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My twin flame love with Twinklebear fits “ethereal’s” most lovely descriptions.




a: of or relating to regions beyond the earth
b: celestial, heavenly
c: unwordly, spiritual
d: marked by unusual refinement


I’ll be honest with ya. I was planning to hypothesize in this memoir, about how the Fractal-Holographic Universe’s distortion of the space-time continuum to create alternate realities, makes possible timeless, eternal twin flame relationships, in clear scientific terms. You with me so far?

This would make it possible for ageless, twin flames to exist in one or many wormholes and mysterious black holes in alternate existences and simultaneous lifetimes, in eternal bliss and endless propagation. You got that? Are your eyes crossing yet? Is your mind contorted like a pliable pretzel yet?

These theories might dovetail with latent memories, visions and dreams of past lives together, for reincarnated twin flames like Twinklebear and me. But, I am not going to do that. I’m not going to delve into this mind-bending morass of egghead complexities. Why not?

Because I can see your eyes starting to glaze over, and its not from tears of deep appreciation.

Talk of black holes and wormholes, while found endlessly fascinating by those with IQs above 200 (of which I am definitely not a part of), I doubt that people with a genuine interest in genuine twin flame love like Twinklebear and I have—which is largely spiritual—would suffer such a didactic lecture gladly.

“Hello, shoot me now.”

Huh? Fuggeddabowdit!

Instead, I would simply describe my twin flame love with my twin, Twinklebear, as ethereal.

It is spiritual, yet real. It is as palpable as the weight of a whole planet, yet as celestial and heavenly as an angel’s golden feather. It is as light and happy as the most perfect moment you can remember from your entire life, yet can crush any opposition to it, like a full-assault war effort by the forces of love and eternity.

Twinklebear and I, can never be without each other.

I can’t state it any simpler than that. There is nothing ambiguous about the meaning of this.

Twinklebear and I have a twin flame relationship, that is as profound, surreal and mind-blowing, as any Fractal-Holographic Universe can be. Consider this. If both of us can be honest, we can in retrospect recognize that just after we met in Late 2015, there was the subtle Voice of Twin Flame Truth that whispered to our subconscious….


“This is the Voice of Twin Flame Truth.

Because I am speaking to you from a higher spiritual plane, your inner souls, inner hearts and subconscious will recognize the truth of what I am saying.

Your mortal conscious will lag behind in this recognition, simply because it will not make sense in every day terms. You are each other’s twin flame. You may not even know what twin flames are.

From this time on, you will feel inexplicably and totally inseparable from each other.

You will feel this, but won’t be able to explain it to yourselves or others. That knowledge will come in time.

Your sheer need for each other, every day from here on in, will speak as eloquently to your twin flame status, as any well-worded thesis. This need will baffle and delight, excite and at times, frustrate you.

You will feel a commitment to each other, that is impervious to the shifting of the sands of time. A commitment and connection that is celestial, heavenly in nature, that is a bond that is the strongest in the Universe. You are now forever linked.

Your mere mortal conscious will fight this. Yet in time, you will yield to the simple truth that you two will be inseparable until the end of time and beyond. You may sense having these thoughts before, in lands and lifetimes far, far away.

Your love for each other, will be like no other that you have felt before, so intense it will be, except perhaps you have felt this for each other in different lives. You will be together, forever, beyond this lifetime.”


And so we have been inseparable, since late 2015 when the Voice of Twin Flame Truth whispered this simple truth to us. This simple phenomenon of have been inseparable since Day One, was born fully formed and complete, on that Day One.

Amazingly, nothing has changed with respect to this. This need for each other, has neither decreased or increased from that first day on. It is just there like an indestructible monolith, unchanging and comforting in its consistency.

We were irrevocably and totally inseparable on that “Day One,” and for every day since and every day in the future, this will be a constant. We being inseparable is immutable.

Twin flame theorists can quibble about whether the twin flame relationship is a function of time travel within wormholes, challenging the precepts of reincarnation. Scientific minds can wonder about whether black holes contain alternate universes, in which we twin flames live different existences, than the ones we know? I don’t know.

I only know that what Twinklebear and I have is immutable and eternal. In one word it is ethereal. Celestial, heavenly and simply….us.

Allow me to put this in Hallmark card terms that everyone can understand. I am crazy-mad-in-love, head-over-heels-in-love with Twinklebear—and that will never change.



I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin flames, podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: ETHEREAL”

  1. I would like to start by saying “Sookybear you got out of the pod first, to take the rubbish out” it is not my fault the super sensors, on the intergalactic , force field doors , Laser protected, face recognition, ET proof , closed shut! Ha! Making you the first born Twin. ” You fell onto the earth’s plain , with a bump! ” I had to search high and low , to find the correct universe, in order to find my Twin Flame. There you were living it up, in NYC, speaking in that funny accent, thinking you were free, for a few hundred Millennia!! Ha! * DONK!* Bad boy! It is such a good job, I know , and understand , wormholes, if not, I would not have been able to get to this planet. 😊
    All jokes aside,I love this memoir, you are so wonderful, and such a great mind you have, in order to think what to write about. Being” Twin Flames” is a huge, concept, to get our heads around , especially at first. You are absolutely right, what we are, and have, is ” Ethereal” out of this world, and in it. Ageless, timeless, and intergalactic, as we are made from the cloth, that was sewn , at the beginning of ALL creation. As old, as time itself, or a young, as a new star, or universe, beginning it’s life
    Thank you so much, for this perfect memoir my sookybear, I love you always , Twinflames 🐻 pact forever, podmates each and every lifetime. 12

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  2. Hey Baby, my AC Twinklebear, you sexy thing, you. I have an invading worm ready to explore your wormhole; ready to enter your mysterious and hyperpermeated black hole. “WINK”. You are so welcome, my sweet and lovely twin flame. I shall love you forever and a day, always, for all of time and beyond. Now, welcome me with those incredible mountains on your moon, so succulent and tasty. Let me explore your underground rivers and inlets. I love you deeply and endlessly. Twin flames, podmates, twin doodles, Bear Pact Forever! 12


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