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My son Mike, had a very profound comment when he found out about the deep and incomparable love between my Twin Flame, Twinklebear and I. He said…..

“We don’t choose who we fall in love with.”

I found Mike’s insight touching. And I found it so on the mark, as the love between my Twin Flame and me is so strong, so deep, so wide and ceaselessly enduring–it is a true Forever Love. It’s a good thing we are so durable, as it seems that the Universe has a perverse sense of humor when it comes to testing us as Twin Flames.

The “Universe” is of course, an easy party to name as responsible for the Spiritual Path that Twinklebear and I have trodden, since we met. The truth is, I don’t know what specific entity has predetermined our fate.

Now, “Fate” is a good word, that connotes intention and thought. That might imply “God.” I just don’t know, so I say “Universe.” It’s an easy cop out for a label for a supremely complex and highly spiritually planed-entity. Deeper thinkers than I have sought to answer this question adequately.

I ain’t no pithy philosophizer, man! Just a Twin Flame crazy-in-love with my Twin! Forever and a day! No more, no less!

Whatever this entity is—and I might as well call it the Universe—the Universe sometimes feels to me like a porcupine with protruding, sharp needles. The mind of the Porcupine Universe arranged through great intelligence and higher plane motivations, to have split the Single Soul into two, that became Twinklebear and I. For that is what Twin Flames (or Twin Souls) are—two people from the same soul.

But the Porcupine Universe has the ways and means to test our love, using its razor like quills. The Porcupine Universe likes to see if the Twin Souls It created, are worthy of the great love that Twinklebear and I rejoice in.

The Porcupine Universe has seen to it, that this is not our first rodeo. Twinklebear and I have had past lives together, and are reincarnated fortunately, into this lifetime so we could find each other, once again. But what’s the catch, as there is always a catch?

The catch is the Porcupine Universe, after showing ultimate grace and compassion in letting Twinklebear and I to love each other so endlessly and deeply as we do, this naughty entity known as the Porcupine Universe likes to poke us once in a while, testing our love and resolve. Every stick from one the Porcupine Universe’s quills, is a separate test to gauge our true mettle as Twin Flames.

Now, the Porcupine Universe could have made it easy for Twinklebear and I. The Porcupine Universe could have kindly arranged for us to have been born in the same year, in the same town and country (Twinklebear is a gorgeous Brit and I am a loudmouth New York Yank). It could have been so much easier! Wait! There’s more!

Furthermore, to make it easier, the Porcupine Universe could have arranged for us to have been childhood sweethearts. Hey man, that would have been cool! Then after a veritable full young lifetime of being together for 20 years since birth, we could have married. Nice and neat, hey? There’s only one thing wrong with this cozy and neat scenario.

We would not be Twin Flames!

No, we would be the run of the mill married couple, with plenty of guarded emotions and thoughts, defensive filters typical of non-Twin Flame couples, and none of the enduring love and need characteristic of Twin Souls. A comfy life perhaps, but devoid of he passion of Twin Flames. Also devoid of the way that Twin Flames mesh so seamlessly.

It is only Twin Flames that get to enjoy that perfect compatibility that sets them apart from run of the mill couples. Twinklebear and i have discovered, that only we can be totally “ourselves” with the other. Others need not apply.

Twinklebear and I are used to feeling the jabs of the almighty Porcupine Universe’s sharp quills. But I have a message for our beloved Porcupine Universe:

Don’t poke THE BEARS!

Because we have sharp teeth and claws! Ha! And our love is too strong! The Bear Pact lives! And it can withstand any of your quill pokes!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. So sweet, thank you my sookybear what a great way of putting it into words * a porcupine universe* it really does have ” razor sharp” edges .
    It is always about the love, the trust, the laughter, the empathy, great friendship, and compatibility we share . definitely * Bear pact forever!*. All signed and sealed .
    The ” world” may strive to put obstacles, and so on in our way, but we have a whole universe, and beyond …. With help from the ” higher realms ” so I am confident, we are on the correct path ( as prickly) as it may be sometimes. Each have ” real lives ” and outer influence, which can be wearing. I love you my sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! ❤

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