modern day websites that make this speculation.

Because of this, I and my Twin Flame, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, subscribe to the 144,000 Twin Flames concept.

The internet is rife with self-proclaimed authorities on Twin Flames, who report as a matter of fact—that “everyone has a Twin Flame.” This is done so without any Biblical evidence that supports this conjecture. They do this, in spite of the many Biblical references to the 144,000 Twin Flames that reincarnate on Earth.

Most of these Twin Flame “mentors” have a commercial interest in collecting as many followers as possible, because these self-styled experts make a living from giving advice to acolytes who are starved for information.

The vast majority of the people seeking information from these Twin Flame profiteers, have never experienced a Twin Flame relationship. Quite the opposite, these willing followers are looking for way that they can “find their Twin Flames.”

Let me be frank: anyone who offers advice for followers who seek romance with “their Twin Flame”—and divulges the truth that not everyone has a Twin Flame—will not attract many followers.

The reason? Followers simply don’t want to face the probability that they are not included in the relatively small number of 144,000 people who have a Twin Flame true half. Their hopes would be dashed, and their pilgrimage to the Twin Flame Holy Land would come to an abrupt and crashing halt.

Let’s forget the issue of how many Twin Flames there are in the world for now.

With respect to whether Twin Flames really exist, there is one corroborating authority, more conclusive than even the Bible.

Ask any Twin Flame—we know!

That’s right! Ask any of the 144,000 of us! We all know with absolute certainty that Twin Flames exist. We Twin Flames acquired this certain knowledge, when we met, recognized and “knew” our Twin Flame other half.

Take me and my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean, for example. We were the perfect experiment, in how two objective souls can discover that we were Twin Souls—from experience alone—without being biased by any prior knowledge of what Twin Flames were. When we first met in 2015, neither of us had ever heard the term “Twin Flame” before.

“Veni, vidi, vici!”

We came (to each other), we saw (“recognized” each other as Twin Flames), we conquered (our reincarnated reunion)!

When we met, we were like a blank white canvas, untouched by the paint of Twin Flames instruction. We slowly filled in our blank canvas, with the colors and brush strokes of the Twin Flames journey. And we did so without the help of books, websites or “experts.”

Twinklebear and I painted the perfect Twin Flame self-portrait, with no help.

What emerged on that canvas, was a beautiful picture of the Twin Flame journey. It could not have turned out better, if an “expert” had given us paint-by-numbers directions.

We checked (“ticked off” in Britishese–ha!) all the boxes in your typical “Signs That You Are Twin Flames” article—naturally.

When we first met, we “recognized” each other. This is basic Twin Flames 101—that Twin Flames will immediately recognize their Twin Souls, at least subconsciously. We did not know what it meant, but we knew that we were going to be in for a wild ride. God help us! Ha!

We knew deep down to our cores, that we would be connected forever.

We immediately noticed that we could not go even a day, without talking to each other. This is not normal for people who have just met.

Check off another box.

That was curious enough. Deepening the mystery for us, was how long we wanted to talk. We talked for hours on end, and it never got old. If you know me, you know that before Twinklebear, I could not talk to anyone for even five minutes, before I found it tedious.

Another box checked.

Whenever Twinklebear and I gazed deeply into each others eyes, we could not avert our gazes from each other’s eyes. It was like a magnetic pull! Our gazes stayed locked for many minutes on end. This was done without the least bit of self-consciousness. If you think this is easy, try it with anyone, even a spouse–and you will invariably feel compelled to look away after about 20 seconds.

This sort of “deep soul gazing” resulted in a deep and ancient knowledge of each other—prompting mutual exclamations of “I know you!” This is so typical of reincarnated Twin Flames, whose latent memories of a past life together, bubble up like inevitable oxygenated past events.

Another box checked off.

Twinklebear and I were, and are still constantly surprised when we say the same things simultaneously. This “synchronicity of thought,” is another one of those Twin Flames boxes to be checked off. We have a deep psychic connection that is typical for Twin Flames. Ware are also extremely empathic with each olther. We can feel each other’s emotions, without talking of such.

Check another box.

The sheer intensity of our emotions, another sign of Twin Flames, scared the both of us. Many Twin Flames, when they first encounter the red-hot cauldron of the Twin Flames relationship, jump ship. Admittedly in the beginning, I tried to “run” from this tsunami of intense love and need. But the “pull” to my Twin Flame was too much. Impossible to resist, as a matter of fact.

Our attraction to each other, this living breathing connection, is unreal. It’s like Twinklebear and I are tethered by an unbreakable, steel-reinforced cable, soul to soul, ever communicating, ever viable. I could not leave her. I needed her too much!

Another box checked!

It didn’t take long for Twinklebear to feel like “home” to me. Home is where the heart is, and our hearts were with the other. Whenever I was with her, I felt like I was at home. Simple as that. This was another sign of being Twin Flames. We often said to each other….

“When I’m with you, I feel like I’m home.”

Holy crap! What were we saying? Oh my God! We are such soppy dates! Ha! I’ll tell ya what. That hasn’t changed. We are a walking talking Hallmark card.

In the end, there was no doubt in our love-addled minds, that the other was our Twin Flame.

“She is the one,”

“He is the one.”

Twinklebear and I became absolutely certain, that we are each other’s “Twin Flame”—even if we didn’t use that term early on. How could we? We didn’t know the term then.

After arriving at this unnamed destination and conclusion organically, Twinklebear and I came across Twin Flame sources, which confirmed our own impressions of what we are….


It was as if we were guided by a higher power, to reach the same conclusion as we might have reached, if we had listened to the “experts” on the Twin Flames journey. But we did it under our own power.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way