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TO MY TWINKLEBEAR: I will always love and protect you like the fierce and tenacious Sookybear I am.

I am the “Twinklebear Police.”

I am not a policeman, and Twinklebear is not a city or town that I work for. Twinklebear is the love of my life. She is my Twin Flame Eternal and my Eternal Wife in past lives. I know I’m using almost supernatural terms, but that is what we are—beyond the ordinary.

Before I met Twinklebear, I would have said that using such grandiose terms such as “Twin Flame Eternal” or “Eternal Wife” is a sure sign of delusions of grandeur. But that was then is this now.

Experience is indeed, the best teacher. I have learned that special relationships such as ours, which would outdo many a romantically ambitious Hollywood movie—do indeed exist in the Twin Flame & Reincarnation Universe. This is a realm in which Twinklebear and I gratefully live.

Twinklebear is in fact, The Love of our many lives. I am the reincarnated version of past Sookybears, and I have this in common with the “Myselves” of my previous lives with my beloved Twinklebear:

I have always loved and protected her unfailingly.

And I am an “Extreme Bear” when it comes to my Twinklebear’s welfare. It is my eternal mission to head off or quash any threats to my Baby before they do any harm to her, using any and all weapons at my disposal. These threats often aren’t just human in form. They are at times, circumstantial in that they are generated by just living life.

My inner compulsion to not just love her, but also protect Twinklebear is so deeply wired into my genetics—that there is no doubt that I have always done so in a past life or lives with her. We don’t entirely recall with sharp precision some details of our past lives as man and wife, but make no mistake about it—our past life or lives, does and do exist in a different dimension, as solid as the laptop in front of me now.

It seemed in 2015 when I met (or rather, “reunited” with) her, that this instinctual need to love and protect her, was unleashed immediately in its fullest form. I had the subliminal thought….

“This woman is my delicate flower. I love her and I must protect her at all costs.”

There was no lead up to the idea that I should love and protect my Twinklebear. There was no gradual realization, that I was destined to be her protector and lover some time in the future. There was only the simple truth, that I felt that I was programmed to do so from day one—predestined, as it were.

If you have been following my twin flame journey with Twinklebear, then you are well acquainted with our episodes of my protecting or rescuing her in past lives perhaps centuries ago, retold by us. The retelling of these, is based on succinct recurrent dreams, visions, and latent memories both clear and murky. But there is zero doubt that these events happened.

I usually write these memoirs with readers in mind. This time however, my heart is aimed squarely at my special woman, Twinklebear. My sweet love, my eternal wife, I have a simple but profound message for you….

My Baby, you mean everything to me. Please know that I will always love you, and always protect you. I will always take care of you. I will always protect you, with every means at my disposal, and with every ounce of my being. Always know this simple truth, no matter what comes our way. In other words, “We got this, Baby.”


I love you Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


3 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: TO LOVE, PROTECT & SERVE”

  1. My sookybear. Always , forever, and a day. There is total truth in that very statement.
    We are Twinflames, reincarnated, from previous lives.
    I could never have a more kind, generous,. Helpful, solution finder,. Perfect man, even if I searched the whole of the universe to find him. I already have him.and his name is Scott or affectionately ” my sookybear”. I too love you endlessly. We are lucky to have found one another ( all be it on different sides of the pond) but none the less, find each other again we did. I live, breath, and sleep, with you on my mind. That is the way it has always been , since the beginning of time. So all of eternity, YOU are there. No matter if awake , or sleeping. I love you so much. Me more !! Ha!
    Twinflames 🐻 pact podmates eternally. 12 ❤

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  2. So glad you like the memoir, my love. My AC Twinklebear, “we” have always been, and it has seemed like from the very first day in 2015. I felt right away that I knew you from our past, and I know you felt the same way right away—which is so amazing. I will love you forever and a day, and these are not just words—but truth. I will ALWAYS take care of you. I will ALWAYS protect you, my flower. Twin flames, podmates always. Twin doodles forever@! Ha! Bear Pact Forever, my Baby. 12 12 12


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