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MY TWINKLEBEAR: I love her in so many ways.

Don’t expect this to be a scholarly paean to the profundity of the Twin Flame journey. My intention in this memoir, is to elucidate in a lighthearted manner, a few of the countless ways that I love my Twinklebear. Truth to tell, a good third of these cannot be mentioned in a “family” article. But that is a chance I will have to take. I may slip, especially after the fourth Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Ha!

Since this is supposed to be a lighthearted (but not bawdy, God no!) honest revealing of the many ways I love her, and not an intentional chronicle of my mortal physical attraction (God forbid! Let’s stay lighthearted!) to my Twinklebear, allow me to briefly repeat what she says when I allude to her obvious carnal charms….

“Hey, where’s the romance?

DOH! Ha! Lest you think that I’m a sexist mysogynsit pig, lemme clue ya in that she is joking (God! I hope so! Ha!) when she says that, or I say to her, “Hey! I’m just a fun toy to you!” It is all part and parcel of our extremely open, exceedingly engaging humorous reparteee. Is it any surprise that our repartee parodies conventional societal behavior. So funny!

Just to be serious for a moment in the face of all of this lighthearted revelation, Twinklebear is the only person in the world I can be totally relaxed and chilled with. It seems moreso, as time goes on. Amazing but true. We are like a fine wine, improving with age. Hey Twinks–watch it! Ha! Bad girl!

The difference is, that in our uniquely close interaction, the usual political correctness gets bypassed—going straight to a fast expressway to beautiful and unvarnished honesty. No roadblocks here, baby! In our humor and repartee, we understand exactly where the other is coming from–which is always loving and never derogatory.

I accept her unadulterated femaleness without reservation, and she accepts my pure maleness without apology and politically correct judgement.

That is what being this close can do.

Uh oh, I’m doing what I promised not to do in this memoir—get too pithy. Onward to more lighthearted ways that I love my Twinklebear!

I love looking at Twinklebear in profile. She is so beautiful, like a classic statue of a Greek Goddess. There is no doubt in my mind, that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I become mesmerized, just gazing at her from the side when she doesn’t know I’m looking. What a beautiful woman she is.

I love the way Twinklebear tilts her head to the side, and twirls her hair coquettishly when we talk. These are all flirtatious “tells” that the woman is in attracted, and perhaps, ahem, aroused. She is so feminine. My God! So womanly!

I love her lyrical voice and British accent. Sorry to get profound for a moment, but I know and have known her voice from our past lives together. I could pick out her voice in a room full of people. She is my Twin Flame, my Eternal Wife! Her melodious voice soothes me, makes me feel loved. Her voice also arouses me (“WINK”).

I love her sharp wit. The ribbing, the unabashed sensual teasing without inhibition, we get each other. We are the Queen and King of Sarcasm. We love it!

Her hands. Oh my God, if there are bodily components that exude femininity, it is her hands. The way they delicately flow and move. It is hard to describe, but Twinklebear’s hands are like the movements of butterflies—light, airy and so womanly.

I love the way that she is uninhibited with me regarding everything and I love the way we are that way we are with each other. We talk about everything from “A” to “Z” without a second thought. Sometimes it seems so effortless, that we stop and marvel at it for its openness.

I love the way her smile reaches across her entire face when she sees me, and it makes her glow! Her entire face smiles, and God—it makes me fall in love with her all over again every time she smiles at me.

I love the way that she makes me smile and laugh. unless it it is with her, I am a rather dour person, not quick to smile or laugh. She is is the only person in the world that can do this to me.

I love the way that her personality does not match her external appearance. I always good-naturedly kid her about her being a “BBB” (I’ll leave that to your imagination), but she has the type of very good looks that no doubt, stereotyped her to a degree. In truth, she is a very modest person inwardly. I love her for that.

Lastly, since I can’t get too explicit, I love Twinklebear’s freckles, that dot her fair skin like so many repositories of healthy womanliness. I could go on and on….


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


  1. Ahh you…. So sweet. Thank you. What wonderful things to say about me. ( Of course all true! ) Ha! I am not aware , that I do such gestures, and actions, but thank you my sookybear. I too love your smile, laugh, and deep , loving , caring voice. It is like home to me. You feel like home to me. I love our humour, and openness. Being oneself, is so nice, refreshing! I love you my sookybear Twinflames podmates 🐻 pact forever and a day.
    Ok, so this article / memoir, is romantic. I will give you that one .. heh by the way ” how many beers?” Ha! Donk!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww my sweet Twinklebear, of course they are all true. “COUGH” Ha! “DONK” Hey, owwww! Bad Girl! There are a thousand things I love about you, but there wasn’t enough time in the day to list them. I love you Forever and a day, my love. Twin flames, podmates—and yes—twin doodles forever! Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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