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WHAT TWINKLEBEAR AND I HAVE: A direct and complete connection.

Many think they have it. Many would be wrong! People who have not experienced the real thing, believe they share it with a significant other. It is all relative, what people believe they have with another, and what in reality they do or do not have. It all depends on whether they have known the real thing. Meanwhile, the “awakened,” those who are Twin Flames also known as Twin Souls, finally realize that what they have found with their “designated twins” far exceeds what they had experienced in their lives thus far with other people. These awakened twins, before they reunited with their Twin Flames—may have formerly believed that they had a total and direct connection with other lovers. But these awakened Souls, of which Twinklebear my Twin and I are examples of—know from our awakened acquired knowledge, that what we had before with others was incomplete by comparison.

First of all, who “designated” Twinklebear and I as each other’s Twin Flame, along with the other 72,000 couples who comprise all of the Twin Flame couples in the world? The easy answer is God. For this answer makes logical sense in the Twin Flame narrative. That narrative postulates that at the beginning of time, 72,000 single souls were split into two, essentially creating 144,000 individual souls, fated to be in search of their separated mates. In other words, 72,000 souls in this world were split from their “spiritual twins” by some higher force following some higher plane design.

Thus split, these 144,000 twins were destined throughout time, to try to reincarnate into the same lifetimes together. Each twin’s counterpart, was that twin’s “perfect mate.” How could they be otherwise, having been born into, and split from the same soul at the beginning of time? It is Twin Souls’ destiny and mission, to find the direct and complete connection with their spiritual counterparts meant for them by God. Each twin could have no such complete and direct soul connection, with others aside from their respective twins. In my case, my twin is Twinklebear.

As I’ve said, perception is all relative. Before I became more enlightened after I met Twinklebear over three years ago, I believed that the relationships I had with others were completely connected, without impediment. Then I discovered a whole other world with Twinklebear, with whom my connection is total and immediate.

By comparison, my connection with others seems now like trying to converse through a thick bamboo screen, the screen letting only 50% of my emotions get through with others, and a serious disabling of seeing one another in an accurate way. This filtering process with others besides my Twinklebear, seemed to depend on emotional and psychological habits buried deep in the personal histories of myself and the others.

There was simply too much baggage to sort through, for communication to come through unscathed with people other than Twinklebear. With Twinklebear, the messages and ideas come through unaltered and pure. Old mental and emotional habits that have been baked in from a lifetime of using them for functioning, fell by the wayside with Twinklebear, because with our total honesty of communication, no such mechanisms were needed. It all seems so simple, yet is so complicated to try to explain to the uninitiated.

In short, my connection with others was imperfect, compared to the perfect compatibility between Twinklebear and I. We were and are simply one single spiritual organism, functioning as two loving human souls, who need each other beyond normal limits.

I sensed this immediately when I met Twinklebear over three years ago. Our “connection” was immediate, explosive and total. You can imagine my shock at discovering how joyful and volatile my connection with her was. After all, she was for all intents and purposes, a perfect stranger in “real life” terms. The key word in “perfect strangers” is “perfect,” because it became obvious to both of us that our compatibility was perfect in every way. So perfect, that we questioned our sanity in indulging in this secret pleasure.

The pleasure of being with The One who was made for us.

What went unsaid yet felt deeply by both of us from the start, was that we felt destined to be together forever. It is easy to understand why this could or would not be voiced by either us in the early days—because it made no sense. How could we feel like this, after we’d just met? It was insanity! Yet, “insanity” might apply as an accurate term for Twin Flame love and need. It is that intense and durable, and that much more beyond natural human experience.

And here we are. Bound together like two strands of thread ensconced in an unbreakable cable of Kevlar rope, impervious to change from the outside. Twinklebear is my Forever Love, to never be separated from me. God has made it so the alternative is too horrible, too life-depriving, too gut-wrenching for contemplation.

Believe me, we explored those terrible options of separation in our early days of denial—and it was analogous to cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. Even contemplating those options caused us to go insane, for real! That is how solidly we were and are connected. Our connection is direct and complete, as dictated by God. It’s as simple as that.


I love you, Twinklebear
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way!


  1. How accurate and true this memoir is my Sookybear. We are totally like one soul in two bodies. Each feeling the highs, and lows,of the other, and even ailments, on occasion. Or as we say ” ACC occasions.” There is such a huge tie we have , and it is invisible , also so strong, nothing can penetrate it. I feel safe in saying NOW we are comfy, completely relaxed. Most of the time with one another. The early days were tough, but it was all part of the ” Twinflames journey. ” It does feel, and is ” directly Heaven sent ” ethereal ,and eternal. You’re “MY SOOKYBEAR,” no one else’s! We do totally ” click” and get one another, more so than anyone else EVER! The understanding on both our parts, is amazingly strong, we totally, love ,care for, and support one another. In every sense. Thank you for this perfect memoir my Sookybear. Perfect as we are .. doesn’t mean WE look ,or are saying ” oh look at me!” Just we are a * perfect match” . I love you my Sookybear always and a day podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever! ❤

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful and accurate comment, my AC Twinklebear—and you ARE “My” Twinklebear—no one else’s! Your comment read like a mini-memoir, it was so loving and complete. I love you forever and a day, my love. 12 12 12


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