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My twin flame Twinklebear is my mirror image but feminized.

About a week ago, I learned that my twin flame Twinklebear woke up with a strained right neck muscle, a wry neck. That same morning, I woke up with strained left neck muscle, also a wry neck.

There are times when one of us suffers some sort of bodily injury. The other then develops pain or symptoms in that same body part, usually on the opposite side, without having any prior knowledge of the original injury. These “coincidences” both amaze and amuse us.

But these phenomena are merely symptomatic of how very close Twinklebear and I are on both physical and spiritual planes, “signs” as it were—of our twin flame relationship. Twinklebear and I have something so precious, so deeply unusual, that what we have transcends all of the “coincidental stigmata” that I mentioned.

While phenomena of coincidence such as synchronicity of occurrence or thought offer “proof” of a couple being twin flames, of the sort that you’d find in the “Ten Ways You Can Tell You Are Twin Flames” websites, these are incidental in our case. For Twinklebear and I, there is deeper meaning to what we are and have, beyond mere “twin flame parlor tricks.”

Twin flame theory posits that at the dawn of time, twin flames were single souls cleaved in two by God himself, the two halves of the separated souls inhabiting two separate people thereafter. Since twin flames are of the same soul, they share profoundly, the same SOUL DNA and therefore, the closeness that ensues as a result.

The closest analogy in the secular world (as opposed to the spiritual world that twin flames reside in), are identical twins who can feel what their twins feel, and “know” when something happens to the other twin.

However, Twinklebear and I have a closeness that far exceeds that of physical identical twins. Imagine a person that you feel you need to be with every single day of the rest of your life. Not even identical twins feel that. I cannot live without my Twinklebear! I futilely tried to leave her three times early on, and it almost killed me! My God! I need my Twinklebear so much!

Imagine a person with whom you feel you must share every nook and cranny of your being, every little secret in the darkest corners of your mind, that go untold to others—and you know what I have with my Twinklebear.

Imagine a person whom you feel you can talk to about anything no matter how personal or intimate. Imagine that this person is of the opposite sex as Twinklebear and I are—and you can appreciate how very close twin flames can be–as Twinklebear and I are.

Imagine a person with whom after you meet, all of the personal inhibitions and intimacy barriers fall, as if you’d known this person forever. And you have known him or her forever, because you two are two halves of the same soul.

You are truly “two peas in a pod,” as you were one soul in a pod, before you were split from your twin at the dawn of time. The profundity of this closeness, goes far beyond waking up with mirror image wry necks, or thinking the same thoughts at the same time.

Wae are so close!

Imagine a person with whom, you feel their deep fear and depression, that exceeds what one would feel with an ordinary spouse. A person with whom you feel their deep relief at the lifting of a serious problem. The empathy one feels with this person, is so strong, that the emotion could be the twin flame’s emotion.

You are one with this person, whether the emotion is extreme sadness or unfettered joy. You ride with this person, through the peaks and valleys of life, like a couple in a single car of a roller coaster.

You would do anything for this person, as he or she would do for you, because you love this person more than anything in the world or the Universe. I have felt this way since the first day I met Twinklebear, especially with respect to protecting her. I will always love and protect my Twinklebear.

Imagine that you have been historically, a reticent conversationalist like me. Before I met Twinklebear, I could not sustain more than a two minute conversation without it becoming tedious, even irritating to me. Yet, I find it not only enjoyable, but necessary to talk to my Twinklebear for hours on end.

I need her!

We talk about anything and everything, and when tiredness prevails, we can just chill together, as if we’ve know each other forever–which we have. In our loquacious talks (mostly on her part….”DONK”….hey! That hurt, Twinklebear!), we discuss our united emotional ups and downs. In the event of an upturn in emotions, we happily feel good!

There is an aphorism that relates to the economies of countries that goes….

“A rising ride lifts all boats.”

If one us experiences a “rising tide” of happiness, the other other of us feels it too. Right now, Twinklebear and I both are enjoying a rising tide of happiness. Yay!


I love you, Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: MY TWIN FLAME”

  1. Thank you for this my sookybear. We certainly are true Twinflames. Fortunately for me ” not twin lookalikes”. Ha! Running! Well saying thar, we do have a detailed, familiarity to our faces, which are not Twin like, more deep and inner.
    I feel you so deeply and profoundly, it is almost hard to believe for others. Unless they too are Twinflames. I love you so much.
    Twinflames podmates 🐻 pact forever and a day. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwww..my Chatty Cathy! “DONK” Hey! Awww..I love you so much my love, so very much. We may not look alike, but at least ONE of us can cook…..”RUNNING” Ha! Hey Baby, twin flames, podmates, Bear Pact Forever! Not to mention “twin doodles!” 12 12 12


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