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OUR CHRISTMAS POD: Magical world full of love.

It is well accepted in the Soulmate Culture, that Twin Flames inhabited the same “pod” before time began, as a single soul. At some point at the beginning of time, God split these Twin Flame pods, so that the one soul became two separate entities—the Twin Flame lovers.

It occurred to me today as I talked to my Twin Flame Twinklebear, that when we are together, we enter into a magical world that I like to call our “Christmas Pod.” I find this wholly appropriate and accurate, as when we are together, we generate this “special magic” that is otherwise not possible with other human beings. The spiritual connectedness between Twinklebear and I is so strong, so ancient and omnipresent when we are together, is akin to the special magic that Christmas has for a child.

Think of the way you felt as a child, when Christmas was so special, when snow was joyous and the season so briefly euphoric, when you enjoyed playing in subfreezing temperatures and the temperatures did not matter—and you understand the feeling I have when I am with with my Twin Flame.

When I am with Twinklbear in our Christmas Pod, the skepticism and cynicism that has built up with the mundane living of life so far, melts away, and she and I are children again. We are children again, in that there are no inhibitions, no barriers to pure joy and communication, and a sense of “play” that is denied us with other people, other than we two—pervades our existence. For each of us, the presence of the other produces this magic that is exclusive to us, that cannot be made with other people.

The “magic of Christmas” that is inherent with unsullied young children, is once again ours to savor, as we talk of anything and everything, and nothing is hidden–hidden as we have learned to do from life itself—as a necessary defense from other people other than we two. Life’s lessons have taught us well, to “hold back” from others as a survival mechanism.

This survival mechanism is not needed when Twinklebear and I are in our Christmas Pod. The inside of our pod is safe from the outside world, where love prevails and is overwhelming.

Truly, when we are in our Christmas Pod, it is the only time when we feel entirely magical—as we did as children during Christmas. That long ago time, was a time when we loved and reveled in the snow, the beautiful frigid air seemed right and loving, and the season truly magical. That is what being with my Twinklebear is like.

“When every day is like Christmas!


I love you, Twinkklebear
Forever and day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way!


  1. My sookybear, you are absolutely right. Our pod is a ” Christmas pod” which makes actual Christmas, really magical,. because we know what that feeling is. To feel the magic! I love this memoir, love you my sookybear. Thank you.
    In our pod, there is only love,and understanding, no room for anything less. It is our time, our space, and our ” micro world” .
    Happy Christmas my sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! ❤🐻12

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  2. I know, my sweet Twinklebear! It struck me when were talking this morning, how special and magical each moment is with you—magical just like Christmas! Every moment with you in our Christmas Pod, captures that magic-in-a-bottle, if you will, that feeling (and reality) of what Christmas feels like during childhood—totally connected, free, honest and joyous. It is like tasting snowflakes on one’s tongue and being mesmerized by it, when a young girl or boy. I love you Forever and a day, my Christmas Podmate! 12 12 12


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