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My Twin Flame, “Twinklebear”

I’m sitting here in the solitude of my home office, deep in thought about my Twin Flame, “Twinklebear.” Specifically, I am trying to gain a deeper understanding of our Twin Flame journey. It is difficult because the Twin Flame nexus between us is spiritual, while I inhabit a secular body. The complexity of this is trying to think on two separate planes simultaneously—the spiritual plane and the secular plane.

As spiritual beings, Twinklebear and I have a millennia old history of past lives together, stretching back to the beginning of time. At that inception of time and beginning of the world, Twinklebear and I were one spiritual being called a soul. Through some Higher Plane intervention, let’s say it is God—Our “soul” was split into two separate but equal parts beings.

This in effect, resulted in two separate but equal souls. These two separate but equal souls inhabited two separate but equal secular beings–our human bodily selves. As we’ve known through dreams, visions and latent memories, Twinklebear and I have had the fortune of having been reincarnated twice into the same lifetime together in the past, when we have been able to find each other by some miracle. Twin Flames finding each other in a world of 8 billion people, is miraculous, like two needles in a haystack getting together.

Here is the difficulty in trying to think on two separate tracks, those tracks being the secular and the spiritual. I am so conditioned to thinking on a secular track, that it becomes hard to think along the spiritual path–which is less familiar for obvious reasons. Having been reborn (reincarnated) into this secular world, Twinklebear and I are secular creatures by nature.

There are many areas of overlap between the secular world and the Twin Flame world, as common denominators in both spheres. For example, the unusually intense yet intimately comfortable sexual attraction between Twin Flames is exponentially higher than between non-Twin Flames, over time–and this is true of Twinklebear and I. Although biological factors control this to some degree, it is the spiritual Twin Flame factor that creates so much heat. It also spills over onto the platonic level, where we can only totally be ourselves, with each other.

In order for me to try to think deeply about the Twin Flame journey, I must separate out for example, my extreme libidinal desire for Twinklebear, so I can clearly see the purely spiritual elements of our Twin Flame relationship. I cannot be thinking of how I squirm and swoon whenever I think of her considerable earthly charms, to get to the nut of what it means to be a Twin Flame.

At the root of every Twin Flame love, is the desire for the Twins to want to be with the other, all the time. This is easy to understand in a secular way. I want to be with her constantly, all the time. I think of her all day long, and always have–ever since we found each other again three and half years ago.

This has not abated, a sign that we are true Twin Flames. She is the only one I can truly be myself with, the only person I can have a truly meaningful conversation with, relatively speaking, the only one I desire at a primal level. After I was able to weed out these secular elements of “this thing of ours,” here’s what I was able to come up with.

Underlying all of these earthly and secular platonic desires, are our two separate but equal souls straining mightily to become one soul again.

We inhabit these secular vehicles known as our bodies, each body holding our separated souls captive, unable to reunite with the other. Within our bodies, we go about our essentially separate lives, each body endowed with separate family histories, each body having a different name than our Twin’s name. All the while we go about living our lives, separated by our separate but equal physical selves—we yearn to be one again. One person, one soul.

That is why I in my home office, and Twinklebear visiting with her sister–miss each other so much, and why we can’t go any time all without thinking of the other. It is like water seeking it’s own level. Like a spiritual ecosystem gone out of whack, because we two base elements of that ecosystem, are not totally united. We seek homeostasis of our spiritual ecosystem. That explains the extreme and persistent love and need we have for each other.


I love, you Twinklebeare
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS ONE”

  1. I know the feeling my Sookybear .. the need to unite as one, is too much sometimes, and one goes momentarily “insane!” Yet I feel you in my heart, mind body and soul, always. It’s like we DO have an ethereal, everlasting, chord, which is our ” spiritual chord”. That can never break! I love my Sookybear,always and forever! And a day! Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever .. 121212 . Thank you so much , for this great memoir my Sookybear. You are truly adorable. ❤

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  2. My sweet AC Twinklebear, my loving Twin Flame—I know what you mean about you going temporarily insane …”COUGH”..”COUGH”..hey! Watch it with that Donking Rolling Pin, my love! Owww! Ha! Heh…all kidding aside, I know that we feel precisely the same emotions, as our souls “strain mightily” to be reunited again. I love you forever and a day! 12 12 12


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