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Twinklebear says that one’s “inner core” is like the center of an onion.



I heard a professional football athlete and trainer once say, “Your health goes from your conditioning on up”. It seems that today’s fitness emphasis is on strengthening your “core”. It has been said that all of our movements are powered by the torso or core – this includes the abs and back working together as they support the spine. The torso is considered the body’s center of power. The stronger your core, the stronger the rest of you.

The same thing applies to your inner core. Every person is where they are based on the condition of their being. If your inner core is healthy, the rest of you is healthy. If your inner core is unhealthy, the same follows.

One of Henry Nouwen’s favorite paintings was of a wheel because he said it reminded him of living your life from the center. When we live our life from the “rim” of the wheel, we focus on externals – what you can see with your eye or hear with your ear. Externals will never make you strong in your inner core.


“Here’s what I want you to understand, my Sookybear. What you are doing now after your surgeries is like what I went through after my surgery, and it takes time and patience. You are, and I still am, working on strengthening our “inner cores,” and this is different than strengthening let’s say, your biceps.

Think of your inner core as an onion. You peel away the hard outer layers, and after you get to the center, you notice that the center or “inner core” has gone soft. This inner core is what you and I are working on to get back to normal. I do it with dance and fitness exercises, and you do it with walking and martial arts.”


How can somebody so gorgeous be so smart and wise?

Oh my God, my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” is so beautiful and sexy, and oh so smart! You saw what she imparted to me about strengthening our inner cores—and she’s right! I gave what she said a great deal of thought, and took it to heart. Her advice was so significant, that it took profound contemplation to make sense of it.

Twinklebear’s analogy of our inner cores being like the center of an onion is so clever. As she later told me, the analogy of a person’s inner core being like the core of an onion, came to her when she peeled an onion for cooking. Twinklebear’s intelligence and concept quotient is so high, that she can spontaneously have deep insights like this. She is a “clever clogs,” as they say in England. Ha!

Another valid analogy is that one’s inner core is like Earth’s inner core. Both hold the vitality of life, the former a person’s life and the latter the planet’s life.

The Earth’s inner core, is the very center of our planet’s life. This inner core shows its vitality, by its extreme temperature which is roughly 9,800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is as hot as the sun. The Earth’s inner core’s hot temperature is analogous to our inner core’s “hardness” or toughness. Perhaps you can imagine what would happen if the Earth’s inner core precipitously cooled off.

Scientists say that if the Earth’s inner core completely cooled (which won’t happen for several billion years), that it would become like Mars with a very thin atmosphere making it difficult for life to survive.

My sexy Twinklebear, is so wise as to be able to see what the epicenter of life consists of, especially during a rehab after surgery. I love my Twinklebear, so much, too much! Ha! So wise and smart. She’s a “smartarse” too.

Speaking of being wise, she is a real wisearse sometimes, another sign of her vital intelligence. It takes smarts to have a keen sense of humor. I love
our joyous and sarcastic humor! Ha! So funny!

Twinklebear, first of all……and let me tell you another thing…


I love you Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: MY WISE TWIN FLAME”

  1. This is a brilliant memoir my sookybear .thank you for your lovely comments, and taking the time to write this memoir.
    I did think about the earth’s inner core also. It was not as apt ( I don’t think ) as the onion. Onions have many layers. So do we humans. Our inner core,is probably our hearts. Yet I can’t help thinking spiritually too. Like our inner strength.
    ” First of all my sookybear …. ” Ha! I was thinking … I know… Donk! Bad boy!
    I was actually thinking.: What if ,we , our planet,our solar system, is inside, another planet.? Now woohdnt that be cool! An earth , inside another sphere.
    I love you my sookybear. Love our humour also.
    🐻 pact Twinflames podmates forever and a day. 121212

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