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“When I met my American husband I didn’t even like him, or so I thought. He was so different from English boys who were more reserved. My husband was brash and outspoken, and I discovered that it was these qualities that I found so fascinating about him, and loved about him.”


I heard this quote when I was watching a television documentary about World War 2. At a point when the US entered the war, American pilots and their air force planes were deployed to England, as a base to attack Germany from. One segment of the documentary discussed how American soldiers and English women met and married, and this one particular interview with that English girl really struck a chord in me.

It should not be surprising that this interview hit home with me, as the analogy of that Yank and his Brit bride, loosely fits my Twinklebear (my Twin Flame love) and I. Now obviously, this is 2018 and we aren’t involved in a world war. However—Twinklebear is English and I am American.

Therein lies part of the mutual attraction between us.

A clarification: Twinklebear and I are reincarnated spouses from past lives, past lives which took place in distant lands. Due to recurrent dreams and latent memories of and from those past lives, we know that at least one past life took place in Asia, probably Mongolia.

I mentioned this to reinforce the fact that Twinklebear and I would have found instant intense attraction to each other (as we did when we met—“reunited” really—in 2015) based on us “knowing” the other. I truly “know” her and had known her immediately, over three years ago.

But our spiritual “soul side” aside, from a purely human perspective in this lifetime, there is an undeniable mutual attraction based on the same “exoticness” that that English war bride and her Yank husband felt. Twinklebear often find ourselves saying….

“I love your Americanness!”
“I love your Britishness!”


Please turn back now, if you find saccharine romanticism too sugary sweet for your mental palate! You have been warned! Continue at your own peril!

I will admit that I find Twinklebear sensuously exotic because she is English. I find her to be so sexy! Of course, much of this is because she as a woman is so feminine and sexy, regardless of what nationality she is. But that element of her being British, making her perhaps 25 degrees off of my “cultural axis” as a Yank—is definitely a factor in why I find Twinklebear so attractive.

That 25 degrees of cultural difference, is like a heady spice that intoxicates and beguiles me.

Her voice! With that accent! Wow! Sometimes just listening to her talk arouses me. Oh my God!

One thing I have noticed about our Twin Flame relationship, is how it is so primal. The Twin Flame phenomenon reduces the man and woman down to their most primal and primitive essences—in a special way that ordinary relationships do not. There is a “stripping away” of pretenses and political correctness that occurs with Twin Flames. This stripping down to the very base, is necessary as it renders Twin Flames incredibly close and honest.

This is no more in display than the way Twinklebear as my Twin Flame, has exposed and heightened my alpha male tendencies. Now, I admit without apology or explanation, that I have been an alpha male all of my life. I have always sought to best others in all that I do, and to dominate in those endeavors. But my Twin Flame has ignited the sheer animalness in me as an alpha male, sometimes to a maddening degree. Maddening, because as an alpha, I cannot rest easy until I achieve what I want.

What I wanted from the very first day I met Twinklebear, was her.

One of her qualities that I have treasured so much, is her Britishness. Lord, I love that about her. Twinklebear did in fact, make mention about how brash and outspoken I am when we first met, because I am an American. Now you can appreciate why that interview of the British war bride during World War 2 resonated so much with me.


I love you, Twinklbear
Forever and a day
Twin flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way

2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: ALPHA”

  1. This is so magical , my Sookybear what do you mean ” I found you brash, at first? ” Ha!!! I certainly did. I found that in time, I warmed to it. If anything , you became less brash. Maybe we both just mellowed? I know you certainly have. I love your Americaness now. As you love my ” stiff upper lipped ” Britishness! Whatever the accents are, they all boil down to the same thing, and that is British. Lucky for us. , Being Twinflames, we speak the same language. It’s far easier. ( If only yours didn’t have enough that strange twang!) Ha!!
    Thank you for writing this cute, romantic memoir my sookybear.
    Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! I love you so much, my Sookybear, always and a day! 121212

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  2. My AC Twinklebear, I was just thinking of the word you used for me, when you thought me “brash” when we first met. And that word was, “blunt.” To be exact, you said, “I’m not used to how blunt you can be. You are SO blunt sometimes!” I think you are right, though. I believe that we both have become less “brash” as we gained a comfort level from growing ever so close, my “Bestest Friend Ever” in addition to being my Twin Flame. I love you so very much, my British Princess! Forever and a day, my love! 12 12 12


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