Jamuka, Temujin’s (Genghis Khan) blood brother, captured and being presented to Genghis Khan for execution.


Before embarking on writing this memoir, I must confess to being wary of doing so. I confess that doing so, might make me look like a megalomaniac with extreme delusions of grandeur.

I think it might because I will be drawing certain parallels between myself and Genghis Khan (whose real name was Temujin), the famous Mongol warrior and conqueror, who reigned over an empire in the 12th and 13th century larger than the Roman Empire.

Let me begin by saying that I hold no illusions as to whether I am Temujin reincarnated, for I do not.

However, based on certain observations that my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I have made about the role that 12th century Mongolia played in our past lives together—we find that the parallels between our lives and Genghis Khan’s–are remarkable in their “coincidental significance.”

If there is one thing I’ve learned about our Twin Flame relationship, it is that there are no coincidences in the soulmate and Twin Flame world.

When it comes to Twin Souls and reincarnation of those Twin Souls, all “coincidences” point to past life experiences, inferred in latent memories, vivid dreams and waking visions.

I am therefore proceeding with our observations and drawn conclusions, simply as a matter of “calling it as I see it,” as I always have as an unabashedly frank writer, whether my subject was the biker subculture, photography, the martial arts or soulmate experiences. Let the chips fall where they may.



I must first briefly review some strong beliefs that Twinklebear and I hold, regarding all the “coincidences” in our lives, because they dovetail to point to our “destined” reunion as a reincarnated couple. I present these to you as “strong beliefs” so as to sound rational, but to Twinks and me, they are “facts.”

These have been discussed in detail in previous installments of these memoirs, but I feel it important to present them again, to facilitate your seeing how they are so neatly interwoven into our Twin Flame journey.

They are all “pieces of the puzzle” falling into place.

Twinklebear and I both hold a long term fascination with Temujin (Genghis Khan) and 12th century Mongolia, independent of us knowing each other—until we met in 2015.

At the tender age of 8 or so, Twinklebear had the compulsion to read biographies of Temujin (Genghis Khan), as her friends wanted coloring books. Twinklebear would carry on like a brat in bookstores, until her mum gave in to purchasing books on Genghis Khan for her precociously intellectual daughter.

Twinklebear’s mum Doreen, who was at all times a lovely woman who showed great patience, was dumbfounded by Twinklebear’s request for books on Genghis Khan. Doreen eventually relented to her stubborn daughter, even though she didn’t understand it,

I am known in the biker world as “Genghis.” This is a nickname I acquired decades ago. The way I picked up this nickname is now obscure, except that I have a vague memory of a biker friend of mine somehow bestowing it on me.

The comparison between Mongol warriors’ horses and Harley hogs, is glaringly obvious enough so that I don’t have to point out the rationale for it.

For years, I was a columnist for a hardcore biker magazine called “Iron Horse.” Isn’t the Harley motorcycle just like an “iron horse” to it’s rider?

MONGOL WARRIOR ANALOGY: I wrote for a biker magazine called “Iron Horse,” that featured Harley choppers—our horses made of iron.

In Twinklebear’s mid-teens, she began having a recurrent dream, and she would have this recurrent dream at least twice a year. It was a dream featuring us in 12th century Mongolia as a couple.

Twinklebear’s dreaming this dream, abruptly stopped in late 2015 when we met, signaling to us that our meeting was somehow fatefully connected to the dream. It was then when she recognized me as the Mongol warrior and her husband, in the recurrent dream.

Twinklbear and a friend of ours has had waking visions of Twinklebear and me in 12th Century Mongolia. Twinklebear and I have had latent memories and dreams about us in Mongolia. These have been written about in previous memoirs.


As young boys, Temujin and Jamuka became blood brothers in a formal Mongolian ceremony. This involved the drinking of each other’s blood. The nomadic life of Mongols of the 12th century, separated them for many years while they were teens.

What brought them together again, was an act of destiny, as Temujin’s young bride, Lady Borte, was kidnapped by a warrior of a rival clan, the Merkids. This Merkid warrior abducted her and forced Borte to become his wife.

In his quest to get his bride back, Temujin enlisted the help of an older powerful warlord known as Ong Khan—who agreed to help Temujin rescue Lady Borte.. Ong Khan was a blood brother of Temujin’s father. This therefore, made Ong Khan Temujin’s adopted father.

Ong Khan then sought the help of an up and coming young Mongol warrior who had his own army, in the campaign to rescue Temujin’s bride. This was none other than Jamuka—Temujin’s blood brother from childhood.

The combined armies of Ong Khan’s and Jamuka’s, helped Temujin to get his beloved Lady Borte back. After that, Temujin joined Jamuka’s army, as an assistant leader of Jamuka’s army.

In 1181, Temujin’s attitude about not being subservient to anyone, especially his blood brother Jamuka, led him to break away from Jamuka’s army and establish his own army.

Temujin felt stifled under Jamuka’s rule, who treated Temujin more and more like a younger brother, than a blood brother. Temujin’s natural charisma as a leader, caused many of Jamuka’s followers to abandon Jamuka to become followers of Temujin.

In the process, the former followers of Jamuka’s who betrayed Jamuka by joining Temujin, stole many of Jamuka’s horses and livestock. From that point on, Temujin and Jamuka became bitter enemies who warred on each other. Temujin was only 19 years old at that time, and had not yet attained the exalted title of “Khan.”

In 1206 A.D., Jamuka was captured by Temujin (by then known as Genghis Khan) and subsequently executed.


In spite of not being a “joiner” I started studying martial arts in 1978.

