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Twinklebear is the most relevant entity in my existence, past,
present and future.


“I’m either a philosopher or a fool.”SCOTT “SOOKYBEAR” WONG


It turns out that I’m quite the philosopher because I sure ain’t no fool! The subject of “the search for happiness” has cropped up intermittently in my writing. I am now convinced that this search for happiness is a search for one’s relevance to the world and life–and that this “relevance” to life around each of us, and “happiness” are one and the same thing.

I am also convinced that everything humans do, is a search for ways to be more relevant to the world, to those around us and to life in general. This is true whether that consists of riding and loving cars and motorcycles, practicing dance and martial arts, lifting weights or participating in exercise groups. It is all part of an effort to capture or enhance one’s relevance to the world around us.

From a philosophizing point of view, there are two ways to look at existence. There is the “big picture” view, and the “small picture” view. In my writing here in “Twin Flames Forever and a Day,” I employ the “big picture” view, as my relationship with my Twin Flame partner “Twinklebear,” springs from the eternal. Twinklebear and I sprung from the “eternal” as two halves of the single soul that was halved by God at the beginning of time.

Twinklebear and I transcend secular time and extend into the eternal, as we will be Twin Flames for all time and beyond. Beyond the 11th century when we were husband and wife in a past life, beyond 2019 where we are reincarnated as those same two Twin Souls from the 11th century, and beyond the end of life itself.

Before late 2015 when Twinklebear and I miraculously found each other again, I used the “small picture” view of trying to find happiness—which I now recognize as my relevance to life and the world around me. This small picture way of looking at the world and my role in it, appropriately involved “small concerns.” My Harley. My Vette. My photography. My writing. My job. My martial arts school and my students in it. You get the idea. In my life before Twinklebear, there existed for me, no “big picture.”

Then came Twinklebear.

Eschewing any grandiose descriptions, I will simply say that in Twinklebear, I found the happiness—the relevance to life and beyond—that I’d been looking for all these years. I feel that Twinklebear and I had this genetically predetermined need for each other baked in, as we are made of the same Soul DNA material. On the cellular level, even though we were not conscious of it at a cerebral level—we each had been searching for the “relevance of our other half”—for the world to make sense to us.

Now that we have found each other, the relevance circle has closed once again, even though in many ways it made secular life more complicated than previously. This was a loop that had to close for us to realize and achieve our relevance to the Universe—the way it was when we were One Soul before the beginning of time. I guess I am a philosopher after all. Ha!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. Such a great philosophy my Sookybear .. who’d of thought it , you, a philosopher . Ha! I agree , we have found relevance, and some kind of answer, as to why we are here on this “planet earth.” . You are the only person, whom I feel totally able to relax, and be myself with ( male wise). As you can with me. I love my Sookybear . Thank you for the memoir. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day. 12 ❤

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  2. You’re welcome, my AC Twinklebear. Hey! Cawse I’m a philosopher, YOU! Ha! You are also the only person I can relax with and be totally myself with. I love you forever and a say, my love. Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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