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TWINKLEBEAR: I love my brat.

There is only one person in this world of 8 billion human beings, who can understand my brattiness, and that is my Twin Flame “Twinklebear.” She is in fact, the only person who can satisfy my bratty tantrums with a willing enough ear and sympathetic mind, to alleviate these tantrums. She banishes these bratty tantrums with a few well chosen words of patience, love and understanding. It is important for you to know that I am the only one who can do this for her, too.

It is safe to say that Twinklebear will be the only one reading this memoir, who can relate to what I am saying, for we each are the only ones who can fulfill this function for each other. And that is the function of being the other’s mirror image sympathetic ear and effective brattiness foil.

Twinklebear and I cannot imagine any circumstance, where either of us would be comfortable enough to be able to approach other people with this exclamation of need and sadness, before we air what is bothering us…..


That is quite a preface, isn’t it? There could be no such circumstance, where this could happen with other people. It’s an impossibility. It is also safe to say that anyone else besides Twinklebear, when faced with this outrageously raw and honest display of emotion, would consider me clinically insane or worse. While I have a 100% comfort level with talking to Twinklebear in this way, the comfort level would slip to zero percent with other people. Is there such a thing as minus percentage? Ha!

The reasons why we are able to behave this way with each other, can be summarized with this glib answer—“Because we are Twin Flames.” I know this is not terribly enlightening to those outside of my and Twinklebear’s “Bratty-Sphere,” so allow me to elaborate so that you may understand what I’m talking about.

Think of Twin Flames as fully formed onions, when Twins (two people who were split apart from the same single soul by God at the beginning of time, destined to be each other perfect mates) meet each other after being reincarnated into the same lifetime. Now think of the onions’ outer layers of skin to be emotional armor, accrued over years of living. These natural suits of armor protect us from harm, emotionally and psychologically.

As the process of the Twin Flame journey commences, the two Twins come to the gradual realization, of who they really are to each other. This revelation is jarring and emotionally draining and sustaining at the same time. In our case, the process, at least on a cerebral level, was delayed because we did not know what “Twin Flames” were. But we knew there was “something special” and supremely unique about our compatibility.

As our awareness of our specialness to each other grew, the hardness of the natural barriers we had enveloped ourselves in, began to soften and fall away. They softened and peeled off like the outer layers of onion, and this eventually revealed our inner cores to each other.

That is how much we trust each other, as the process unfolded—that we can express brattiness at such an primal level to the other so unhesitatingly. In the end, we lay totally open and voluntarily vulnerable to each other, trusting each other with our very souls.

I am so confident of the uniqueness of this openness between Twinklebear and I, that I’m sure the phrase “…we can express brattiness at such an primal level” makes no real sense to any but my Twinklebear and me. It is one of those things revealed to outsiders, that makes the outsiders scratch their heads.

We cannot be this way with anyone else in the world!

We have created our own Bratty-Sphere Language, that assuages the unrest in each other’s soul, and quiets the nerves of the Twin. What brattiness is in its essence, is the cry of the soul for love and reassurance. The soul cries out in this manner when external and internal forces cause unrest. The Twin who hears his or her Twin’s cries, becomes the savior of the moment, by restoring homeostasis in the “brat’s” emotional ecosystem.

“Awwwww….my poor baby….”
“There, there…I love you..”

And so on and so forth. These innocuous phrases are powerful enough to calm the Savage Beast of Brattiness in my Twinklebear and me. I am sure even this revelation of our inner workings sounds ludicrous and laughable to others, demonstrating how truly insular and unique our Bratty-Sphere is. It is a world unto itself, inhabited by a population of two.

Being able to communicate to Twinklebear in this way, has shown me what real life and loving are. She makes my life smile. Forever and a day, baby!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

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