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With all the spiritual talk of the Twin Flame journey being a relationship of pure Souls, it is all too easy to forget that Twin Souls are human, replete with all of the weaknesses and foibles that mere mortal couples possess. Twin Flames face the same challenges that non-Twin Flame couples do, especially long distance Twin Flame couples.



Apparently, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Communication, people in long-distance relationships were more likely to share meaningful thoughts and feelings with their partners than those who were not. Apparently, couples in long-distance relationships tend to idealize their partners’ behaviors, which leads to a greater sense of intimacy.

That’s all well and good, but being apart is definitely trying at times, even for couples with a relatively strong foundation. How do you get through it? Below, people familiar with the long-distance relationship struggle share their tried and true advice.

“Be ready to work twice as hard as you did before. One thing we’ve learned? You need to work toward having a very strong, solid base to your relationship when you’re long distance. Be open, honest. Take the time to figure out how and when is best to communicate with each other. Work at making each other feel special, even without seeing each other. All the things you work on during a normal relationship will need extra effort for in a long distance relationship.

Call and text each other throughout the day. My wife and I have had to do the long distance thing twice in our relationship. We learned that you have to call and text each other during the day and share what’s going on. In other words, don’t wait to do it all in a phone call at the end of the day when you are tired. Make your partner part of your daily life.

Don’t forget to schedule regular Skype dates. It’s really essential that you and your partner have a schedule for when you’ll talk. We’re fortunate that we have so many different modes of contact these days, but texting is not enough to keep a long-distance relationship going. To maintain a strong relationship, you need something like Skype, as often as you can!”


Why do I bring this up? I bring it up because my Twin Flame Twinklebear and I are in a long distance Twin Flame relationship, as I am in New York and my Baby is in England. It is certainly true that we have a greater sense of intimacy because as Twin Flames, we do share meaningful and feelings with greater urgency because have this vast ocean between us.

My relationship with Twinklebear, is the most open and honest I have ever had. This greater sense of intimacy for us, shrinks that physical distance and at special moments—seems to make it evaporate as if by magic. When we are not communicating by text or video calling, I miss Twinkebear terribly.

As invaluable as texting is for us long distance Twin Flames couple, it is video calling that allows us to reinforce the strength our Twin Flame connection, as we are able to see each other and hear each other’s voice. During video calling, the phenomenon of “Twin Flame knowing,” that special recognition of each other from past lives peculiar to Twin Souls—occurs.

Latent memories are ignited during video calling, as are recollection of recurrent dreams of the other before meeting in the present lifetime. It is during video calling, that spontaneous tears of joy sprout. It is during video calling, that meaningful communication occurs. It is during video calling with my Twin Flame, that the emotions of joy and love are at their highest—as if my Twinklebear was right next to me in the same room.

The most difficult part of loving Twinklebear long distance style, is the frustration I feel from missing her. For us as a long distance couple, the frustration from missing each other, is exponentially worse than for a couple living together when we are not video calling. I tend to worry about my Baby!

It is during the times when Twinklebear and I are not video calling when I feel the most stressed and frustrated. The need for her, this sheer wanting of her is indescribably painful. I believe that this is a common phenomenon in long distance relationships, made far worse emotionally when the couple in question are Twin Flames

It is during these episodes of gut-wrenching longing and need, that there is an insecurity that creeps in—that I call the “human element” of the Twin Flame relationship. While Twins are cognizant of being Twin Souls, which are by nature profoundly spiritual and eternal, there is the inevitable mortal sense and fear of time passing by too quickly for the Twins, as they are separated by distance. For true Twin Souls, this induces a great melancholy that is bittersweet.

The Twin Flame relationship transcends time and space, as the Twins were split from one single Soul at the beginning of time. They are meant to be ultimately reunited, but that doesn’t mitigate the very human sorrow when the couple is a long distance couple, reincarnated into a very mortal and vulnerable lifetime.

I said before that Twin Flames are subjected to the same challenges and frustration as non-Twin Flame long distance relationships. This is not exactly accurate. It is worse for Twin Souls, as the love and need for the other is so much greater for Twin Souls than in “regular” relationships. For Twin Flames, there is an organic soul matter connection that might as well be visible and palpable, no matter what the distance is between the Twins.

That is the greatness and sadness of the Twin Flame relationship. The highs are so very much higher, and the lows are accordingly so. The Twin Flame relationship is a roller coaster that reaches the outer limits of Heaven, while plummeting to the surface just above gutted hell. A “normal” relationship, is a children’s merry-go-round ride, compared to the exhilarating and downright scary roller coaster ride of the Twin Flame couple. People with weakness of knees and spirit need not apply!

Technology is a great spiritual boon to Twin Souls, as technology has provided the best and most perfect avenue for Twins in a long distance relationshp to be with each other—video calling. When Twinklebear and I as a long distance Twin Flame couple video call, we are home. I am “home” whenever I see and hear my Twinklebear.

This brings back a fond and funny memory of early 2016, when Twinklebear and I were texting during the process of ” Twin Flame recognition” and re-falling crazy-in-love, as only Twin Flames can. She kept saying to me….

Why don’t you get a tablet? That way we can video call. We can actually see and hear each other!”

At that point, we had telephone calls with each other, which were amazing. I was skeptical about the tablet, because I am in many ways, a tech-ignorant Luddite. Additionally, I am inordinately stubborn (watch it, Twinklebear! Ha! You!), so I resisted the idea of getting a tablet.

But oh my God, after I secretly bought a tablet and surprised Twinklebear with it, the world changed for us. Long distance Twin Flame couples, through the wonder of modern technology, can and do maintain their relationships wonderfully. That takes the edge off of human element that causes so much melancholy. I love you Twinklebear, so much, too much.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: THE HUMAN ELEMENT”

  1. My Sookybear, such a nice memoir. Thank you. It is all true. It can be tough, to be in a “long distance relationship” . The longing, can be worse. As you say: the melancholy.
    Also life, as in work, friends, exercise, family,. All other ” outer influences”.
    I am so glad you got your tablet, it did open up a brand new world for us. Such a brilliant, new world .
    I love you my Sookybear Twinflames podmates 🐻 pact forever and a day! 12 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you my AC Twinklebear. Yes, it can be tough but we persevere, buoyed and nourished by our love. I do miss you so very much though, really all of the time. I love you Forever and a day, 20 days, 100 days, 1,000 weeks—and infinity! Ha! Me more! 12 12 12


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