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My poor baby!

My poor baby, my Twin Flame Twinklebear, is coldified. She has a bad cold which started a few days ago. Coincidentally, I’m just getting over a similar kind of cold. This is actually a hallmark of our Twin Flame journey, a Twin Flame synchronicity. More often than not starting in December of 2015, we have had colds at exactly the same time. We call these “AC colds.” “AC” is our peculiar code for Twin Flame.

Twinklebear and I believe that these AC colds are spiritually related because of our Twin Flame connection, which is so super strong. However, these particular colds which we currently have (her) or are getting over (me), are just coincidental.

Awwww…my poor baby!

My poor Twinklebear. Hey, poor me too! We both hate colds so much. People say, “Hey, it’s only a cold.” That is true. Colds are not really dangerous infections.

But colds feel so awful!

But there is a backstory to why I wanted to write about these current colds, besides how badly I feel for my baby—my poor baby! Three months ago, I came down with a cold. It seemed to resolve within a few days, but then certain symptoms persisted. Sinus headaches, that ticklish feeling in the back of my throat which indicates drainage from my sinuses, a cough which resulted from that post-nasal drip.

This went on for weeks, and then months. But through reading about these persistent symptoms, I discovered that i probably had chronic sinusitis with a post-nasal drip. I decided to be proactive (and that did not include seeing a doctor for a cold–I’ve never done that) and follow the advice given in articles about chronic sinusitis.

The best advice in those articles, was to hold one’s head over a humidifier with a towel over one head, to maximize the exposure to the steam. It was also advised to incorporate an essential oil like eucalyptus in the steamed air. I didn’t have a humidifier, so I had to get one.

I bought a warm mist humidifier and used it along with the mixing of the steam with an essential oil. I started using the humidifier, but instead of an essential oil like eucalyptus, I used Vick’s Vaposteam, which has the same effect. In order to get the most effective treatment, I tented a shirt over my head over the humidified air mixed with the Vaposteam. I’ve done this several times a day.

Then, after three months of experiencing these on and off “coldified” symptoms, my current cold went away. Miraculously, so had the symptoms of the chronic sinusitis.

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of being able to lie down in bed, to read my book, Jack Weatherford’s “Genghis Khan and The Quest For God.” I had not been able to enjoy this simple pleasure since early October, because lying down made me feel like I had to suppress a cough.

So, as I feel total sympathy for my baby because of her cold, I am happy to have gotten over cold symptoms that have persisted since early October. In the meantime, let me say to Twinklebear….

Awwwww…my poor baby! Awwww…I love you.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way!

2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: COLDIFIED”

  1. ,such a caring, sweet , memoir my sookybear. Aww, thenk you so much I do feel very ” sinussy” waaa! I do hope you’re over yours now. Otherwise, definitely time to visit the dreaded word a ” doctor” gulp! Ha!
    I hope we both feel well, very soon . podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 12 ❤

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