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Red, white and blue!


“Pssst…hey you….

Yeah, you!

Do me a favor….I’m afraid to turn around.

Is there a woman behind me holding a rolling pin…and does she have a British accent?

Yeah, a beautiful busty blonde….yeah, that’s her.

Is that her whispering in my direction, ‘No more motorcycles for you, me foine boyo?’

It is?

Oh crap….”



Twinklbear is my Twin Flame love, the one who shared the same single soul with me, before God separated us at the dawn of time. That is the definition of Twin Flames, a couple predestined from the beginning of time to reunite again and again. I love my Twinklebear so very much, too much—reflecting how we have shared past lives as a recurrently reincarnated husband and wife team.

We’ve known each other so well, since the first day that we met in 2015. You should know that Twinklebear is British and I am American—so our reunion and pairing, is so fascinating from differing cultural points of view. But as it turns out, not that different. Brits and Yanks share many cultural commonalities. If only I could cure her of that funny accent. Ha! One trait we do share is a caustic and sharp sense of humor. Many don’t “get” our humor and may think us odd.


One aspect of Twinklebear that I love so much, is her keen intelligence. She is one smart woman, I’m-a-tellin’-you! As long as she admits that I’m even smarter and that I’m always right, we’ll be fine. Ha!



Hey Twinklebear, holster that damn rolling pin down, will ya? You sexy thing. Heh. No, all kidding aside, Twinklebear has a rapier sharp wit, and is usually several steps ahead of people mentally in conversations–making her a bit of a mystery to some people.

Her keen intelligence also accounts for her caustic and sarcastic sense of humor, which perfectly matches mine. Our jousting bouts of caustic and sharp humor, amuses us both to no end. We often refer to our mutually enjoyable brand of humor “insult humor.” So funny!

On an even more serious note, I truly admire Twinklebear’s British patriotism. Her patriotism, reveals itself as having great pride in traditional British values, which closely parallels American traditions and values. I told her the other day….

“My Twinklebear, through you, I deeply feel my cultural ties to England, for so much of American traditions and values were spawned in Britain. I feel it so much through you, like a palpable, solid connection.”

And it’s true. America’s laws and cultural structure, is essentially a British one, but modified. Twinklebear strongly feels that England’s traditional values, are under attack by migrants of very culturally different (different than Brit culture) groups who enter her country, and rather than assimilate into and cherish the British culture–try to impose their foreign values on Brits. Hey, Twinks bleeds red, white and blue. The Union Jack is comprised of those colors, just like the American Flag!

Radical Islamists are the perfect example, who arrive in England expecting welfare and other free benefits—financial crutches that are not available to hardworking Brits. The same thing happens in the US. Radical Islamists arrive here, and in some cases, expect Americans to comply with Sharia Law. To me and Twinklebear, this is totally inappropriate and unacceptable.

Twinklebear’s passionate patriotism perfectly matches mine for America. That is just another example of how close we are, and how similar in important respects. These attributes of Twinklebear’s, are among the reasons I so admire and love her so much. She is my British Baby. Now, if she’ll only put that rolling pin away!


“Hey mistuh…

You wuz askin’ bowt day lady, right?

Da bootiful busty blonde?

Guess wut?

She’s behind you again….

And she’s winding up her arm wit da rolling pin….

Look out!”




I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: TWINKLE BRIT”

  1. Ha! So cute! So funny! You bad boy! Donk! My Sookybear.
    I love our humour too. Now let’s play ” whack a mole” on SOOKYBEAR’ S head! Ha! For being cheeky! Recall know I am always right! 😊 Heh.
    It does annoy me yes, that I have to change my views, and values, just to suit invaders. Why, oh why, have our government, become so WEAK? It’s a free country for us! Not a ” free for all” this country, they all flood to, where particular groups, HATE the poppy, and our flags, well if it was not for those soldiers, these immigrants, would not be here, living freely at all! So they should respect our ways, and live as we live! Do, as we do. Otherwise, it breeds hatred! In all!
    Such a wonderful memoir, thanks my Sookybear. I love it! Love you!
    Twinflames podmates 🐻 pact forever and a day! 121212

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww..my AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean, so well said! Except that I AM always right! “DONK” Hey! YOU! Bad girl! Ha! My Baby, I love you forever and a day. Twin Flames, Podmates forever! TWIN DOODLES BABY! 12 12 12


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