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Twinklebear was like a loving shooting star aimed at my heart.


“My Sookybear, we are totally like one soul in two bodies. Each feeling the highs and lows of the other, and even ailments on occasion. Or as we say ‘ACC occasions.’ There is such a huge tie we have and it is invisible. Also so strong, nothing can penetrate it. I feel safe in saying now we are comfy, completely relaxed. The early days were tough, but it was all part of the ‘Twin flames journey.’ It does feel and is “directly Heaven sent”—ethereal and eternal. You’re ‘My Sookybear,’ no one else’s! We do totally ‘click’ and get one another, more so than anyone else EVER! The understanding on both our parts, is amazingly strong. We totally love, care for and support one another. In every sense. Perfect as we are…. doesn’t mean WE look or are saying “Oh look at me!” Just we are a ‘perfect match’. I love you my Sookybear always and a day! Podmates, Twin flames 🐻 pact forever! ❤”


She shot into my life from the Heavens, hot, fast and irresistible! No wonder she acquired the nickname of “Twinkle” as a child. Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder at how wonderful you are. My hot shooting star, shooting into my life with so much vivaciousness and capacity for love—my Twin Flame baby.

When Twinklebear entered my life, her trajectory as a love missile aimed straight toward my heart, and she penetrated quickly and deeply, as only one’s Twin Flame can. A Twin Flame or “Twin Soul” is the other half of a single soul split into into loving halves by God at the beginning of times. Biblical references mention 144,000 such people in the world, comprising 72,000 Twin Flame couples.

When my Twinklebear shooting star hit my heart, she ignited a burst of love, want and need so voluminous that I could not fight it. It was so irresistible, that it must be rooted in deep mutual feeling of millennia before. The conflagration in my heart and soul has dominated my existence ever since, like a house afire with not a hope of slowing down or cooling off.

In other words, was I in trouble! Ha!

It is said that once Twin Flames reincarnate and meet again in the same lifetime, that there is an instant “recognition” of each other, and it certainly was true for Twinklebear and I. As would be expected upon first meeting in the same lifetime, this recognition is real and jarring, but may register as a more subtle feeling of….”I know you, I don’t know why, but I know you somehow.”

So it was with us. I instantly recognized in her a familiarity of speech, thought and humor that somehow miraculously wrapped around my patterns of speech, thought and humor so neatly and completely. It seemed like every joke we made with each other, was like we had done it thousands of times before we met, in another time and with great love and tenderness.

“I know that smile,” I said to myself. “I know that laugh,” I told myself silently as I spoke to Twinklebear. And the sexual energy between us! My God! It was like we were joined together carnally thousands of times before, even though we’d just met—and the most natural thing in the world was for us to be drawn to do so immediately, post haste!

These are either signs of being Twin Flames, or clinical insanity!

Of course, there is a double meaning there, for I am so crazy-in-love with my Twinklebear, and have been since the moment we met in 2015. My sweet Twinklebear, my shooting star of love, my Universe—I love you (not just proverbially “forever”) forever and a day! 12, 12, 12 baby!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way!

1 thought on ““MEMOIR: SHOOTING STAR”

  1. Thank you my sookybear, so accurate and we are so close I love you forever and a day. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day .
    Such a sweet, clever, thoughtful memoir. I can’t wait to be re – United in our pod for all eternity ” now if only I could teach you how to cook ” ha!! Running!


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