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MY LOVELY TWINKLEBEAR: We discussed why Twin Flames are eternal.



God gives two eyes to every human being. There is no change in the anatomy of one person from the other. All are same in the eyes of the God. Would you believe it if you read an article which says some human beings have only one eye?

Same holds true for genuine twin flames. All are eternal and connected forever. Why would some be eternal and others not eternal?

You need to be asking this question to yourself. And when you seek the deepest reasons the answer will reveal itself. And you will stop getting confused with such articles.

Here are some pointers. A human soul is eternal. A soul decides to experience twin flame journey for their spiritual growth and the mission on earth. It may experience several lives as twin flames. (being split in two bodies and experiencing two different lives at ones) having a specific mission which will be triggered with their encounter in a specific life.

Every soul has an energy frequency. Lets represent it with a number. Say soul A has 1112345-123 frequency. Every soul have their unique frequency. Soulmates and soul groups have “similar energy frequency”. Soul B, a soulmate of soul A may have 1112345–122 or 120 (last two or three digits different) soulmates have a resonating energy with each other. You feel a very strong bond and connection with them. They resonate with you the most.

Now if the soul A incarnates as twin flames, it splits into two at the beginning of time. Now there will be soul A1 and soul A2 and both will have 112345-123 as their energy frequency. The same frequency. That is why you feel and sense them even if they are not around.

Their two bodies are just a physical projection in the every day realm. They are one energetically. They are a same soul. And that soul is eternal. If you understand this, you will know why and how all twin flames are one and are eternal. They can not be separated on energy level.


This rational explanation for why Twin Flames are eternal, is as good as any I’ve seen. It makes sense to me, it adds up logically. So often, one reads Twin Flame theories that are so infused with new agey hocus pocus, that they make one’s eyes glaze over.

But this explanation makes sense. When the author of that mentioned a Twin Flame couple’s “mission on Earth,” I thought of my Twin, “Twinklebear” and me. In our case, it is clear that we have experienced at least three past lives together, spread over seven or more centuries, dating back to 13th century Mongolia.

We mutually base this personal knowledge based on recurrent visions and dreams, and latent memories of these past lives. In Twinklebear’s case, she had the same recurrent dream of me in a past life since her teenage years. The dream was always the same, also included my mother, and abruptly stopped in 2015 when we met.

In our recurrent dreams, visions and latent memories of our past lives, the common denominators were our devotion and love for the other, and my role as Twinklebear’s protector and savior under dire circumstances, where her health and life were in danger.

My mission as her Twin Flame, was and is to keep her safe.

With regard to why Twin Flames are eternal—Twinklebear and I had this discussion today:


ME: “Why do you think Twin Flames are eternal?”

TWINKLEBEAR: “It is because love is eternal.”

ME: “That is true about our love, but love is not always eternal. Just look at my ex-wife and I.”

TWINKLEBEAR: “That is true. But look at the love I have for my Mum. That will be eternal.”

ME: “I do know that about you and your Mum. You and Mum are profound soul mates, and there is a genetic connection that facilitates such love.”


I had to agree with Twinklebear about her everlasting and deep love for her mother, and vice versa. I do think that the difference here is, that mothers and daughters do not share the same “soul DNA” that Twin Flames undoubtedly do—as Twin Flames do because they come from the same soul material of a single soul. What mother and daughters share, I pointed out, is physical DNA which may engender a strong fostering of love. But—not all mothers and daughters love the other so endlessly.

In the case of Twin Flames, it is the fact they are Twins and therefore they are eternal, that makes their love eternal—not the other way around. A couple with supposed “eternal love” does not make them Twin Flames. Only coming from the same soul at the beginning of time, makes them Twin Flames.

I love these intellectual discussions with Twinklebear! She is so brilliant, truly! And we are so compatible as Twin Flames, having the same common “frequency,” that our discussions are so stimulating and interesting!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. This is so accurate,and a great truism my sookybear. By the way, maybe we just had to tune in. It makes total sense,. Radio waves, microwaves,. Ocean waves, are all ” waves” they all work on a frequency. Therefore OUR frequency is now tuned in.
    You’re ” brilliant ” too ,. For thinking of that.
    I lobe you my sookybear, forever and a day! Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever!
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, my AC Twinklebear, you clever clogs! I remember when we first met in 2015, you were reading a book on waves. Makes sense! Hey Baby, wave THIS, okay! Ha! “DONK” Owwww! Heh. 12 12 1 2


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