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As you know from “Transatlantic Twin Flame Cable,” my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” and I have this bond that is spiritually based—and is a bond that we were born with. This is a bond that all Twin Flames have, for it was established at the beginning of time, when the two Twins were split apart from one single soul.

This occurred to 72,000 single souls (according to biblical sources), resulting in the 144,000 separate Twins that are destined to try to reunite with their Twins. Some are lucky like Twinklebear and I, who have been able to reincarnate into the same lifetime together and find each other.

However, I have long felt that Twinklebear and I have an even more special bond—beyond the inherent bond that all Twin Flames are born with. For reference, let’s call the ordinary bond that all Twin Flames are born with, the “base bond.” It is the “default” bond that Twin Flames are privileged to have due to their shared soul DNA from the same single soul. But above and beyond that “base” or “default” bond, is a bonding of unlimited scope that Twinklebear and I achieved. Here’s what caused this extra special bonding between us:

It was us fighting off sheer terror together, for an extended period of time.

Allow me to back up, to give you a look at the big picture. Twinklebear and I reconnected around September of 2015. Through serendipity and perhaps as part of a Grand Design (which I believe), we found each other–and we lived 3,000 miles away from each other, she in England and I in New York.

Through a feeling out process at the beginning, we each felt that there was something there. Something that bespoke of a knowing of each other, from past experiences together. These past experiences were lived as spouses in past lives. The feeling was strong that the underlying knowledge of each other, was a template for living a continuation of the previous life together, in the present.

We knew each other’s sense of humor. We knew the deep sensuality with each other. We knew that we trusted each other implicitly in the past, and this triggered events in this lifetime that reestablished this basic intrinsic mutual trust.

In this very early period of late 2015 into the summer of 2016, our communication was lighthearted, yet serious. We explored this “thing” that we knew was a special bond, and later identified it as we being “Twin Flames.” Before this revelation, we did not even know what Twin Flames were.

The playfulness, the heavy sexuality, the melancholy from our arrangement not being ideal, the commitment to never part—it was all there by the summer of 2016. But certain phenomena began happening, which caused this “special bonding” beyond the base Twin Flame bond to form for us.

It was after the summer of 2016, when Twinklebear began to experience intermittent “spotting,” as if her hormones were slightly out of whack. We weren’t too alarmed at first, but we were alarmed. This episodic bleeding was infrequent enough then, to convince us that this was a normal cycle of life stages.What did we know? But, it began a slowly spiraling cycle of increasing worry.

As we rolled into the months of late 2016, the bleeding was like a frightening specter of something possibly wrong, triggering in us a mutual daily watch of whether this specter would appear, or not. We were on edge every day, as to whether she would get a few days reprieve from the spotting. We began subconsciously thinking of the problem as “it,” an entity with malice in its dark heart.

In this whole period in 2016, Twinklebear “withdrew” from going out much, as this is a natural reaction to underlying worry. I can tell you that this is the way I react, when under stress. This resulted in epic four and five hour conversations with Twinklebear, when we would commiserate with each other, over the mounting underlying terror. I resolved to stay strong for her, when I comforted her, and we comforted each other.

Christmas came and went, as did the New Years Day of 2017. By this time, Twinklebear’s spotting became heavier and more frequent. We really were on high alert now, dreading that something really was wrong underneath. My feeling was, “No, nothing will hurt her. I am going to get us through this together.”

By the summer of 2017, when our stress was at its highest from “the problem,” we had spent an entire year of concentrated time together in those four and five hour talks, bonding like nobody’s business. This long period of concentrated bonding, is not normally experienced by the average Twin Flame couple.

As we spent this concentrated period that consisted of talks that lasted four or five hours, we peeled away the layers of inhibition in each other, the barriers that accumulated over a lifetime of normal living. By the summer of 2017, our souls were bare to each other. There were no more layers to peel by July. All of the barriers were broken into dust, and dispersed by the wind of soul bonding.

This left our souls free to bond in an unprecedented way, with no barriers left to surpass to get to each other. Our bare souls ran to each other’s arms, to never let go. This was the key to our “special bonding” beyond the normal Twin Flame bond. This resulted in an implicit and total trust of the other, that we don’t have with anyone else in the world.

It was also around this time that “the problem” began to come to a head. Medical opinions were sought, on various levels. Answers were gotten, and we both became resolved to beat this thing, which we ultimately did. By early August, the terrible specter finally revealed itself to be a dark thing, that gave us a good chance now, of defeating it.

Twinklebear asked me this morning, “Did you have an epiphany, my Sookybear?” The answer was yes. I have felt that Twinklebear and I had a stronger than normal Twin Flame bond, but did not know until today, why. Now I know why. Upon reflection, it is because we spent that year huddled together like two people caught in a storm, facing off and fighting off the sheer terror that rained down on us.

We huddled together for that year, withstanding the thunder and lightning that the terror raged, in its futility to cow us. We two together, were stronger than “it.” We sat huddled and resilient, while that terror battered us daily for over a year. It is like we went to battle with this thing and watched each other’s backs, until the thing was defeated. I love you, Twinklebear.

Sheer terror bonded us!

We exceeded the inherent limits of the Twin Flame bond, from having gone through this terrible ordeal together. In the end, we emerged with this steel-like bond, forged in fire, and tested by a terror unknown to most Twin Flames. People who have not gone through something like this, will not understand. We do.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Bear Pact Forever
Twin Flames, podmates always
12 12 12 in every way

5 thoughts on ““SHEER TERROR BONDED US”

  1. This needs a heart instead of a star. ❤ I hope my twin comes to trust me the way you and your twin trust each other. Thank you for sharing your experience! I do think that it is the key to come to union, and I am happy that you both were able to fast track it, although it clearly was not an easy feat. You both have a special bond indeed!

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  2. Yes, my sookybear, as I said to you the other day, we spent many hours, when I was becoming more,and more sick. Not just because of the depression, but the illness itself, completely ” wiped me out” … I can never thank you enough, for your kindness, love, care,and compassion, during those dark times.
    Well I thought I could not , but when you become sick, last year yourself, thank goodness, you’re now ok too… I hopefully,. Kept you sane too ..
    Thank you for this lovely memoir my sookybear. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day 121212

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  3. My sweet Twinlebear. I love you so much, TOO much as I keep saying, and it is true. YOU! Bad girl–ha! We are like peas in a pod, my Podmate! Forvere and day, Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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