WORDS MATTER: “Twin flames” sounds flippant and inadequate.


“We did Sookybear, as you say, stumble across the phenomenon of being “Twin Souls” or “Twin Flames.” I for one have never been comfy with the term “twin flames” as it does not really resonate with me as a collective name for who we are.

I feel we are ancient souls, as I said before “sent on earthly missions.” All humans are sent on earthly missions, but not all are from one soul which was created by a The Creator and split!

It is like before connection, we are an empty plug socket and separate plug,
waiting to connect. Once connection takes place, the ideas that flow! Wow! It’s like a huge energy channel which charges, each time the plug connects—running free with every emotion, thought and concept. Only all are extremely fine tuned, concise and clear.”


I happen to agree with my Twin Flame, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean. I also have not been entirely comfortable with the term “Twin Flame.” The term, just seems too trendy, so flippant. It doesn’t seem to impart the gravitas commensurate with the concept.

Just think about how fantastic and profound a concept it is. What people are referring to as Twin Flames, are a man and a woman who at the very beginning of the world, derived from one soul.

It is difficult enough for the secular minded, to wrap one’s mind around the concept of the soul as an entity that can’t be seen, weighs nothing and cannot be tested for by conventional means.

But then throw in an additional wrinkle, that God then took 72,000 such souls, and divided them into two halves—the intention being that each single soul, became a man and a woman who shared the same soul, but that soul lives in two separate bodies.. Did you get that?

Here’s another wrinkle, just to make the concept more puzzle like and complicated:

At any given time, there are 144,000 separated souls living in human beings roaming the Earth, most probably unaware that they are one half of a unique couple. Not only are most unaware, but those that do become aware that they have a loved one “somewhere out there” who is their perfect mate, how do such confused people reunite with their “Twin Souls” (just another term that is accepted as synonymous with “Twin Flame”)?

According to several references in the Bible, God blessed only 72,000 such couples of men and women. In doing so, God gave these couples an ironclad guarantee that each Twin Flame partner would have the “perfect mate.” All they have to do is to find their respective partners. Easier said than done!

At the beginning of the world, each half of the Twin Flame relationship entered into a holy contract, stipulating that each would have no other “Same Soul Twin.” It was a pledge of exclusivity. It could be no other way because they share the same soul.

So, now we have these Twin Flames walking around, who share the same soul as their Twin Flame partner. Herein lies the problem with the current terminology. Neither “Twin Flame” or “Twin Soul” to me, connotes adequately that each partner, shares the same soul. These are lightweight terms being used for a heavyweight concept.

Based on current terminology, it is easy to mistakenly think that the man and woman of a Twin Flame couple, each has his or her own separate soul. This is not the case if you buy into the basic tenet that Twin Flames share the same soul. That is the problem with today’s popular terminology. They are not specific enough.

I have continued to use these terms, because “Twin Flames” and “Twin Souls” have become intractably embedded in peoples’ minds. These terms do, however, create confusion about the basic idea.

Perhaps there is not perfect term for these special 72,000 couples, of which, my Twinklebear and I count ourselves lucky to be one.

I personally like….

“Same Soul Twins.”

The term “Same Soul Twins” imparts directly, the essence of the Twin Flame relationship—that the man and woman share the same soul.

This very fact, is why “Same Soul Twins” are so close, why we are so compatible in every way, why we are empathic and psychic with each other. Do I expect the general public to adopt the tern Same Soul Twins, forsaking the currently popular terms? Probably not.

“Twin Flames” and “Twin Souls” have become entrenched in the public mind, for that to happen. But you have to admit that “Same Soul Twins” is perfect for the concept.

Twin Doodles Forever! Ha!


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Same Soul Twins, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: WORDS MATTER”

  1. Such a great analogy my sookybear.,” Same soul twins ” is great! I personally prefer ” Twin Doodles” as it denotes a sense of fun! Also the twinning concept.
    I also love the fact, we are ” Twin doodles” or ” twin souls ” it is remarkable,when you think of it. Our of all the Billions of people on the earth plains, we are unique. I love you, forever and a day! Podmates Twin flames forever! 121212 ❤💙🐻 pact forever. Twin doodles always. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My AC Twinklebear–YOU! WINE! TODAY! Ha! AWwww..so cute. Thanks so much, my Same Soul Twin, AKA “Twin Doodle. Ha! I love you forever and a day, my love. Same Soul Twins, Podmates, bear Pact always! 12 12 12


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