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Our Twin Flame journey is like trains on three tracks.

I tend to think in analogies, especially when something I’m trying to encapsulate is complex. Analogizing it allows my mind to organize it and grasp it more readily, in a succinct manner. This is particularly true of my Twin Flame journey with my Twin, “Twinklebear”—that it is complex. What makes it complex is that Twinklebear lives in England while I live in New York. Before my Twinklebear, I have never been in a long distance relationship.

Being in two different countries is like being trains on three separate tracks. In our two separate existences in two different localities, we are two trains on the outside tracks. But when we communicate by either text or video calling, our two trains converge and join on the central track, and travel as one train. I suppose that a parallel could be drawn between our logistical situation and a husband and wife who both go to work, and then rejoin in the evening. However, the fact that my Twinklebear and I cannot come together again in the evening, exaggerates the “two trains on three tracks” feeling. Twinklebear captured this feeling perfectly three years ago, when she said….

“I feel like a war bride!”

I love my Twinklebear so much. We have these heart rending conversations on occasion—the feeling is ever present, although it would be too painful to say it all the time—about how we wish with all our hearts that we could be living together. I have stated in past articles that I won’t be specific as to the reasons why we can’t, to preserve our privacy and I will abide by that.

Twinklebear and I wish we could be living together.

In the meantime, we are like two trains existing on three tracks. What we would like of course, is to join and become one train on that central track. After all, this is how we began at the beginning of time, when the One Soul that we were, was split into two by God. According to the Bible, God did this to 72,000 single souls to produce 144,000 people who would have the perfect mate somewhere in the world. This is by definition what “Twin Flames” are. Perfectly matched mates whose destiny is to reunite at some point.

It is only Twin Flames as couples, that enjoy perfect compatibility, the most intense feelings of love and need for each other, and a psychic link that enables synchronicity of thought and feeling. Twin Flames are often reincarnated spouses, who lived past lives together. In current times, Twin Flame partners instantly and intensely “know” each other when they first meet—as the residua of past lives lived together.

This is reinforced by recurrent dreams of the other from the past, and retrocognitive visions Latent memories of past lives together, are also a powerful reminder of why Twins “know each other so well,” immediately after they meet. For people who’ve just met, they are for all intents and purposes–strangers. Twinklebear’s and my Twin Flame journey, are rife with incredible examples of these phenomena. You would have to search through all of the memoirs I’ve written, to get an idea of the wide ranging scope of these.

I will give you one example. Since the age of around 15, Twinklebear has had the same recurrent dream about me, in which I rescued her from kidnappers in another life. This dream was so complete, even my mother appeared in them. When I say “recurrent dream” I’m not kidding. The dream was always the same. She had this same dream several times a year, until we met three and half years ago. That’s right. The dreams stopped cold, right after we met. Wait, there’s more.

This dream took place in a place like Mongolia in the 13th century. My nickname since I was in my 20s, is “Genghis” as in Genghis Khan. Also, Twinklebear had a fixation on Genghis Khan since an early age, when she pestered her Mum for biographies of Genghis Khan at the age of 8 (most kids of 8 ask for coloring books). All coincidence? I don’t think so.

Being true Twin Flames is the only only explanation for their foreknowledge of each other. This is indeed, the first clue to Twins, that they are Twin Flames. In our case, we did not even know what “Twin Flames” are. We were just so gobsmacked by how well we knew each other immediately. It was only researching this phenomenon of “knowing each other” that led us to learn what Twin Flames are. There is one comforting thought for us. Twinklebear and I know, that we are destined to be together, and that it will happen.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““THREE TRACK JOURNEY”

  1. Very apt my Sookybear . We are like two trains, or people, waiting on the platform, for the one train, to come into the station. Eventually it will . They call it the night Train., Party train. I have had vivid dreams , of this train, in the past. It is where spirits, wait to be picked up, and taken to their final destination. It’s not frightening, in fact,quite exciting.
    I love this memoir, love you my Sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day ❤12

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  2. My AC Twinklebear, thanks for your comment, which in and of itself, points out our synchronicity of thought and feeling! I know you’d just mentioned to me this morning, about the vision you have had (and forgot about until reminded of it by my train analogy) about the spirit “party train.” Quiet remarkable, as I’d been having strong feelings regarding our joined “train.” I love you so much, my love, TOO much! 12 12 2


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