TWINKLEBEAR AND I: Telepathic twin flames.



Twin lame telepathy is incredibly amazing. Most people who have met their twin flame speak of an uncanny thought process that keep them in the loop with each other. Sometimes a twin can be thinking of calling her twin flame, and right about when she is about to pick up the phone and call him, the phone rings and it is him. This can occur at the most unsuspected moments. There should be absolutely no surprise that this happens, because at core soul level, you are one despite any earthly afflictions or differences that you both may feel you have.

Twin flame telepathy is often very astonishing for people that have never encountered this type of connection before, because it is so intense and encompassing, people often chalk it up to coincidence. Twin flame telepathy is like a wireless electronic connection, that connects instantly when you have the right password. In this instance, the password is the grid that both your souls are locked into.


ME: “I just…”

TWINKLEBEAR: “I love being with you too!”


In our conversation yesterday, as soon as I finished saying, “I just…”—Twinklebear said without missing a beat—“I love being with you too!”

Twinklebear is my twin flame love. By this installment of my memoir series, you know what “twin flames” are all about.

This sort of uncanny thing happens to Twinklebear and me all the time and it is so common with us that we hardly ever discuss it, except to casually remark in passing, “Wow, another ACC.”

“ACC” is our own personalized code for these examples of our telepathy. It stands for “anam cara coincidence.” We began using using this code very early on, when we referred to ourselves as “anam cara.” This was before we finally understood what twin flames are, and that we are twin flames.

However, in spite of our continued use of the “ACC” acronym, there is nothing at all “coincidental” about these telepathic events. These are examples of the telepathy that is characteristic of twin flames.

There are no coincidences in the twin flame world.

And so it was true of this incident yesterday. This time we took the time to examine it and discuss it. I said to Twinklebear….

“Do you realize what just happened? I was about to say, ‘I just love being with you!’ and before I could get the rest of my sentence out, you said, ‘I love being with you too!’ Amazing!”

Twinklebear agreed. That’s when I told her I was going to write a memoir about our twin flame telepathy. Twin flame telepathic events like this, are also called “synchronicity of thought” between twin flames. These events that are experienced by Twinklebear and me on a regular basis, can take certain forms.

It can take a form like yesterday’s, where one of us starts a sentence to express a thought, and without a clue as to what the completed thought was supposed to be, the other twin voices the completed thought.

As often, we actually speak the same sentence, word for word, at the same time. That is simply astonishing when it happens, although we’ve become jaded by its regularity. It is such a common occurrence.

In the twin flame world, what is unnatural, becomes completely natural for the twins.

I believe that the most common form of telepathic event for Twinklebear and me, is when one of us simply thinks something, and then the other says that which is being silently thought. After the thought is expressed by one of us, the other will exclaim, “I was just thinking that!”

Telepathy between us also overlaps into the area of empathy, the ability to actually feel the emotions of the other while apart. Anxieties of one of us that causes sleeplessness, can result in a similarly sleepless night in the second twin. The inexplicable sudden onset of fear, sadness, melancholy, can occur in one of us, that mirrors what the other is feeling at the time.

One area of emotions of twins that can be telepathically noted and mirrored, is sexuality. One characteristic trait of twin flames is that they are so in tune sexually, in an intimate and intense manner. Twinklebear and I agree that the openness and flawless meshing of our sexuality, is something we have never experienced before with other partners. Our sexual compatibility is amazing.

MIDND READER: When I stare at her she knows what I’m thinking. Ha!

Our sexual familiarity and comfort with each other, is rooted in our past lives (we are reincarnated twin flames who were husband and wife in past lives). This “knowing” of each other, so complete, so warm and so uninhibited, is truly a case of “us” resuming what we had before, in previous lives

As an example of this familiarity and “knowing” of each other so well, based on earlier earthly iterations of us, is when I stare hungrily at Twinklebear, who is so hot. I can read her mind as she smiles at me slyly at times like these, and like the clairvoyant twin flame I am, I say to her….

“I know what you’re thinking, Twinklebear. You’re thinking, ‘Hey! My eyes are up here, you bad boy!’ Ha!”



I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: MIND READER”

  1. Such astounding ACC’ s, we do share my sookybear, it is like we have link, a wire, cable, something… Which keeps us connected. I really did not realise what happened, until you said ” did you know what you just did?” I really thought I heard you say ” I love spending time with you ” yet no . Well obviously you would have said that. So it’s only NOW I think wow! We do do this a lot. Like you say , we take it for granted.
    So what am I thinking now? Ha! Bad boy! It’s like the comfort we feel , when together is like being one. As of course we are one. Yet separated. The magnetic pull, , is something which makes us always connected. I love you forever and a day. Thank you for this memoir my sookybear. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever!

    My Twindoodle . ❤💙

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, my AC Twinklebear, it is really quite astounding when we take time to think about it. We are so connected, just a surely as if we had a fiber-optic cable connecting us. I love you forever and a day, my love! TWIN DOODLES FOREVER! Ha! 12 12 12


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