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It is just one word. But in that one word, is the embodiment of perhaps billions of years of my history with Twinklebear. Twinklebear is my Twin Flame love, my other half of the single soul that we were comprised of, before God split us into two at the beginning of time.

In that one word, Twinklebear and I fall into a “comfort zone of memory” possibly billions of years old. It is estimated that the Earth was created 4.54 billions of years ago. I am using poetic license in citing that time 4.54 billions years ago, as the point when time began. This is a conservative estimate, as time probably existed before the Earth was created.

I am using that “4.54 billions of years ago” as an arbitrary guesstimate of when time began, when God split Twinklebear’s and my single soul into two “Twin Souls” as a starting point in this discussion. Hey, the Twin Flame world is not an exact science, okay? So sue me! Ha!

However if I’m going to be practical, then I would have to estimate our history with that “one word” as perhaps 800 years old. Why 800 years? Because Twinklebear and I believe, based on latent memories and retrocognitive dreams and visions, that our earliest past life together as husband and wife took place around 1,200 A.D. in Mongolia.

The question that comes to mind, is did we use that “one word” as part of our dialogue as Twin Souls 4.54 Billions of years ago when time possibly began? Or did Twinklebear and I begin using that “one word” in our secular lives, in our past life in Mongolia? The truth is, I don’t know. What I do know is, that “one word” is a part of us so old, that it is ancient in both it’s usage by us, and in the “comfort” that we find in its utterance. Saying it feels good!

When did Twinklebear begin using that word with me?

That one word is “What?” with a question mark, voiced with cherubic innocence. It all begins in our wonderfully sharp-witted and caustic sense of humor, that is so “us.” It might begin for example, with Twinklebear hitting me with an insulting quip….

TWINKLEBEAR: “You got the half of our soul with the brawn, but I got the half with the brains!”

ME: “You wiseass!”


An there you see the genius in the last retort of “what?” which feigns ignorance of any insult meant, in the initial insulting quip. It is the pretense of “innocence” that we love so dearly, both in its angelic posing and devilish root. Ha! So funny! What you may not sense, is the indescribable joy and and comfort that we find in doing this ritual with each other, every single day! It is hard to convey to outsiders, how much comfort we derive from playing out this ritual. Twinklebear and I in simple daily exchanges like this, feel emotions so rich in humor and underlying love toward each other. It is in effect, one of our indirect ways of saying, “I love you.”

These exchanges are done by us without any forethought, the ritual is so ingrained in us. Every time a spontaneous exchange like these takes place, it viscerally reminds us of the possible millions of times we performed this rite of love and humor, since the beginning of time. Humorous daily exchanges like this that end up with the inevitable “What?” by one of us, is for us like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes, so familiar and so loving. With that, I will leave this discussion with….

ME (my eyes roaming down): “Yes, I know—your eyes are up here.”

TWINKLEBEAR: “You bad boy! ‘DONK’ (feigning hitting me on top of the head)”

ME: “What?”

Can you feel the love and the familiarity, that is so old?


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. So clever. So cute, thank you my Sookybear. I love it. It is a familiarity, that we share . A bit like the fact “I am a better cook, and hairdresser!” Ha!! ” What?” Also the fact that we were reincarnated four-something billion years ago, you were first … “Older than dirt! ” Ha!! ” What?,” Only joking Sookybear.. Love you, podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day 12 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! Why you sexy brat, my AC Twinklebear! So adorable and sexy! You may be the better cook, but I was born with the black hair, which studies have shown raises I.Q. at least 40 points above blonde hair! Ha! “RUNNING” What? “DONK” Lissen baby, better the “999” number handy when you cook..ha! Just kidding, my Twinklebear! What? Ha! So funny! I should spank you, you hot thing….”DRAH”…and I am NOT kidding about that, you bad girl! “WINK” I love you forever and a day! Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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