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This is a confidential look into the very inner sanctum of my Twin Flame journey with my Twin Flame, “Twinklebear.” Normally, the inner workings and interactions between Twinklebear and I in this inner sanctum, are private to the nth degree. However, in an effort to edify Twin Flame scholars all over the world, I am allowing this limited and brief look into this sacred ground.

The other possible result of this privileged allowance—an unintended consequence if you will—is that Twinklebear will kill me in an extremely slow and painful way with her ‘Donking Rolling Pin.’

“SIGH”…what I do for science…

To illustrate the theme of this memoir, I am going to cite two conversations that Twinklebear and I had. The first took place yesterday. The second took place a few weeks ago. I must provide some background regarding yesterday’s conversation, so that you can understand it in context:

I’ve been recovering from a cold for the past few days, and although it was substantially better by yesterday, yesterday was still a day when I had a sinus headache accompanied by gastrointestinal upset. Most of yesterday was occupied with lying in bed, trying to sleep away the sinus headache and secondary upset stomach


4:35 AM:
ME: “Baby, that tea made my tummy queasy. I’m going to veg and let it settle. I’ll see you later. I love you”

4:05 PM:
ME: “Hi Baby, how was your day?”

TWINKLEBEAR: “I felt like you were not keen on me today! Where were you?”

ME: “You silly billy, I love you more than ever! I was not feeling well baby, and then I watched the Jets game. The game just ended.”

TWINKLEBEAR: “You told me the game was on at 1:00 PM. What about before then? Waaaaaaa!

ME: “But I wasn’t feeling well.”

TWINKLEBEAR: “But that didn’t stop you from watching TV!”

ME: “Awww…you are such a brat! I love my brat! Awwwww….”

TIWNKLEBEAR: “Waaa! I know! I love you too.”



ME: “Waaaa! I feel like we’re drifting! We’re not seeing each other enough!”

TWINKLEBEAR: “Oh, you’re being a silly billy! We’re not drifting. It’s just that I have to get my swimming exercise at the pool in on certain days. We make up the time for those days. I feel compelled to stay in condition after my surgery last year. Awwww..I love you my Sookybear, you silly sausage!

ME: “I know, I was just being insecure–a brat! Waaaa!”


Before Twinklebear starts swinging her “Donking Rolling Pin,” let me just say that when Twinklebear is being a brat, I find it strangely endearing. Awwww, my Twinklebear, I am so in love with you.

Twinklebear and I know that one of us acts like a brat, it is a deep expression of love and need that is certainly an integral part of our Twin Flame journey. It is not inherent in the generic Twin Flame journey, but it is uniquely a part of ours.

Really, in our Twin Flame journey it harkens back to a time of childhood innocence, when emotions are displayed unfiltered in their totality. Perhaps our being the “babies of the family” has something to do with it. One of the Twin Flame “coincidences” (known as a type of “Twin Flame synchronicity”), is that we are both the youngest of four siblings. Another is that we were both “preemies”—premature births by 5 or 6 weeks.

In the Twin Flame World, there are no coincidences.

When either of us is being a brat, momentary bewilderment may occur in the other, followed by pure love and adoration. I find it so endearing when my Twinklbear acts like a brat. Awwwww….I love my beloved brat!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forevever!
12 12 12 in every way!

2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: MY BELOVED BRAT”

  1. Well I think we are BOTH brats! Ha! This memoir is so sweet my Sookybear. Thanks so much. I love how we are too. You’re right about the barriers being down. We totally can be free, and open, with one another. Aww. I love my ” Brat!”
    Even though I keep on saying ” stop eating your own cooking, and you’ll feel better in no time”. Ha! ,” Running!”.
    Humour, and loving sarcasm, is definitely our Forte, and ” Twinflame way”.
    I love you forever and a day my Sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever! 12 ❤

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