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ME: “Twinklebear, I’m thinking of having beer tonight.”




Twinklebear is my Twin Flame, which means that we are a reincarnated couple who had past lives together. “Twin Flames” are similar to “soulmates” except that Twin Flames belong to an exclusive club of souls, who have only one Twin Flame partner, compared to ordinary “soulmates” of which one can have many.

References to “Twin Flames” in the Bible show that there exist only 72,000 Twin Flame couples. That’s not many, considering the world’s population of eight billion people. Each Twin Flame couple once consisted of a single soul, who were split into two by God at the beginning of time. These “Twin Souls” were destined to search for their one and only partner with the goal of “reunification” in the same lifetime. Hence, every Twin Soul had a “perfect match” out there somewhere. The trick, was to find him or her.

As you can imagine, many Twin Souls never meet up with their Twin Flames within the same lifetime. Think of all of the challenges that in real life, could obstruct reunification. The Twins may not be reborn into the same lifetime. They could be reincarnated into different centuries. If they are reborn into the same lifetime, they may be at opposite ends of the Earth, completely unaware of the other’s existence. You get the idea.

Twinklebear and I were lucky enough (at least this time around) to have been born into the same lifetime. Moreover, it was destiny that we met in 2015, and even luckier that we speak the same language. I am American and Twinklebear is British. Twinklebear is lucky that I am willing to teach her, how to speak English the proper way! Ha!

What is truly unfortunate, is that when Twinkelbear reincarnated, she brought her famed “Donking Mallet” as well as her deadly “Donking Rolling Pin” with her—her instruments of choice when it comes to “DONKING” me on the head for being in her eyes—a Bad Boy!

WOE IS ME: Twinklebear’s deadly “Donking Rolling Pin!”

Heh…Twinklebear, my love…now, please put that rolling pin down, okay? Awwww..I love you! It’s a good thing I have health insurance. Ha!

I love my sweet Twinklebear! She is sexy, beautiful, sweet and brilliant. But—as Twinklebear’s Mum used to say to her when Twinklebear was an adorable but bratty little kid….

“You are enough to drive me to drink!”

I’m only kidding. She does not drive me to drink. Twinklebear does know though, that my saying, “I’ll have beer tonight” is really code for, “I’ll be writing a memoir tonight.”

Here I am, indeed writing a memoir and having popped the cap off if a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I guess I’m pretty transparent to Twinklebear, but that’s no surprise. She knows me better than anyone in the world, because we are Twins. Twin Souls have an inherent psychic link, a Twin Flame umbilical cord that stays spiritually connected, in spite of being separated at the dawn of time. That brings up an interesting question. It is a question that has historically, been applied to artists as, well. That question is, why do writers drink?



Alcohol has been a defining feature of literary life in this country, with some research showing a clear link to writing and drinking that may be neurologically based. In her 2014 The Trip to Echo Spring, Olivia Laing examined the role that alcohol played in the lives of six American writers….finding deep, psychological connections between their respective addictions and creative genius. Some twelve writers were even under the influence while they worked.

What led so many writers to drink? It was “the drive for success of every kind,” Kazin proposed, in conjunction with “the burden put upon the creative self.” One psychiatrist actually did a study to try to figure out why so many great American writers drank. Donald W. Goodwin of Washington University argued that there could be a genetic link between writing ability and alcohol.


Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But in my case, it really is simpler than all of that. I find that having pale ale while writing these memoirs, relaxes me so that these thoughts serious and funny, bittersweet and joyous—but always loving—come to me about my Twin Flame Twinklebear.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: PALE EXCUSE”

  1. Hmmm! Bad boy! ” Donk!” I am so glad my ” Twinflame” is not Stephen king …. Ha! I think he must take more then alcohol, before he writes.more like psychotic , mind bending drugs ! Such a great writer though. I think maybe alcohol, or other substances, relax, and somewhat control other parts of the brain, so to a writer,I believe they call it ” the flow” no wonder I was told off , all the time during my English lessons. Ha! Turns out I should have had a drink, before I went to class. Ha!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on why you have a beer my sookybear. (However) it is a good excuse, to have a beer, to say it’s your artist aid. Ha!
    I love you! Lobe the memoir. My mum actually did say ” law you are enough to drive me to drink! ” Ha! Only if I was being particularly ” over bearing!” … In other words ” talking too much! ” Ha!

    Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 12 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uhhh…Twinklebear–you? Talking too much? No! Ha! “DONK” Hey, owww! Awww..I love you so much. Thanks for the brilliant observations in your comment. See? You really atre brilliant, as I tell you all the time. I love you forever and a day, my love. Twin Flames, Podmates, Twin Doodles! Ha! 12 12 12


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