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Twinklebear and I are “cloak and dagger” Twin Flames!

Have you ever wondered why in these Memoirs of Sookybear and Twinklebear, I am circumspect about using our real names? First and foremost, it is because the nicknames of “Sookybear” and “Twinklebear” that we gave each other, are used exclusively by us. There is nobody else in this world of 8 billion people, that call us by these names. To understand how these nicknames came about, you will have to go back to my very first memoir written on December 10, 2016 entitled “Twinklebear.”

The other reason I use this cloak and dagger treatment in our memoirs, is because to do otherwise might disturb livelihood concerns and living conditions. Suffice it to say that I am always careful to protect our privacy, and one way I do this is to withhold specifics regarding our persons—save the fact that we are to each other, the world, the universe and beyond, in the fullest and most unrestrained sense. With respect to this, I do not hold back. Here in our memoirs, I give our love and need for each other, full-throated song! But outside of our Twin Flame Bubble, we are careful to prioritize privacy (and that is “pry-va-see” my Twinklebear. Ha!)

We are Undercover Twin Flames!

I will tell you that I am a full blooded Chinese American, and Twinklebear is an aqua eyed blonde Brit of Viking ancestry. Did I tell you that Twinklebear and I find each each other exotic? There are reasons each has for finding the other exotic, but mine are not what you might think. What I find “exotic” about Twinklebear, is her utter Britishness. I do find her irresistible for her blonde good looks and womanly charms, but what red blooded male wouldn’t? My God, Don’t get me started! I know, her eyes are up there. “LEER”

But oh, when she says to me in that clipped and sexy British accent of hers, “Am I now?”—I am ready to….well, never mind. Heh. But what I react to with respect to her “exoticness” is that she is so totally English. Every cell and fiber of her being is permeated with the Union Jack, and this is so hot and sexy to me! I am charmed beyond belief when she talks to me. Her mannerisms and way about her, that make her “her,” I love, need and adore.

You would think that I would find any aqua eyed blonde “exotic” for racial reasons, but this is just not the case. It is Twinklebear’s personality, fully formed in England, that I find so “exotic.” Her voice soothes my soul at the same time that it excites the hell out of me. It is like smooth honey, but spiced with flirtatious intent. No doubt we react to each other so intimately and familiarly from millennia of knowing each other in past lives as spouses.

We have felt this sense of “knowing each other so well” from day one when we found each other again. This is in fact, a chief characteristic of true Twins Flames. Not many reincarnated Twins are so fortunate, to have found each other like we have. Except for the intervention of fate and perhaps a Higher Power, we might have lived out our lives three thousand miles from each other, totally oblivious of the existence of the other.

This much is true as to why we find the other “exotic” to the point where the old adage “opposites attract” applies. It is because we find our different shades of coloration mesmerizing. Her fair looks and my dark looks, are like superconducting electromagnets for the other.

Three and a half years in from when we found each other again, I have to pinch myself every day, about the sheer amazement of it all. Like many Twin Flames, we are long distance Twin Flames for now. Yet, through the modern miracle of computers and tablets, we are able to talk, see, hear and yes—typical of Twin Flames with that special higher powered soul cord connection—feel each other. There is nothing “undercover” about that. We nourish each other every day. We sustain each other, and feed a need that is well-nigh unquenchable. Our anthem is “I love you” said 20 times a day.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. Wonderful my Sookybear, so enchanting. I love how we can be so open and talk about anything. We really do.
    You “cheeky monkey!” Ha! I too find your voice and background, extremely fascinating,and cool! Sometimes it is as if we were back to thousands of years ago. Others in the now. I love you my Sookybear as you and as you were …. Twinflames 🐻 pact podmates forever and a day! 121212

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey you bloody cheeky, sexy and wonderful monkey you! Ha! I know what you mean. I knew you at a time when you did not have a British accent, which proves that it is our underlying knowing of each other, making us adore the extraneous manifestation of the other, such as accent, looks, etc. In fact in that past life, we were both Mongolian. I love you Twinklebear, and would love you that much, forever and a day, so much, TOO much, regardless of what your accent would be. 12 12 12


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