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Analogies are useful, especially in matters of the mind and spirit. And so it is when discussing the Twin Flame Journey. In examining the Twin Flame Journey, it is important to realize that each Twin is like a carefully constructed and guarded locked room. This inner sanctum of a room took a lifetime of incrementally adding security measures, in order to protect the delicate soul inside. Since infancy, better padlocks, stronger doors and windows upgraded the “house’s” viability as an psychological defensive infrastructure that can protect the soul from the motive vagaries and evils of the world.

As life goes on and the years pass, the soul inside the room becomes adept at judging subconsciously, who to let into the room, and how far to allow these people into the room, depending on how threatening the candidates for entry are. Souls Inside The Rooms develop a “soul radar” with which to instantly gauge how far to allow people in. This is based on instincts honed over many years.

I’m here to tell ya that the only person who I have let totally into my “room,” is my Twin Flame Twinklebear! She’s the only one who I can be “myself” with.

I can’t say that I was totally unaware of this with other people before Twinklebear, because I was cognizant of “holding back” with others, but did not realize the significance of the holding back (which is analogous to a partially blocked door to “the room”). I did not know how significant partially blocking other’s entry into my inner sanctum was, until I experienced letting Twinklebear all the way in, without impediment or conditions. My Twin Flame is always welcome unconditionally in my room.

If I had to quantify my “letting in” of people into my “room,” the next closest to Twinklebear’s 100% entry into my room, is perhaps 50%. Yes, it is that limited with others besides Twinklebear.

Based on my experience, I believe that the only soul who is allowed into one’s safe inner sanctum of a room, is one’s Twin Flame. Only one’s Twin is so committed to their spiritual counterpart, that they can weather any stormy disagreement and know that all will be reconciled. I should amend that to say that only mature Twins know this. “Runners” and other varieties of underdeveloped awakened Twins, may not be up to the task. Why else would they be called “runners?”

Occasionally, a female Twin will enter her male Twin’s inner sanctum, to find a hard core Alpha Male. I must admit that this occasionally causes some spirited discussion between Twinklebear and I, maybe once or twice a year, if that?. These storms in our early days were much more difficult to endure than now. This is because we understand each other much better now, healed by the tincture of time. In our early days, we laughingly referred to ourselves as “the irresistible force meets the immovable object.” Ha! So funny. I love my brat so much! “DONK”

The big difference between our early days and now if such issues arise, is that we know that we will kiss and make up in very short order. That daunting uncertainty that accompanied these “storms” in our early days of our Twin Flame Journey, no longer exists. Now it’s a matter of when we make up, not if. Now it usually takes a couple of hours, at most. That is because we let each other freely and totally, into our respective “rooms.”

Twinklebear’s dreaded “Donking Rolling Pin”

The other big reason that our storms are now infrequent, mild and short, is that Twinklebear is wickedly skilled in wielding her “Donking Rolling Pin” on my head! “RUNNING”

“Owwww! Hey! watch it with that thing Twinklebear, you bad girl! Awwww…I love you….please put it down…..heeeelllp…she’s catching up….”


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. “Let me tell you another thing !!” .. “Donk!”. Yeah , yeah .. ” Bad boy!” As long as we establish , you, are ” a bad boy!” All will be fine. Ha! This memoir is so reflective of our chats and thoughts, what a unique, and clever way of putting it ( in ones room) behind closed doors. You ” clogs” my Sookybear. I would say I let people in my room, probably 70% to your 50% and often sometimes more! If they are in my room, and nice, good, kind and respectful, they get to come,and go from my space, my personal space. If on the other hand they are “awful!” Or ” aggressors” or not so nice, then the door is open, and once they have gone , or I have shown them out, I slam the door and double lock the bolts, never to allow in again
    If on occasion, there is an entity that won’t leave, I then have to remove the entity myself from my “room,” which is terribly exhausting, and very hard to do. One has to be extremely strong to do so. Then once all is clear, one can resume one’s place. A shifting of the furniture, has occurred. It takes a while for all to be back in place. Once in place, or as near to in place, one can feel safe, and has learnt NEVER to allow Evil or Narcissistic types , into their space, EVER again. There are very few I allow in these days, maybe 3 or 4 max. But only one, who has permission, and residency, is my Sookybear. I love you my Sookybear, thank you for this memoir. Podmates Twinflames, 🐻 pact forever and a day 12 .


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