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TWINKLEBEAR: The love of my life.

I find that writing is a cathartic exercise in self-expression, a way to create on a canvas of unwritten pages, something that springs from one’s thoughts and mind. I find also, that the Written Word is a viable vehicle of communication, to others–one’s thoughts. An indirect method, if you will.

Legendary football coach Bill Parcells, was famous for using reporters’ words written in newspapers, from interviews with Parcells, as a way of sending hidden messages to his players. Often, these would be threats to either perform better, to be cut from the team.

In much the same way, this article is a message to Twinklebear, my Soulmate and Eternal Wife:

I’ll always love and need you, and indeed, do love, need and want you—all the time.

Although I am what I consider extremely soppy and mushy with Twinklebear, matching her romantic soppiness and mushiness—there may be infrequent times when our signals just get crossed, and misinterpreted.

Twinklebear, like many women, survived an uneasy relationship that shook her Trust Meter. I don’t believe that I’m betraying any specific privacy, by stating that she had gone through what many women have. What she went through is not unique to her. But I want it understood, why I’m so protective of my Honeybear. I never want her to be hurt, and I especially don’t want her to be hurt by me–if that hurt.


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