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Twinklebear’s blue turquoise eyes.


“Eyes are the window to the soul.”

“Typically when we make eye contact with someone, we turn away after a few seconds. With your twin flame, you can keep eye contact for what feels like “forever” without feeling any awkwardness. They say eyes are the gateway to the soul, and because your twin flame’s soul is reflecting part of you back at you, you can easily look into their eyes for long periods of time. You may find it difficult to keep your eyes off of each other beyond just physical attraction/lust.”


“Twinklebear” is my Twin Flame love, and wife from past lifetimes, in which we lived and loved together. When I look into her blue turquoise eyes, I feel the love, lust and loyalty that comes from my genetically hardwired alpha masculinity, built upon thousands of years. On the surface level, she moves me to want her, and I do in every sense of the word. Just thinking about her, as I am doing now, moves me to want her, to lust after her, to love her deeply, with a turgidity spontaneously achieved. A turgidity palpable and sensitive to thought input. All this, I feel when I look into, or even think about her blue turquoise eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

And there you have it. You have the answer to this hypersensitivity I have toward my beloved Twinklebear. When I look into her blue turquoise eyes, or merely think of them and her, I am drawn in. Drawn into her very soul, which is the same soul DNA as mine, as we are of and from the same soul material. When I look into her blue turquoise eyes, or even think of them, I want to be in her, on her and with her. Such is the power of the soul connection with one’s soul Twin. The lust is palpable, and never ending. The love is forever, enduring the absence of each other for perhaps centuries at a time, until we found each other again in 2015.

When we are away from each other, “I miss you” is inadequate. When we are away from each other, particularly if I don’t know precisely where she is, I suffer the same angst of the Mongol warrior I was over thousand years ago, when she was taken from me. Liam Neeson has nothing on me! When I look into her blue turquoise eyes, or even think of them, I harken back to a time when I said….

“I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you. And I will bring my Twinklebear home.”

It is no mere coincidence that for decades before Twinklebear and I found each other again, that I trained in the arts of violence and killing. I not only trained in these arts, I taught them with a voraciousness that bespoke of a need to maim and kill. My martial arts students were taught to have a killer instinct, one that I honed in myself, that left no room for mercy. I was formed and therefore destined, to be a warrior, genetically hardwired from a thousand years ago when I needed all the killer instinct I had, to find and save Twinklebear (read “He Was Asian And Wore All Black”).

When I look into her blue turquoise eyes, I am reacting not merely to the normal beauty of them, I am sensing and truly seeing the “Soul That Is Twinklebear,” that she is and was since time immemorial. I am seeing and sensing a time when her eyes were brown and dark, but no less beautiful or enticing. Beyond that, I am seeing past her given name of this lifetime. That given name, is but a way-stop in the space and time continuum of our Twin Flame Journey. I can’t remember a time when I last called her by her given name. Her given name is a foreign, semi-real name. Her true name is “Twinklebear”—for all time.

Just as my true name is Sookybear, and not “Scott.” I can only recall one instance when Twinklebear called me “Scott” and when she did, I felt inwardly offended, as if I was being called by a false name. I believe that our “nicknames” of Twinklebear and Sookybear, are our true names, the only names that matter. I know this, and feel this. I also know and feel, that Twinklebear knows and feels that her given name is a temporary name.

It is a mysterious thing, although she and I can understand it. When I look into her blue turquoise eyes, I am seeing past them into the soul of The One I loved a thousand years ago, and beyond to the beginning of time. When I listen to Twinklebear talking, I hear the words that bore a different sound, and spoke a different language than English. When she and I gaze intently into each other’s eyes, we wish we could look without the interruption of “life as it is” now, for the pleasure and attraction is endless, and satisfying emotionally.

Eyes are the window to the soul.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““BLUE TURQUOISE”

  1. So lovely , thank you so much my Sookybear. The eyes,are also ” up here! ” Donk! ” Bad boy! ” Ha! Maybe I did have blue / turquoise eyes, in the past, maybe that was my charm ? It is so strange, how people, other people, do not tend to gaze, for long periods. Maybe lovers, shoul,. “Eye gaze” make a deep connection,and true imprint, on each other’s soul. Mind you of one cannot Gaze, into their lover’s eyes, then something is wrong. Or if one doesn’t reciprocate,or respond. I love this memoir, love you podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day 12 ❤ my Sookybear. Scott .. who is Scott? 😀

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  2. You are welcome, my AC Twinklebear! You and I know from our research, that maintaining eye gaze for lengthy periods of time, is one of the signs of true Twin Flames, like you and me–and that non-Twin Flames are incapable of it. For normal couples who are not Twin Flames, there is really nothing “wrong,” for they just cannot “soul connect” like we can so deeply, that constant eye gaze can be held beyond a few seconds. BTW, I know your eyes are “up there,” but there is so much lovely terrain to explore “down here.” “WINK” You bad girl! Ha! “DONK” 12 12 12


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