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“Every coin has two sides. Every mountain has a valley. For every strength there is a weakness. Every up has a down. For every in there is an out. For every height there is a depth. Life itself is a mosaic of light and dark. And every human is a study in opposites, a kaleidoscope of good and bad, positive and negative, hopes and losses, dreams and disappointments, successes and failures, courage and fear, confidence and insecurity, power and vulnerability. We do not live in a homogenous world. We live in a world of brilliant contrasts, vivid diversity, striking polarity, and eloquent disparity…a stunning array of sometimes gorgeous, sometimes glaring, always fascinating differences.”

L.R. Knost


The Twin Flames relationship exemplifies a state of extremes. There are the highest of love emotions, inaccessible in lesser relationships. Yet, there lurk the lowest, most intense feelings of sadness and melancholy, particularly acute when missing one’s Twin Soul. There are the greatest feelings of joy, so overwhelming that they ironically manifest themselves as tears of happiness. Yet, there are the most poignant feelings of regret, leaving the Twins wishing at times for more “normal,” more mundane enjoyment—so volatile are the swings from highs to lows, and vice versa. The human spirit instinctively seeks stability, a homeostasis of harmony.

In the beginning Twin Flame relationship, there is the most riveting emotion of bonding to each other. Yet there is the compelling instinct to flee, so intense are the feelings of connection to each other. There is a feeling of inevitability so strong, that it scares. You might say that this is the “fear of commitment” on steroids. Exacerbating the intensity of the emotions of bonding, is the failure to logically understand these emotions considering the suddenness of their onset. The Twin Souls experience is like nothing humans have ever experienced before they met their respective Twins. This is really the heart and soul, fighting the mind and the mind’s historical reference points of relationships.

Early in my relationship with Twinklebear I wanted to flee.

In the early stage of my relationship with my Twin Soul, “Twinklebear,” it was the suddenness of the onset of our feelings of love and need for each other, that scared me and made me want to flee the situation. The sheer intensity of these feelings, shrouded in the sense of the total loss of control over our destiny, was confusing. There was the “push-pull” dynamic of wanting desperately to flee, counterbalanced by the overwhelming feeling that I could not leave her no matter what. And so, despite attempts to flee, I could not. In this early stage, every time I tried to effect the “push” of leaving, the “pull” of love and need emerged victorious. Resistance was futile!

This is part of the other side of the coin, the dark side of the Twin Flame relationship. This dark side is also contributed to in a major way, by human frailty. Analogously, a “normal” relationship is like a family sedan powered by a 140 horsepower V6 engine. This car is used to trundling along at 50 miles per hour. But ripping out that weakling V6 and stuffing an 800 horsepower V8 engine it’s place, is what it’s like to find your Twin Flame, and being exposed to the unforgiving tsunami of the Twin Souls relationship for the first time. The drivetrain—the transmission, the driveshaft and the rear end that feeds the power to the back wheels of the car—can’t take the extra stress put on it by that super motor. Twinklebear and I can tell you, based on our experiences, that a Twin Flame couple can get used to the speed. But it does take strength of spirit and mind to survive the initial onslaught.

That is what it’s like when a couple is thrust into a Twin Flame relationship. Nothing in their previous experience, has prepared the two for the sheer speed, intensity and inevitability of the Twin Souls relationship. Human emotions and spirit are like that “drivetrain” of that family sedan. The emotions of the “normal” couple were simply not meant to handle the 800 horsepower and 200 mile per hour speeds that the Twin Flames relationship is capable of. God in his wisdom, I believe, chose stout souls that he could split into strong halves of the soul, resulting in two souls who can withstand the speed and pressure of the Twin Souls relationship. But oh, is this strength of the two reunited Twin Flames tested in the early stages!

If the “normal” relationship is like a kiddie merry-go-round, then the Twin Flames relationship is like a runaway roller coaster, whose wheels were greased to the nth degree and the brakes are non-existent. This truly typifies the Twin Flames relationship, in all of its glory. Now that I’ve savored the sweet nectar of my relationship with my Twinklebear, even if I have to occasionally taste the dark side of the coin, I can never leave. It is, and Twinklebear is my life. Twinklebear and I, are truly “forever.” 200 miles an hour and straight ahead Baby! Next stop, eternity!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forver
12 12 12 in every way


  1. So lovely! Ty my Sookybear, such a wonderful and true memoir. The running, can also (occasionally) be just ” outer influences” seemingly appearing like “running!” Donk! Bad boy! Love my Sookybear always and forever … Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day 12

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey! YOU! My AC Twinklebear, be careful with that “Donking Rolling Pin!” Bad girl! Owwww! Awwww…I love you too, forever and a day! Bear Pact, Twin Flames, Podmates, Twin Doodles forever! Ha! 12 12 12


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