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MY TWINKLEBEAR: So sexy, too sexy!.

I’ve always had an urge to write, but ever since I finally hung it up with motorcycle riding, my passion for writing seems insatiable. This reminds me of the time in 1993, when I broke my left leg in a bike wreck, and I couldn’t ride my Harley for awhile.

In that instance, I mentally shifted my passion for riding my Harley, to a passion for guns. I joined a gun range here in The City (Manhattan), and bought a Smith & Wesson Model 19 .357 magnum revolver, a Colt Government Model .45 ACP pistol and a Colt Commander .45 ACP pistol. That maneuver worked, as it somewhat assuaged my need to ride my bike to some degree, until I was able to ride the bike again.

The situation now is similar, except that it looks like my giving up motorcycle riding is for good. It just feels like it’s time, and believe me, it took months of mental adjustment for me to finally accept the decision as a correct decision. So, I turned to another passion, that of writing–to fill the void.

Once I realized that writing was going to be my passionate salvation, I redesigned this website about Twin Flame relations, and my Going The Distance biker subculture website. My insatiable need to write is divided between these two websites.

As I write about my Twin Flame journey with my “Twinklebear,” I am usually restrained in my approach—because of the customarily intellectual way this spiritual subject is treated in the Twin Flame subculture. Twin Flame writers treat the subject matter with lily white kid gloves, while adopting a politically correct posture. I must admit though, that I have the urge to be unrestrained and write about the totality of our life with total candor.

There is a real world segment of our Twin Flame life, which is, shall I say, steamy? It is actually steamier than for a non-Twin Flame couple, because the sexual tension between Twin Flames is so much more intense than for non-Twin Flames. Between Twinklebear and I, it is so palpable you could cut it with a knife.

I’m sure you can appreciate why it is difficult me to write totally candidly about our sensuous life. In the back of my mind, I don’t want to appear too pornographic. Honestly, that is what a Twin Flame couple’s sensuous life is—it is purely pornographic in a good way, which is to say that no barriers between the compatible Twins exist–as they are totally open about anything and everything between them. That is the way it is for Twinklebear and I. What is “pornography” in its purest sense, if not frankness in word and action with respect to sex?

Twinklebear and I share anything and everything in our lives. There is an implicit trust in each other, that we do not share with others, bar none—no matter what our relationships are with other people. With others, there are inherent (and normal) barriers between us and others. That’s just the way it is. This total honesty in our Twin Flame life, extends its influence over our sexual selves. I am totally uninhibited with Twinklebear sexually, and it is mutual. I have never experienced this with anyone else in my life.

Even now, after I embarked on writing this article determined to be open without restraint, I feel myself pulling back, not wanting to offend the delicate sensibilities of the sexually sheltered and squeamish of the Twin Flame subculture. The Twin Flame subculture is strewn with snowflakes and delicate new agers. So much of Twin Flame literature centers around the spiritual, that I admit that it is difficult to break the mold.

Twin Flame literature is littered with a rarefied erudite (and somewhat pretentious) air about it. It would feel unseemly, if I diverged from this egghead approach and shouted to all within hearing and reading distance….

“Hey, I just wanna throw Twinklebear down on the table and take her, like the hot and sexy thing that she is!”

See what I mean? Ha! So, because you the reader live outside of the “Twin Flame Bubble” that Twinklebear and I inhabit, I have to be circumspect with you regarding the steamy specifics of our sensuous life. Sorry, once again, you will have to use your imagination. Let me just say, that I find Twinklebear so sexy, too sexy–and her spell over me is constant and intense.

I guarantee you, that after Twinklebear reads this, she will say in her inimitable fashion, “My Sooybear, you bad boy—YOU! ‘DONK’…” as she donks me on the head with her donking rolling pin! Ha!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““SO SEXY”

  1. Ha! Yes I will “donk you!” Bad boy! Yet agree whole heartedly, that Twinflames, are so erotic, and completely compatible in every way. All except cooking!! Or hairdressing. Then by far, I am the better of the two .. ha! Thank you my Sookybear. I love you!
    Twinflames podmates,🐻 pact forever and a day
    12 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Owwww! Hey my AC Twinklebear! Bad girl, YOU! That donking hurt! Yeah, yeah about the cooking and hair cutting. Listen, remember this for after cooking: “999.” “RUNNING” I love you forever and a day, you bad sexy girl! 12 12 12


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