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Twinklebear and I have amazing consistency.

Take away the fact that you know Twinklebear and I are “Twin Flames,” with all that implies in terms of eternal togetherness. Remove from your mind, our talk of the intensity and depth of our love for each other. Put aside what you know didactically about what Twin Flame relationships are supposed to be. If we take a bare bones look at what our relationship has been and is, here is the essence that you are left with:

Amazing and unrelenting consistency.

Doesn’t sound as fancy or romantic as the rest of it, does it? Yet, this stripped down perception of what Twinklebear and I have, may have greater meaning than all of the flowery Twin Flame prose with regard to what we are. It also enlightens as to the longevity of what we are. “Practical reality” may inform and signal “spiritual truth.”

Such a bare bones look demands that one pay tremendous respect for our very base, our rock-like foundation, which ultimately does justify the Twin Flame imagery that we’ve just discarded for our “bare bones look.” And that is the point. So, what is the point? And what is it that we are unfailingly consistent about? It is remarkably simple and straightforward.

Day in and day out, we remain the same with respect to needing to be with each other.

And when we cannot be together due to schedules and daily life obligations, we need to be intimately aware of where the other is. We make it our business to be totally open and complete with respect to informing the other, as if this keeps us close spiritually, no matter what the other is doing. We need to know what our other half is doing. In our case, the term “other half” is meant as literally as is possible.

And we have been so, ever since we “reunited” as Twin Flames three and half years ago. What this clearly shows is that what we are and we have, is no fad, not infatuation, and is something soul-deep—and this shows by its unambiguous depth, breadth and persistence. We need each other every day, day in and day out without respite. It reeks of the endlessness, a deep well of need and love that has no bottom. All this from 3,000 miles away from each other. And it is this last point that makes it so remarkable, and “superreal.”

Delete from the equation, our seamless compatibility. Ignore our innately totally open sexuality and sensuality that we have. Pay no attention to our profound knowledge of each other as reincarnated husband and wife from past lives. Pay no heed to the list of proven ways that Twinklebear and I know that we are Twin Flames. Take all of this way from view, and what do we have?

We have left, a burning and unending desire to be with each other always, that makes the absence of the other for short periods of time due to conflicting schedules, painful. But in the end, this one consistency we have, does signal that we are Twin Flames. I’m afraid there is no getting around that, no matter how much stripping away of the layers of Twin Flame meaning we unfold, from the essence. And this “essence” is that we must have each other day in and day out. Period.


I love you, Twinklbear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

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