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Twinklebear’s Mum’s and my favorite candy bar!


SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

The Original Mars Bar Is Back!

It’s the same recipe as the 1932 original.

The Mars Bar still has a following around the world, but here in the U.S. we’ve been relegated to eating Twix and Snickers as the milk-chocolate bar was stripped from store shelves in 2002.

The Mars Bar was created in 1932 by Forrest Mars, the son of Frank Mars, in Slough, U.K. The original packaging featured a black wrapper with red gold-edged lettering. The packaging for the new (original) Mars Bar is slightly modernized, with a gold and white wrapper, complete with a picture of the chocolate you’ll find inside.

“The Mars Bar is a favorite among chocolate lovers everywhere,” Oren Young, general manager of Ethel M Chocolates, said in a written statement. “That’s why we wanted to bring back this nostalgic treat in its original form, by using the unique, hand-crafted touch that only Ethel M can offer.”



TWINKLEBEAR: “When I was a kid, my Mum sent my Dad to the shop down the street to get her favorite candy bars for her, Mars Bars.”

ME: “Oh my God! I just remembered! When I was a kid, my favorite candy bar was the Mars Bar!”

TWINKLEBEAR: “Wow! I’m telling you my Sookybear, Mum sent you to me!”


The Mars Bar is a venerated and iconic candy bar, both in the US and In England. Twinlklebear is my Twin Flame partner, we having been a single soul at the dawn of time, and split by God into Twin Flames at that time—predestined to reincarnate and reunite over and over again. Twinklebear’s Mum “D” passed a few years ago, and as you can see, “D” and I had something in common.

The Mars Bar was our favorite candy bar.

This might seem to be a small thing to you, but believe me, this is merely the most infinitesimal. proverbial “tip of the ice berg” with respect to the deep soul connection I have with “D.” The Mars Bar connection is but a small thing, but if you go back and read previous memoirs, you will see deep spiritual and paranormal connections not only between “D.” and me, but also between Twinklebear and my mother.

One very easy example to cite, is a portion of a recurrent dream that Twinklebear has had about me since the age of 14. In a previous memoir entitled “Memoir: Anniversary Recollections”—a repetitive dream about how I saved Twinklebear’s life in a past life—I write about how during a conversation we had two months ago, Twinklebear suddenly remembered a portion of that recurrent dream that my mother played a role in.

In that recollection (click on to read “Memoir: Anniversary Recollections” to understand), Twinklebear was able to describe the shop my parents had (which was on the ground floor of the building I grew up in. The second floor apartment is where we lived and we rented out the top floor apartment), as well as the long street facing our house—when I had never divulged these specific details to Twinklebear. How remarkable!

In “Memoir: Anniversary Recollections”—the recurrent dream that Twinklbear has had about me since the age of 14 about how I rescued her from abductors in a past life, probably in 13th century Asia, is outlined. Significantly, this recurrent dream that she’s had at least twice a year every year, ceased when we met in 2015.

What spurred the details about my mother having been in that recurrent dream, was a 1983 photograph of the building I grew up in which Twinklebear saw only two months ago (see photo), a photo which included my parents’ shop on the ground floor. These latent memories of shocking events in the dream surfaced for Twinklebear, after she saw the photo.

The picture that sparked Twinklebear’s memory of my mother in the dream

Seeing this 1983 photograph two months ago produced that “Oh my God moment,” when Twinklebear suddenly remembered details of my childhood home that appeared in her recurrent dream she’s had since childhood—details which she could not have known.

If you go back and re-read “Memoir: Anniversary Recollections”—and read about how my mother also saved Twinkkebear from her abductors in the same dream that I rescued her—you will be mind boggled. In her dream, my mother saved Twinklebear by hiding her in my parents’ shop.

Reading these details and realizing the implications of Twinkle’s knowing the logistical details of my parents’ shop, will make your hair stand on end! How remarkable, that I and my mother, save her from abductors in a dream that Twinklebear has had repeatedly since her teenage years? Wow!

This might prejudice you into thinking that 99% of Twinklebear’s and my conversations consist of Amazing Twin Flame Phenomena. This could not be further from the truth. Most of our talk is of the intensely personal kind, as well as talk covering anything and everything, mundane and consequential. We are as close as two souls on the planet can be, without inhibition or barriers.

However, even we have to take a step back when an amazing hyper-spiritual phenomenon such as my Mom being in Twinklebear’s recurrent dream of me, or my deep connections with her Mum comes up. My spiritual connections with “D”—candy bars notwithstanding—are no less dramatic or significant.

Twinklebear’s mother (left) with Twinks’ Nan.

I have such a deep connection with “D.” Even though she passed on a few years ago, I have such an affinity with her. I have written in previous memoirs about how I talk to her, and I feel her presence when I talk to “D.”

Typically, I feel this “deep pink warmth” flood my head, neck and shoulders–which inevitably, gives me goose bumps. That is how I know “D” is with me. It is an autonomic response as reliable as any instinctual indicator of the presence of pure good or pure evil. “D” is pure good.

This makes my mind turn toward what I am to say to “D” and it is is always how much I love Twinklebear, and how Twinks is “our” baby, but in different ways. At the end of each conversation with “D” I always say….

“Don’t worry ‘D.’ I will always love, protect and take care of her.”

Sol you see, it is not only because of the same candy bar that “D” and I like, that makes Twinklebear say that “D”—“has sent me” to Twinklebear as a guardian angel. “D” has sent me because we love Twinklebear so much.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Totally amazing! Such a sweet, lovely, Twinflames coincidence , spiritual memoir my Sookybear. I totally believe my mum, has been up there making sure we connect. Your mum also. They approach us, in different ways.
    The * Mars Bar”* was my mum’s favourite. Not that she ate them all the time… Ha! Yet out of all the boxes of chocolates, and so on, mum’s preferred choice was the * Mars Bar *. Thank you for writing this my Sookybear.
    Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! ❤
    P. S. Don’t eat too many chocolate bars Scott ! Ha!!
    Think of your waistline … Maybe mum, saying that ? Not me .. donk!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My sweet AC Twinklebear, you are so welcome for the memoir. THese memoir are a celebration of the true spiritual nature of our Twin Flame Journey, and a celebration of how much I love you as a Twin Flame and as a woman (“WINK”). That is why I love writing them for you. Ever since you asked me i December 2016, “Sookybear, when are you going to write about US?”—you haven’t been able to shut me up! Ha! Clearly a case of “be careful what you wish for.” Baby, I love you forever and a day—and then some! 12 12 12

    Liked by 1 person

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