One thing you have to know about me. I’ve never been a joiner, because I inherently detest any type of authority over me.

Considering my resentment of authority, it is significant that I entered the martial arts. This is because to be successful in the martial arts, one must be willing to subordinate one’s will to that of the teacher. Otherwise, the ego of a recalcitrant student becomes an obstacle to learning.

One must ignore all preconceived notions of martial arts training, and train exactly the way that the teacher instructs him to. A teacher must first break down any psychological resistance in the student, to the lessons that he trying to impart, for the student to truly absorb the lessons completely.

In view of this, I surprised myself when I signed up to study serious martial arts in 1978. I stress “serious” because when I researched potential schools in NYC in 1978, I discovered that schools that played “patty cake” instead of really fight, were the norm.

Soft teachers and even softer students in these disappointing “shopping mall dojos,” dotted the landscape. The students paid their membership fees, played tag, and received their meaningless black belts. Nobody ever got hurt in these places. A litigious society and delusional students, enabled these mediocre schools.

Then I wandered into a school called the Asian Martial Arts Studio in lower Manhattan. The teacher was Richard Chin and he taught Jow Ga Kung fu, and a form of Okinawan karate called Kuen Do Ryu.

The whole atmosphere of this school was different from others I visited. There was very little jocularity. It was all business. At the time I visited, Sifu Chin had his students sparring.

Notably, the students wore no gloves or any protective equipment. As I found out later, the men wore groin cups, but that was it. At that time, there was a brown belt named Greg who was sparring with a green belt named Rick.

Greg landed a vicious full power—nothing held back—left hook into Rick’s ribcage, causing a sickeningly audible “crunch.” Rick had sustained a significant rib injury, but I found out later, than this was just part of the normal training in this dojo.

The green belt crumpled to the ground in obvious pain. He seemed to be having trouble breathing. Amazingly, nobody offered to help Rick, and nobody said a word. Nobody would make him lose face by showing sympathy. He laid there for awhile, until he was able to get up. He bowed to Greg and Sifu Chin. It was then I thought….

“This is for me.”

And so I joined this school.

Finally! I finally found the type of school I was looking for. A school that practiced full-contact sparring with the goal of producing full-power techniques, and true killer instinct mentality. If a student in this dojo was unable to try to inflict serious injury on a sparring opponent, this was considered a uncorrectable flaw. This type of student was thought to be “hopeless.”

I spent several years in the Asian Martial Arts Studio, training five nights a week there after work. I endured many injuries there, considered par for the course if one believed in this type of brutally hard training, as “real training,” compared to other schools that played tag and fooled themselves. Broken bones? They heal, then you resume training–that was the mentality. Sifu used to say….

“If we get a white belt in here, we’ll beat the shit out of him. If he doesn’t quit, there’s hope for him.”

And he wasn’t kidding. We did exactly that, to weed out the wheat from the chaff.

I eventually became a disciple of Sifu’s which is a whole other subject that deserves its own memoir. Let’s just say that a “disciple” has more invested (not monetarily) in the school, than general students. After a while, I taught all the classes in the Asian Martial Arts Studio, and was the highest ranked disciple in Sifu’s school.

There came a point in 1984, when I was running the Asian Martial Arts Studio, as Sifu Chin left the teaching duties to me as he stayed away from the school more. I appreciated the trust he placed in me, but cracks in our relationship surfaced, as we had procedural disagreements.

I was starting to chafe under my teacher’s authority—just as Genghis Khan chafed under Jamuka’s thumb. Just as Temujin resented Jamuka’s authority, my resentment of Sifu’s authority grew with time. I had all of the responsibility of running the school, without the privilege of setting procedural policy.

I left my teacher, for essentially the same reasons Temujin left Jamuka’s band to form his own army. I had to have my own followers, unencumbered by someone looking over my shoulder, and his thumb on my actions. I earned that right. I had to have my own school where I did things my way.

My situation in 1984 was a shadow, a mere microcosm of the Mongolian warlord way of life in Temujin’s time. It would be presumptuous of me to compare the two, as Temujins’ time involved perpetual cycles of life and death battles.

But my motivations and emotions were similar to Temujin’s. I needed to lead instead of follow.

These similarities are indicative of my mentality, that emanates from my past life with Twinklebeat as a Twin Flame couple in 12th century Mongolia. That era was fraught with primal urges, such as self-sufficiency and the instinct to dominate, especially among alpha males.

There was a reason that I was so drawn to serious training in the hardcore martial arts. I believe it had to do with destiny. It was my destiny to reunite with my past life Twin Flame love, Twinklebear, to replicate our existence in the warlike Mongolia, of Temujin’s time.


I love you Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: SHADES OF TEMUJIN”

  1. Such a remarkable memoir my sookybear. I love you! You really do capture the concept, of past and present, bringing our personalities, into the equation, and so on. The dreams , you are correct. Have ceased now. Which is very odd! It is almost as though they were telling me. You were already there, or here. Protective, and courageous! Strong, and disciplined, and a great teacher. The parallels, are so similar. I love how you are so capable, and strong minded ,Also kind, generous, clever, and ride your ” iron horse”. Almost like a real horse. Podmates Twinflames šŸ» pact forever and a day! 121212

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much, my AC Twinklebear, my sweet love. Yes, I believe that the recurrent dream you had for so many years, was a way of “preparing” you for our meeting in 2015. And I also believe that the cessation of the recurrent dream, was a way of letting you know, in effect….”You don’t need this dream anymore…he is here now.” I love you so very much, my true Twin Flame and Podmate. Too much! Ha! Bear pact forever, my love. 12 12 12


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