It took my Twin Flame love “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and me six months, to be able to say the obvious: “I love you.” It was the typical initiation phase of the Twin Flame journey during those six months, when we had to overcome the requisite (for the “initiation phase” of the journey is standard in its formula) denial and acceptance, of what we were, to be able to say those those three little words.

There’s no doubt that the Twin Flame journey is a steady diet of adjustment, accrued knowledge and greater awareness of The Truth. In our case, it took two and a half years from our inception as Twin Flames, to blurt out a just as important a truth as “I love you.” A few days ago, I had an epiphany in what must have been one of my more lucid moments as a Twin Flame, when I said to Twinklebear….

“You are not only my Twin Flame, you are my bestest friend ever!”

It is significant that such a pithy self-revelation, is couched in kids’ terms. I feel it is fitting, because nothing is as pure as the feeling one has as a child, that one cannot live without one’s “bestest friend ever!” The concept is simple, truthful and expands to the fullest extent, the idea of the “best friend.” When one is a child, one’s “best friend” seems to fill one’s entire world.

Consider how the pure, unadulterated mind of the child works. He thinks, “What is better than best?” Why, “bestest” of course. After I said this to Twinklebear, we both recognized the pure naked truth of this assertion, that we were each other’s “bestest friend ever!” I initially thought that I was making up a child-like word, to express a concept that was so crystal clear, that only a cobbled-together adjective could serve. To my surprise, when I looked up “bestest” in a dictionary, I found it to be a legitimate word:

very best; better than the best

Well, whaddya know! Okay, so it turns out to be a real adult word that I used, but consider how in my child-like exuberance, I qualified “You are my bestest friend” with “ever!” Whoa! That additional innocent word, “ever,” multiplies the profundity of the statement, exponentially.

My worst subject in school was math. Geometry was a headache, algebra was a nightmare and calculus was just something thrown around by an ex-president that indicates his ignorance of the contextual meaning of the word. But I can see as clear as day, the mathematical ramifications of “bestest friend ever!” To put it into quasi-mathematical terms….

Twin Flame love is an exponential multiplier.

The love between Twin Flames takes the ordinary concept of the “best friend,” of which there can be many for people, women in particular—and elevates the concept of “best friend” to an absolute which is unassailable in its exclusivity.

I’ve noticed that women can call several other women, “My bestie,” at different times (or even concurrently!), subject to the shifting sands of loyalties and changing circumstances. I view this as normal behavior. That shows how ambiguous “best friend” can be, relatively speaking.

There is no exclusivity to the title of “bestie” with the normal ebb and flow of life. A woman can have two to three, to innumerable “besties” as a matter of friendship politics. However, when one has an absolute “best friend” in a lifetime, others need not apply.

Calling someone “my bestest friend ever!” leaves no room for ambiguity. It means in no uncertain terms, that the person spoken about among a whole gaggle of “best friends,” is the very best of the best, the sole possessor of the title, “bestest friend ever!” The word “ever” meaning that it has never happened in the lifetime of the speaker before.

For the Twin Flame, one’s Twin is the very best of the best of all friends, “ever,” meaning that nobody in the life of the Twins, has deserved the title before. And so it is true of Twinklebrar for me.

I can remember as a kid, feeling so powerfully that I wanted to be with my best friend, a role more than one kid had filled for me. But those were just flashes in the pan, compared to the all consuming need I have constantly felt for the last two and half years, for my Twinklebear. I have said this many times, that I’ve felt this incomparable need to be with her every single day—since the day we met. This has been a constant.

In the Twin Flame journey, there is romantic love of the highest degree. There is sexual love of the most intense sort. There is the spiritual love of the eternal kind. And there is the practical aspect of the Twin Flames love, which can be encapsulated by these simple words:

Twinklebear, you are my bestest friend ever!

I need you every day, all day if it were possible.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. What a charming, wonderful, sweet memoir my sookybear. You are my ” bestest friend ever ” too. Also I have to say Cat, is my ultimate bestie , for life, as she and I have scraped knees together, helped mend broken hearts, and seen each other through medical conditions, also first homes… Meals, clubs, you name it.
    Yet you and I, are different again, far more ( as you say) wanting to spend every minute, of every day together. A love, built , and forged, over many Millennia, and extremely intimately, spiritual, and mind soothing, friendship, that only true love could make. So you too are my ” bestest friend ever! ” My sookybear.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful memoir, aaww. I
    Love it! Love you! Always, forever and a day! Podmates Twinflames 🐻 forever and a day. 121212 … ❤❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AWww…I know what you mean about Cat. I truly love her too, and feel that she is my long lost cuz. Thank you for your wonderful comment, my sweet Twinklebear! You are right. As you say, we have the most intimate, soothing, comforting, passionate, rewarding and ultimately, nourishing love. It is the “bestest in the world, ever!” Ha! I love you forever and a day, my Twin Doodles. Awwwww. Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact forever! Twin Doodles forever! 12 12 12


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