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TWINKLEBEAR: I love my brat!



Parents tend to let things slide once the last child comes along — they aren’t nervous, first-time parents anymore. As a result, lastborns usually do get away with more than their siblings do. They shoulder less responsibility, so they tend to be more carefree, easygoing, fun-loving, affectionate, and sociable, and they like to make people laugh.” Just see if your youngest assumes the role of class clown someday.

But being the youngest isn’t all roses. Because lastborns view their older siblings as bigger, faster, and smarter, they may attempt to differentiate themselves by being more rebellious. “Lastborns have an ‘I’ll show them’ attitude.” And if older siblings baby the baby, lastborns might be spoiled and manipulative. This is why lastborns are considered the proverbial brats.


The fun factor!

Something you never hear about in treatises on twin flames. My twin flame relationship with Twinklebear is particularly joyous. There is a specialness to our love, which is rooted in not only the fact that we are twin flames, but also the fact that we are both the lastborns in our families. The positive effect of the latter should not be underestimated.

What this combination does, is to emphasize the unadulterated childlike joy, that is found only in childhood. As Thomas Wolfe said, you can’t go home again. Usually once experienced, it can never be found again. Unless, both twin flames in a relationship are the lastborns of the family.

As lastborns before we met (or rather, reincarnated and reunited, since we were spouses in past lives), we each had reputations in our respective families, as holy terrors in our childhood years. The family lores in our families, are rife with anecdotes regarding our infamous spoiled brat behavior.

But, as with all childhood behavior, our brattiness subsided as we grew up and pursued responsible, adult lives. As it should be. Then, a seismic event took place, and the world order of Twinklebear’s and my joy quotient was rocked to its core.

Twinklebear and I met.

Our meeting, or more accurately our reunification, took place in late 2015. The result was a reversion to the type of innocent joy that one can only experience as a child.

We immediately recognized this childlike quality in each other, which colors our unique humor, unconditional trust and ability to truly be ourselves with each other. I believe this set us apart from other twin flame couples in a fundamental way, and gave us an advantage in the fun factor department.

The difference maker, perhaps not available to most other twin flames couples, is that we are the lastborns—the “babies” of our families

It is possible that we did not have this “lastborn advantage” in our past lives as husband and wife. In this life, fortunately, we were reincarnated as the lastborns of our families. In practical terms, what does this really mean?

In short, we can be absolute brats with each other!

Ah, so nice to let one’s hair down so to speak, and be oneself, finally! And we can do this with each other in a truthful manner, which we cannot do with others in our orbits.

Twinklebear and I can whinge and whine, and feign anger, simply because we know each other so well, that we do not take offence.

(Just an interesting aside. I am Yank and Twinks is a Brit. I’ve become used to thinking in both “Yankspeak” and “Britspeak” as I write. In the U.S. the word is spelled “offense” and in England it is “offence.” It is interesting that I just spelled offence with a “c” the Brit way without a second thought. This shows how well trained Twinklebear has me. Ha! Yes dear! “RUNNING!”)

We can carry on being mutual brats, and we take it with a grain of salt and find profound humor in it. Twinklebear and I have a unique humor that resonates in a narrow frequencey of each other’s soul and mind. In absolute jocularity but pure honesty, we can say to the other….

“Waaaaaa! I want my (insert “Twinklebear” or “Sookybear” here) ! And I want you now! Waaaaa!”

Ha! So funny! Going from adulthood to bratty in one second flat! We love it! While there is humor in this exaggerated behavior, there is also nugget-hard at its core, a kernel of truth. We truly do want each other, now and no later! Hey, we “babies of the family” have no patience, ya know?

In the twin flame relationship, all the emotions are high intensity to begin with. Add in the spice of both twins being lastborns, and—look out! The fire licks of exaggerated emotions of extreme joy, love, humor and disappointment found with twin flames, are fanned even higher when the twins in questions are the “babies of the family.” Ha! So much fun!

Admittedly back in 2015 when Twinklebear and I are were both “conditioned adults” and unaccustomed to being so true to our inner child selves, we occasionally got angry with each other’s bratty behavior. Yet the behavior was so natural, as we instinctively knew that the other would recognize it as “us”–that we accepted the brattiness as part of our destined process.

Speaking for myself, I didn’t know what to make of Twinklebear’s sudden turns to “brathood” and change of mood. But I also knew that I was doing the same thing, which really freaked me out!

We soon recognized what a pure and unadulterated show of our true and innocent selves, to each other. Now we treasure this behavior, and can laugh at it. It is so great!

I love my brat, my Twinklebear!

Twin Brats Forever, Twin Doodles Forever!


I love you, Twinklebear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Waaaaa! I want my sookybear now !!! Waaa! So lovely ,thanks so much for this lovely memoir. Although I do have to say,. You are more of a brat, than I… Ha! It is true , we can be completely ourselves with one another, and still act the same way with one another. I love you forever and a day my sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day. ❤ Twin Doodles always. I love you .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaa! NO! YOU are the bigger brat, YOU! Ha! Hey my AC Twinklebear, can you come out and play? “WINK” Awww..I love you Forever and a day, my brat! I love YOU more!!!! Waaaa! Twin Flames, Podmates, Twin Doodles, Twin Brats! Ha! 12 12 12


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