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MY TWINKLEBEAR Glowing with good health and so pretty.

This is the day after the day, that was the day and a year after this fresh beginning began.


Did you get that? Fresh beginnings sometimes take time to get rolling. The inertia of the status quo, especially status quo that is of the worrisome kind, takes effort, mental and spiritual energy, and the means to overcome it.

Gaining the impetus for movement past the deadly obstruction that Twinklebear and I faced, required the Machiavellian cunning and obsessive determination of a Sherlock Holmes antagonist. Guilty as charged! Like the culprit in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel.

I had the means, motive and opportunity!

Today is the day after the day that was a year after the day that the impetus was enabled in it’s final stage. Did you get that? On the day in question a year and day ago, my twin flame “Twinklebear” had her health-giving surgery. This vital surgery, removed a cancer from Twinklebear, that hopefully was a permanent banishment of that dark and malicious crab.

(1) “The means”—the ability to procure professional services.

As a writer, I like wordplay. It is a fascinating exercise in making readers think. A realization that takes thought, is more rewarding than a concept that is given to the reader on a silver platter. Hey Reader, work it it! There’s no free lunch here. What the hell? Why should I do all the heavy lifting here?

(2) “The motive”—my great and endless love for my Twinklebear.

You know from “Memoir: I Saved Her Life”—that I was instrumental in helping to save Twinklebear’s life a year and a day ago. If you read that memoir carefully, you will know how I was the paramount piece, in helping to save Twinklebear’s life. This is not braggadocio, but fact.

(3) “The opportunity”—my sweet and stubborn Twinklebear allowed me to help her in the only way that realistically mattered.

(When you look up “stubborn” up in the dictionary, Twinklebear’s picture appears with it. After Twinklebear reads this, she will “donk” me. Ha!)

Twinklebear is a very proud person. You would not believe how stubborn she is. Thankfully, she temporarily put aside her almost insurmountable pride, to allow me to utilize the means to help her obtain the her necessary medical treatment.

Stated clearly, we had no choice. It was the only avenue to the goal of wellness for her. Recognizing the reality of this, Twinklebear relented and let me help her. This severely wounded her pride, but I don’t care!

The priority was getting her well, whatever it took! Since I was the only one in the position of being willing or able to help her, I gladly took on the responsibility. That’s what “love” is, baby.

If our roles were reversed, she absolutely would do the same for me. Besides, as Twinklebear’s twin flame, I know that my mission is, as it was in every past life we shared, to protect her. I am truly her guardian angel.

That old memoir I mentioned, detailed what led up to the surgery, and my part in the coordinated effort to save my Twinklebear. Today, a year and a day after her surgery, the means by which I enabled her life to be saved, is not important, it was the achieved end that matters, and that achieved end is wonderful!

What I did then was the single most important achievement of my life, because of everything Twinklebear means to me.

Just look at that picture of Twinklebear above, fully glowing with good health, and bursting with vitality—and you know that this is true. My achievement, of which I am ironically proud and humbly grateful, gave her and me a fresh beginning.

It is that achievement that brought out the sun, after a dark period of cloudy emotions and inclement gloom. It is the achievement that spawned hope, instead of limitless fear. It is the achievement, that gave us our present and future back—after we feared the absence of any such thing.

The sun is out, and our fresh beginning is so welcome.

The sun is shining on my Twinklebear, and the sunlight reveals a natural beauty that is rare, that comes from within as well as her obvious physical beauty. Because the sun shines on Twinklebear because she is so well now, it shines on me too. That warm optimism on my face, feels wonderful. I love my Twinklebear so much, too much!

The warm wind of Indian summer blows on us, as the nightmare of a year and a day ago recedes into the rear view mirror of the past. Twinklebear and I feel so happy, so content—that everyday stresses now seem uncomfortable. Before a year and a day ago, the normal stresses would have seemed downright insignificant, because of the unwieldy weight of worry that we were under then.

Twinklebear and I have a serenity, that was absent a year and a day ago. While enduring the inevitable daily stresses we all have with work and family, it is easy to forget how utterly oppressive the air was a year and a day ago, when the specter of serious illness filled the air like a foul stench. Now, the air is lighter, and heavenly at times.

Serenity envelopes us now, like a comforting warm blanket.

Yes the past has been dark, especially before a year and a day ago, but now the present and future are bright.

Full disclosure—48 years ago, I also had cancer. Twinklebear talks of the “five years” that is the medical standard, until she is deemed clear of that evil crab. At times like that when she feels the natural anxiety that afflicts cancer survivors (of which I am proudly one), I like to remind my sweet Twinklebear, that I was told 48 years ago, that I would be clear of the cancer “after 15 years.”

Hey, that was 48 years ago! Twinklebear my Baby, I love you. You are doing fine. You are doing incredibly well my love, you sexy thing! “WINK”

The sun is warm, the wind is friendly. The skies are blue, but not as quite as blue as your gorgeous eyes, my pretty Twinklebear. We are well, and that is what matters.


I love you Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: FRESH BEGINNING”

  1. Thanks so much for this lovely memoir, my Sookybear. ” Oi bad boy! ” Also underneath my photo, is the word PERFECT ! Ha!!! Donk!
    We certainly both, have been through the mill this year. I am just glad,to see the sun, and each day,. One day at a time. I love this thanks so much for all you do my Sookybear. I love you forever and a day Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever. 12

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re welcome, you Bad Girl! Ha! Yes, we have been through the mill, but we have been through that proverbial mill TOGETHER. Just as it will always be, Twin flames, podmates, twin doodle, Bear Pact always. I love you forever and a day, my sweet Twinklebear! 12 12 12


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