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by K.J. Hamilton

The topic of twin flames is often misunderstood. There are several websites about this topic, with many definitions, theories, ponderings, ideals and even experiences. Each experience is unique, but it’s also pretty confusing. What are the basic facts? What exactly is a twin flame? When I first learned about my twin flame, I had no idea what that really meant nor had I ever even heard of the concept. And, none of the websites I found really could truly answer even the most basic question without causing me major confusion….I decided to take my questions to spirit and was blessed with answers from the Archangels.

My first three questions: What is a twin flame? What is a soul mate? Are they the same thing? Their answer was pretty simple: no they are absolutely not the same thing. Twin flames (or twin souls) are entirely different. Twin flames are created from one soul, divided into two halves. Everyone has a twin flame, and no one can have more than one. They are the same exact vibration, and often have many common qualities. If both twins happen to be incarnate on the Earth plane simultaneously, there are often common personality traits.

However, it is rare that twin flames are incarnate on the Earth plane at the same time. It is even rarer that twin flames are incarnate together at the same time and are in a relationship with one another. If the twin flames are incarnated at the same time on the Earth plane, they usually will not know each other nor will they even come into contact with one another. Because of their close connection, the twins are often automatically attuned to one another and can experience everything from similar emotions, personality flaws, thought patterns and even abilities.

I never met my twin flame when he was incarnate on Earth. My twin passed away twenty years ago, but I did not learn of him or anything about him being my twin flame until almost seven years ago. Yes, we were incarnate on Earth at the same time, but I knew nothing about him at all. He began to visit me and his presence started me on this spiritual journey of mine…

So, how does one recognize their twin flame? The twin flame experience isn’t the same for every pair of twins. However, there is one commonality that the Archangels pointed out to me. It’s the same for every twin flame: you just know. It may be completely irrational, irritating and mind-boggling, but it’s undeniable. It may make sense to no one else but it doesn’t have to. The souls instantly recognize one another; which is where the knowing originates. It just takes the brain a little while to catch on to that.

They’re connected on a soul level and really don’t need to prove it to anyone. And though each path is different, one thing remains the same: your twin flame is the most powerful, personal and beneficial experience you can possibly have. Your twin flame is the only soul in all of Creation who can be your other half, your exact match. Don’t look for this relationship, it already exists and has existed from the moment you were born. There is no guarantee that your twin chose to incarnate in this lifetime, so don’t look for them. Simply ask for them to appear, and your twin will be revealed to you in a way that your soul will recognize and your brain will accept.


When Twinklebear and I met in 2015, we subconsciously instantly recognized each other, and we knew. We recognized each other, but as what? We did not know what it meant. It was just a lovely and tantalizing mystery chock full of instant romantic feelings, and other warm emotions that we could not, or dared not name. Like K.J. Hamilton said in her piece, “it took our brains a little while” to accept what it meant. But we knew, nonetheless.

Unlike K.J. Hamilton and her Twin, my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” and I did incarnate on the Earth plane in the same lifetime. Even so, consider the logistical roadblocks that made our meeting each other extremely unlikely. She lived in England and I lived in New York, 3,000 miles away from her. I was unaware of her, and she of me. We did not wish for or anticipate finding our “Twin Flames” because we were ignorant of the concept.

We were like two ships, moored in different docks. She was moored in one of the Cinque Ports in Merrie Olde England, and I was anchored in New York Harbor. Here we were, two ships flying different flags 870 leagues from each other’s bow. How would we ever meet? As perplexing a question was, if we did happen to cross each other’s wake in the ocean between us, would we even know who the other was?

Twinklebear was docked in southeast England. How would I ever come astern of her?

“The Concept of Providence is rooted in the belief in the existence of a benevolent, wise and powerful deity. Providence, the quality in divinity on which humankind bases the belief on a benevolent intervention in human affairs.”

Do I believe in a Providence that allowed, nay, designed it so Twinklebear and I would meet? Considering all of the spiritual signs, predictive dreams, retrocognitive dreams, latent memories and coincidences that have shadowed both of us all of our lives, I would say—how could I not believe in “Providence?”

And then Providence intervened.

Providence provided one key element into the mix, that ensured that Twinklebear and I would meet. Inexplicably, besides all the coincidences in our lives (which you would have to explore in previous memoirs to grasp the full extent of the grand Divine Design of it all), Providence somehow arranged for Twinklebear and I to have a mutual in interest in Alaskan Malamutes. We also both owned Alaskan Malamutes.

We were destined to meet in an Alaskan Malamute club that got together online. This was a blatant Providentially designed plan of mutual alignment of interests, that in effect, voided the length, depth and breadth of the Atlantic Ocean. This intervention by Providence “rigged the system” so that Twinklebear and I would not just pass, but meet like two ships in the night.

Just think of the cleverness of the mutual interest in Alaskan Malamutes that Providence had carefully planted in Twinklebear and me. If Twinklebear was interested in English Bulldogs instead of Malamutes, Twinklebear and I never would have met. One simple twist of Fate would have doomed our ever meeting.

In spite of the vast ocean between our ports, Providence with the help of the internet, pushed our ships toward meeting each other. And all it took in the beginning was talking in text and seeing each other’s static photographs at first—for us to subconsciously register that we recognized each other. We knew.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. So profound,and charming, my Sookybear. Thank you . Wise words, indeed . We are so lucky and privileged, to have met and maybe it was “divine intervention”? Or powers that be, that didn’t want either of us to go to spirit world yet! ( As we both ) have had life saving surgery, only recently. I believe, we both , found one another, because we were “BOTH ” in peril. I love my Sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 12 ❤

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  2. Thank you, my AC Twinklebear. I am convinced that Divine Intervention occurred, for many reasons, the chief one I believe—that Providence has “sowed” so many supernatural “oats” in terms of us overcoming so many roadblocks to our ever finding each other so far, that there is a grand design in place for us. I love you, my Baby, forever and a day, so much, TOO much! Bear Pact, Twin Flames and podmates forever! 12 12 12


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