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FOREVER AND A DAY: How long I will love my Twinklebear



Twin flames are said to be each one half of a soul, split into two. Conversely, a soul mate is a separate soul with which you have great attachment or connection over many lifetimes. Twin flames however, supposedly share an even greater connection; being two parts of the same entity. Twin flames are in fact, two incarnations of a soul occurring at one time.

In the case of twin flames, they feel an irresistible urge to share companionship and love within a lifetime and beyond.

Previous relationships with soul mates may not feel as deep and connected as with a twin flame. A soul mate can feel like the absolute match for you but a twin flame you really feel ‘one’ with. There is a reason for that; you are ‘one’.

You are born with certain personality biases because of other incarnations, but you develop all over again because of the stimulus you receive during this new lifetime. You develop, for the most part, a new personality each lifetime; with new preferences, biases, beliefs, wants, needs, aspirations and so on, due to the unique stimulus you are receiving.

Your higher self is far more intelligent than you are now, with a multidimensional mind, able to process the learning and experience of many lifetimes all at once, be all of those personalities simultaneously and experience them once more when ever it chooses in an instant. The higher self is the sum of all of your lifetimes, personalities and more, in it’s great wisdom and intelligence.

Twin flames are simply two incarnations of your soul occurring at one time.

Traditionally, twin flames are seen as being male and female lovers with a very special, irresistible, magnetic connection. Given that there are infinite possibilities for learning and experience within creation, the higher self can be creative with its incarnations.

There have been many instances of past life regression or mediumistic contact which have suggested how a twin flame of a person has been a partner in a previous life.

So the difference between soul mates and twin flames is that a soul mate in not manifested by your higher self, not part of your overriding higher consciousness, not another incarnation of yourself.

Twin flames, and indeed soul mates, may meet under synchronous conditions. It’s likely that before birth, you incorporated your meeting into your life plan, hence it seems that you met on purpose. This could well be the case, and the circumstances can seem like an incredible coincidence. This can provide confirmation that you were destined to meet.

Twin flames, both being incarnations of the same soul have a lot in common.

You might meet someone in your dreams, feel like you know them very well, and share love with them – this could be a twin flame entity visiting you in your dream to wish you well.


This last point is significant, because my twin flame Twinklebear, has had a recurrent dream about me since the age of 14. You can read about this in “MEMOIR: HE WAS ASIAN AND WORE ALL BLACK” Twinklebear generally had this same exact dream in which I visited her, at least twice a year until she stopped having this dream in late 2015. Can you guess why she stopped having this dream in late 2015?

Because it was in late 2015 when Twinklbear and I met.

At least in this lifetime. What that excerpt said with respect to our “higher selves” being more intelligent than we are, is absolutely true. That accounts for why Twinklebear’s and my higher self, instantly recognized the other from previous incarnations.

“Twin flames are simply two incarnations of your soul occurring at one same time”

And I’ve gotta tell ya, it definitely feels like she and I are of the same soul that have incarnated, within this lifetime. Also rampant with Twinklebear—because she is the more spiritually sensitive partner, are dreams, visions and latent memories of us in previous lives. For my part, I have latent memories of us.

“Your higher self is far more intelligent than you are….able to process the learning and experience of many lifetimes….”

How very true this was of Twinklebear and me. For her part, her “higher self”was able to recognize me instantly as her twin flame. As Twinklebear puts it in retrospect….

“As soon as I saw you Sookybear, I just sort of knew. I knew that we were meant to be together. I didn’t know why I knew this. I just did”

My reaction was the same, but more nuanced. There was a part of me, way deep down into the core of my heart and soul, that knew that Twinklebear was magnetic to me beyond belief. I knew that I was a dead duck.

I knew instinctively, that I was about to fall down into the rabbit hole of extreme ecstasy, limitless joy and one hell of a roller coaster of male-female love, that only a Hollywood script writer could accurately conjure up.. My subconscious probably silently proclaimed….

God help us!

Ha! We were in deep doo doo! Right up to her pretty neck, and my rough neck, baby! Ah, the deep ddo doo of twin flame love—there ain’t nuthin’ like it it!

Yes, God help me because I love Twinklebear so much—too much!

It is a true fact that I think about her all day, and that has been true since we met in late 2015.

But, as with anything in life, nothing is perfect, including what should be perfect. Namely, twin flame relationships. That is the problem with twin flame relationships that are suddenly, and clumsily dropped down on people ensconced in the “real world.”

Logistics, life before rediscovery of each other, the overrun of emotions that occurs from a misfit of fated (and ideal) twin flame dynamics and preexisting conditions, it would be silly to understate these negative influences.

In every life, in every “real world life” that is (as opposed to twin flame life), there are blips on the Serenity Graph.

That is inevitable. My individual life, and Twinkle’s, are no exception. Look at the health upheavals we both have suffered. There are lesser upheavals, less important, yet no less disturbing when they happen.

This results in overflows of emotion, that are understandable, but upsetting at the time. Hey man, this is just part of the process. The twin flame process of withstanding stormy weather in the twin flame realm.

But I can state unequivocally, that I love my Twinklebear unconditionally, and I will love her totally, without reservation, second to none—forever and a day.

Twinklebear and I always end our good nights with, “I love you forever and a day.” This is no mere Hallmark card sentiment, but a sentiment meant in all earnestness and truth in advertising. I will love Twinklebear, “forever and a day.” Nothing about that will ever change.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


1 thought on ““MEMOIR: FOREVER AND A DAY”

  1. so amzingly accurate, my sookybear. Twinflame love, is certainly rare, and very unique especially the depth of the emotions and love, when one twin, is being ” Bratty!” ha ! of course thats never me ” cough!” i love you forever snd a day , my sookybear thank you so much, for this great memoir , twinflames podmates, bearpact forever . Twindoodles always.

    Liked by 1 person

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