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This is the story of two cakes. These were the “Alpha Dog Biscuit Cake” and the “Free Spirit Peaches and Cream Cake.” For the sake of expediency, these shall be called “Dog” and “Peaches” from now on.

In this story of two cakes, Dog and Peaches loved each other very much, too much to the point that they could never be away from each other on the table, no matter how different their ingredients.

When they first met, they had disputes because their recipe make up was slightly different. So Dog threatened to move to the other side of the table from Peaches, so painful and frustrating were their minor differences. Dog foolishly tried moving to the other side of the table, three separate times!

But the Dog Cake discovered a simple truth when he was on the other side of the table from the Peaches Cake. He could not stand to be away from his beloved Peaches, even overnight! Every time, Dog had to drag his sorry batter across the table to beg forgiveness from Peaches! And she did forgive him, and they cried in each others’ cream filling! They said….

“I cannot be without you! No matter how great the pain! I felt gutted without you! I love and need you too much!”

Things smoothed out over the next three years as each cake tried to accommodate each other’s taste, tastes that were slightly different due to the ingredients that went into their making. Tastes that were inexorably baked into them by the time they met. There were occasional times when one or the other said to the other, “Blecchh…I don’t like this taste of this part of you.”

However, it eventually dawned them—although very slowly and gradually—that these occasional tastes that each other found objectionable in the other, had been baked into them thoroughly by the time they met.

And so, in this story of two cakes, Dog and Peaches accepted the way the other was based on the ingredients that were used in their baking. They came to realize, that each of them was already baked by the time they met, and they decided to respect those differences in ingredients, even if they said “Blecch..” once in a great while.

Because they loved each other so much and needed each other so much.

That is why they then stayed on the same side of the table, Forever and a day.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


  1. My sweet Twinklebear, mybeloved cake, I love you so much, TOO much. Same side of the table Forever and a day! Twin Flames, Podmates, Twin Doodles always! Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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