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SAY IT FREQUENTLY: “I love you.”



ME: “Twinklebear, let me ask you something. How much time do you think elapses, between the times when we say ‘I love you!’ to each other? How often do you think we say ‘I love you!’ to each other?”

TWINKLEBEAR: “Oh….let me think…maybe no more than five minutes? I think we say that to each other at least every five minutes!”

ME: “I think your are right. It may even be every three minutes.”

(neither of us expresses any surprise at this)


Twinklebear and I have been twin flames for over two and half years now. This twin flame journey, continues to be a learning experience for us, because it is so out of the norm of what life is expected to be. The twin flame journey is so very unique, esoteric and mysterious because it is straddles two worlds—the everyday mortal world—and the eternal spiritual world.

We are all familiar with the mortal everyday world. It is the existence we all inhabit, where expectations of events and behavior are set and met, because said expectations fall into the “ordinary” spectrum of human experience. The norms of behavior are well established.

Contrarily, behavior that would be considered “extraordinary,” are lovers who say “I love you!” every three minutes.

Unless the lovers are lovesick teenagers in the first three weeks of their puppy love infatuation, that is. Twinklebear and I are not lovesick teens. Our behavior is encoded in a deeper template, a spiritual source of the soul, characteristic of the twin flame journey.

I would not call the twin flame journey an out of the body experience, for it does blend two worlds—the everyday world and the spiritual world. In the early stages of twin flame love, this “blender” of two worlds can be confusing and awesome simultaneously, for the twin flame partners.

Our early confusion and denial, in the face of our immediate, uncontrollable and persistent “illogical” crazy-in-love feelings and need for each other, are well-documented in earlier memoirs. Twinklebear and I have endured the early swirling and tumbling in the “twin flame blender,” to emerge stronger and more in love than ever.

In the everyday mortal end of the spectrum of human experience, there are very few surprises so unusual, that they amaze with unending wonder. Things are much different in the eternal spiritual world, which is irrevocably bonded with the everyday mortal world, within the twin flame journey.

For twin flames, esoteric and mysterious phenomena of emotions, events and behavior seem absolutely incredible to new twin flames, because these phenomena exceed the limits of “normal” everyday experience. However, in time, these unique phenomena become accepted and therefore, seem “ordinary” to the twin flame partners.

Take for example, the subject of my conversation with Twinklebear this morning. One might look at that conversation, and think the idea of two people saying “I love you!” to each other every three minutes is an exaggeration. At the very least, a non-twin flame might consider it absurd, if true. I know that I would have, three years ago.

But that was three years ago.

Three years ago was before I “re-found” Twinklebear(because Twinklebear and I are reincarnated spouses from another life or lives) almost three years ago. Before I found Twinks again, I had never felt a need to tell another woman that I loved her, every three minutes. The idea of it would have seemed ridiculous to me three years ago.

As you can tell from the tone of our conversation, Twinklebear and I consider saying “I love you!” every three minutes, absolutely mundane an act, and “normal” for us. This is an indicator or how deeply felt twin flames’ love for each other is.

The twin flame compulsion to say “I love you!” so easily and frequently, is appropriate and compulsory for twin flames. I will attempt to describe how I feel, when I feel compelled to say “I love you!” to Twinklebear so often. To my utter amazement and gratitude, Twinklebear feels the same way.

When I’m talking to Twinklebear and I look at her, I get drawn into her through her beautiful face. I have the feeling of an ancient history between us, of perhaps millennia. I know her, in the the most profound sense. This life is not our first go-around.

She is my eternal wife!

When I talk to Twinklebear, and gaze into her ageless eyes, so lovely and full of love and promise, what I feel is an endless, bottomless love for her. I feel a pink flush overcoming my head, shoulders and torso, and feel compelled to say….

“I love you!”

The place that this feeling springs from within me, is deep, rich and unquenchable. It is somewhere rooted in my very soul, reaching out to somewhere deep and rich in Twinklebear’s soul, when I say….

“I love you!”

Or when she says that to me. We always reciprocate by saying, “I love you too!” This expression of a profound deep love, voiced every three minutes, is overwhelming to feel, and joyous to experience. Neither of us has ever known anything like it.


I love you Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: SO EASY TO SAY”

  1. To put into words how it feels , is very difficult my sookybear, yet you, have done so. I could not have put it any differently myself. I love you! I love you! I love you! It is a term of endearment, often used flippantly, yet we really do have a deep, spiritual, and emotional connection. Quite profoundly so.
    I love how you put into words, the thoughts, and feelings around our journey. Thank you so very much my sookybear ( as always ) so eloquently put.
    Bearpact. Podmates 🐻 Twinflames forever and a day 121212 I love you more…..😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much, my AC Twinklebear. You paid me the highest compliment a writer can be paid, that the writer was able to put into words, what is in our case, so deeply felt in our twin flame journey. I love you! I love you! I love you MORE! Ha! Twin flames, podmates, Bear Pact, twin doodles forever! 12 12 12


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