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The twin flame relationship is not a regular soulmate relationship. It is the type of relationship that is sheer bliss in one moment then devastating in the next. However, if you’re in a twin flame relationship, chances are that you already know it is not an easy ride.

What starts off as a union of two souls, becomes turmoil and inner purging. Our twin flame forces us to change our old or outdated ways of thinking and acting. They shine a light over our lives and expose our insecurities, fears, doubts and everything else that has a use-by date. They don’t do this because they want to see us in pain, they do it because they believe in us and want us to become the best version of ourselves. When our core wounds emerge, the time for cleansing and healing becomes imminent. For some, the journey is long.

Twin flames choose to incarnate together. They share a core of identical energetic frequency. When you meet your twin flame, the feeling is more than just butterflies in your stomach. The pull of the connection is so intense that many twin flames report feeling physically sick or dizzy after the meeting.


Let me be clear!

My Twin Flame journey with my Twin Soul “Twinklebear,” is a pure lovefest. I have never known a love as deep, wide and full as my love for Twinklebear. The depth and intensity of my love for her, has dwarfed any love I’ve ever had for any other woman.

That being said, the journey has been a big test for us—but we are worthy.

From day one, it seems that we were tested in a hundred different ways by emotional storms large and small. Thank God, that those earliest, most virulent storms were weathered, and put behind us by a greater understanding of who we are to each other, and of our profound love and need for the other.

The types of smaller storms that remain, manifest themselves as a persistent “tugging,” rather than the Godzillian ripping and renting forces that threatened to pull us apart limb from limb in our “early days.”

Because our Twin Flame situation is not perfect due to geographic and circumstantial factors, these “tugging storms” test our patience with the process, playing on our natural insecurities and fears. Because Twinklebear and I love each other so much, and because our circumstances are not yet ideal, our impatience brings on occasional (usually ale or Prosecco-lubricated) thoughts such as these….

“It feels like you are distancing from me….”

“I’m so afraid we’ve run our course….”

“What’s the point…we are not yet like we want to be…Waaaaa!….”

Neither Twinklebear or I are immune to these innately human emotions,
these ventings of our feelings of insecurity. We call these episodes of “being bratty.” What do brats do but cry…”Waaaaaa!” when they are really saying…”Please love me!” It is a true cry for help and love. Awww. I love my brat. Ha!

Considering the fact that we are all too human, Twinklebear and I are lucky that our Twin Flame love and relationship, is based so greatly on the spiritual realm, which is impervious to the effects of time and distance.

Twinklebear and I remind ourselves of the strong spiritual nature of our Twin Flame love and journey, and this acts as a comforting salve on our insecurities and impatience. And yet, it is one very big Earth-bound, reality based fact, that ensures our solidity and longevity as Twin Flames….

We cannot ever be without the other. We cannot live without the other.

Believe me, we have known this from day one. We might have even cursed this fact in our early days of emotional turmoil, when our worlds were turned upside down, sideways and inside out. Twinklebear—YOU—Bad Girl! I love you so much! Ha!

So you see, Twinklebear and I have been tested, and continue to be tested by The Universe, but we are impervious to the cleaving forces trying to force our hands, simply because we love and need each other so very much, too much!

We are worthy!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way!

2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: WE ARE WORTHY”

  1. Yes , we ARE worthy! Don’t you forget it my sookybear I love you. Thank you so much for this memoir.
    We have been totally ” through the mill ” over this past year, or so. Tested to the hilt. Yet we still love, and support each other fully. Well as fully as we can, bearing in mind the distance. ( Which seems a million miles sometimes, yet others, zero!)
    Our relationship,. Is built upon spiritual and emotional love, a love forged in the beginning. So every time we are reincarnated, of not together, or even of together, we miss each other. Until side by side , for all eternity! That is the end game. Even then … Who knows? We are eternally bound by heart, mind, body, and soul.
    ” Hey I heard that Sookybear! ” . Ha! Donk! What do you mean, you’re turning your hearing aid, to ” TV” ? Ha! You … Me more !
    Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 12 ❤

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  2. MY AC Twinklebear, my sweet Beloved Brat. Awww..I love you so much. I remember you from ages, centuries ago—my genes know you instinctively. I’d known you at the very beginning in this reincarnation since late 2015, even though I was in denial. I knew your voice, your smile, your sensuousness. I knew your preferences, both personal and sexual. I knew of our deep past history, before we were born in this lifetime. Now…..let me tell you another thing, you brat! Waaaaaa! Heh. I love you forever and a day. Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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