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Writing about one’s Twin Flame journey yields insight.


Dawna Kevorkian‎
May 19, 2019

I am beginning to realize that if I look deeper….that I am actually the runner in the TF journey. By me not believing that he could be in love with me I am not allowing him in. My heart is guarded, unopened, disbelieving. He came back many times. I never believed he would even come back once yet he keeps trying to come in….I am unallowing of it. So he turns around and walks away coming back each time in hopes that I will finally be ready for this love, be accepting of its true nature.

But my wounded heart repels, unhealed, and guarded in nature. Unable to wrap my head around the depth of this connection. Thinking I’m the one that has an understanding of it but in truth in reality he gets it, I don’t.

And so he is showing by his actions of coming back over and over that he is giving in to the magnetism of the connection/the belief/the understanding, and I stand here in disbelief, unaccepting of his reach. I need to realize/be accountable for my negative frequency that is not open to this love and therefore repelling it….This is meant for me to step up to the plate and look at my wounding that is blocking this connection.


It occurred to while reading Dawna’s post, that writing about one’s Twin Flame experiences is a valuable exercise in introspection. Writing about it stimulates thought which leads to insight regarding this highly complex phenomenon. The Twin Flame journey is intrinsically foreign to normal human experience. In a sense Twin Flames are pioneers in these journeys, every time they are reincarnated into the same lifetimes as their Twins. Every journey is new, all Twins, even if they’d lived past lives together—are neophytes all over again.

My Twin “Twinklebear” and I have had past lives as husband and wife, although we are unclear about how many. Even though we have innate knowledge of each other and what our past lives were like through latent memories, and retrocognitive dreams and visions—each time we were born into the same lifetime and found each other again, was a brand new ballgame in which we had to figure out the rules all over again.

We had to undergo all of the early phases of the Twin Flame journey such as discovery, denial and “running” and finally acceptance and adjustment as if for the first time. Twinklebear and I feel fortunate that we had passed these early phases that Dawna is apparently dealing with now. For us, the denial and “running”, are more than three and a half years in our rear view mirror. We passed the “Acceptance” sign over three years ago, on this Twin Flame motorway.

I believe that the rest of Twin Flames’ lives after “acceptance” is achieved, is a continuous “adjustment phase.” Regardless of which phase Twins finds themselves in, writing about one’s journey is a therapeutic tool which is used to gain insight through introspection.

With respect to these memoirs I write, they deal with the idealism of the Twin Flame journey, but they also provide introspective insight into what makes a Twin couple “tick.” Ordinary chronicling of daily events, gives insight and ultimately guidance, to what gives success in the Twin Flame journey.

An example is what happened to Twinklebear and I in the past week. Now, Twinklebear lives in England while I am in New York. Even though our Twin Flame connection is strong and we can sense and feel the emotions and thoughts of the other to an astonishing degree across the Atlantic Ocean—the psychic communication is not perfect. That is why video calling is so valuable tool for us in terms of being with each other.

Actually seeing and hearing each other in real time via digital tablets, super-enhanced by our strong Twin Flames connection—renders every video call 95% as real as if we were next to each other. We actually have “tactile” sensations of the other during video calling, that are real and palpable. That’s how strong our Twin Flame connection is.

In the past week, Twinklebear had some crises in her life in England, forcing her to spend inordinate amounts of time dealing with them. This displaced our normal time allotted for our video calling. Whenever this happens to one of us and our video calling time—which for all intents and purposes considering our logistical problem is our daily life together is curtailed—the other Twin feels worried.

An example of this was when I was suddenly hospitalized last year for a couple weeks, and Twinklebear and I could not video call. When that happened, Twinklebear felt out of her mind with worry. It was my turn last week when Twinklebear’s problems prevented our video calling. I felt awful, not being able to see her and talk to her! I felt so worried!

I find that my writing about our Twin Flame journey, includes more and more actual daily event information, as I find that it gives me greater insight into how we act and deal with problems. Writing about problems that occur, gives me a chance to forensically examine how Twinklebear and I dealt with problems.

This is not only reassuring, it also provides a template for how to deal with such problems in the future. Yesterday when Twinklebear’s problems in England quieted down. We finally had time to video call, she said to me….

“My Sookybear, I know you too well. I can tell that something is bothering you. You cannot hide it from me, you bad boy! So…what’s wrong? Unlike with other people who are self-absorbed, you and I always talk things over, then we ‘even out’ and things smooth out”

How wise she is! I said, “My Twinklebear, I’ve been feeling that were drifting because we could not video call last week (“drifting” is our personal slang word meaning a loss of the feeling of our connection)….our communication was down to next to nothing last week!” My anxiety was was palpable in my voice, and visible on my face. My wise Twin then said to me….

“My Sookybear, you silly billy! I love you so much. I just had to deal with these problems here. Awww…my poor baby! I love you!”

When she said that and after we commiserated with each other, consoling each other with words of love, I felt such a rush of warmth and love in my whole body—that I’m sure her pure love was shot into my heart and soul like a loving arrow. My anxiety fell from an “8” on a scale of one to ten to zero immediately. Writing about it now, reiterates such a clear idea of the pure love and kindness between us, that this memoir in itself is a lesson for the future.

Every time Twin Flames gain insight during the Twin Flame journey during a given lifetime, it is a small victory in a series of victories within that lifetime. Writing about our Twin Flame journey, accrues such victories of knowledge and understanding, with every memoir I write.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. I know you were anxious, my Sookybear, you needn’t be . As you say, the mitigating circumstances, were the block in our communication. Not anything to do with how I or you feel about each other. More (outer influences) . Which plague, our daily routine. The time difference doesn’t help matters. Being 5 hours ahead, or behind one another. ” Donk! ” Bad boy! Ha!

    I believe you and I are here to love, honour, and comfort one another, that is what we do best. When there is something really bad, we both, have unbelievable,. Strength, and commitment to one another. Through thick ,and thin. Now that is “Twinflame love” unconditional, and everlasting. No matter what the circumstances.

    Across the waves, of time itself.

    We laugh, and comfort, even tell each other if something is not right. Guard down, and completely comfortable, and relaxed, in the knowledge that WE are one. Nothing can separate that tie. Even time and death itself.

    I love you my Sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 12

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