I LOOKED INTO HER SOUL: I felt her melancholy inside my soul


I gazed deeply into her eyes. Deeply and closely. Such beautiful eyes, that seem to range from the brightest blue, to almost emerald green depending on the lighting, and her mood.

Today, her mood was somber. Somber and sad, mixed with anger and disappointment. A friend of Twinklebear’s for many years, a friend whom Twinkle never thought would disappoint her—did just that.

This friend, who undergoing personal difficulties having nothing to do with Twinklebear, lashed out and took it out on Twinkle in the worst possible way. This friend abandoned Twinkle. Abandoned Twinkle and their lengthy friendship.

Put yourself in Twinkle’s position. Twinklebear, who is the most virtuous, trusting and giving friend a person could ever have—became the callously targeted scapegoat of a bitter person—because of that “friend’s” own shortcomings.

This was a classic case of “tranference.” Don’t know it? Look it up in the nearest psych textbook—or Google it.

I looked into Twinkle’s eyes, and our souls connected—and her melancholy became my melancholy. The tears in her eyes, I felt concurrently welling up in my own eyes. I felt our shared melancholy, to my core.

This was a true “Twin Flame moment!”

It was at that moment, that I realized that this is what Twin Flames do—“give their all” to each other.



I was not going to further address the rift that occurred between my Twin Flame Love, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and her ex-friend, but I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t. I would feel remiss because the background that the rift, provides important context as to why it caused so much emotional distress for Twinklebear.

It is important for you to know the degree of the hurtful things the friend said to Twinks, and did to her, to fully appreciate the depth of melancholy (and ultimately anger) that Twinklebear experienced.

It is important to know the intensity of emotion Twinks felt, because I as her “Twin” related so thoroughly to it. In short, because we are Twin Flames who mirror each other’s emotions, her sadness and then anger—became my sadness and anger.

First, some ground rules. I will not name the friend, as that would be unfair, in case other friends of hers read this. She shall be “Madam X.”

MADAM X: Not what she seemed.

I don’t think it would be unfair to gently paint Madam X as someone who by nature, needs reassurance. At times, that “reassurance” that she craved, became something else more narcissistic.

It became the need for an unambiguous reaffirmation of her needs over the needs of others. It became the overarching predominance of her opinions over Twinklebear’s opinions—no matter what the consequence. This lopsidedness, destroyed any semblance of reciprocity between friends.

It is important to note, that Twinklebear being so giving, accepted these conditions of the friendship. It didn’t faze her, because she was aware of Madam X’s neediness, and the root cause of it.

Twinklebear said of their friendship, “I often felt like her therapist. She unloaded her anxieties to me, and I was happy to listen.”

Having become Madam X’s de facto therapist, Twinks felt compelled to offer Madam X advice. Many of Madam X’s internal conflicts, involved life decisions that could have ended up in disaster for Madam X.

Twinklebear offered advice (which is what caring friends do) to Madam X that was not taken well. In fact, Madam X resented the advice. The resentment Madam X harbored toward Twinks, combined with a well-hidden jealousy, drove Madam X to drop Twinklebear, like a hot potato—without warning. Dropped just like that after 12 years of close friendship.

This was a shock to twinklebear!

This was the backdrop, that will allow you to understand why Twinklebear felt so low. It was a lowness so far-reaching, that as Twinklebear’s Twin Flame, I felt this lowness invade me, deep down into the roots of my heart and soul.

I know this sounds melodramatic, but this is how Twin Flames react to the emotions of our Twins.


“All emotions, whether negative or positive, are amplified between Twin Flames. Feelings are often exaggerated compared to other relationships. There is more emotional and energetic intensity between Twin Flames because things are felt on a soul level.

Since Twin Flames are often empathetic with one another, it can become an emotional roller coaster at times when they are absorbing each others’ emotions, alongside feeling the intensity of their own.

Telepathy is also is more common and even natural within Twin Flame connections. Telepathic communication occurs frequently, as each Twin can sometimes pick up of the other’s thoughts or feelings. Twin Flames often reflect each others’ moods and can feel each other at a distance. Whatever is affecting one Twin, whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, often affects the other.

The eyes are the window to the soul. When Twin Flames gaze into one anothers’ eyes, there is a profound intensity. Making eye contact with your Twin Flames can feel unusual at times because it is as if you are staring into your own soul.”



So I gazed into Twinklebear’s eyes, and saw and felt her sadness and anger over Madam X’s betrayal. For that’s what it was: pure, unadulterated betrayal of trust.

I felt her deep sadness flow into myself, as if there were a solid, wide conduit between Twinklebear and me. It wasn’t merely a slow understanding of her feelings, it was a sudden onrush of her emotions inundating my mind, heart and soul—through this magic channel called Twin Flame empathy.

It was because of the empathy that Twinklebear and I have with each other as Twin Flames, that any and all normal obstacles were removed as filters. This allowed the unimpeded transmission of her emotions to me, causing an immediate emotional replication of her emotions, in myself.


FROM A TWIN FLAME WEBSITE: “Empathic connections in Twin Flame relationships can be difficult to deal with. When you experience empathic connections, emotions can really get the better of you. According to Webster, empathy is being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another, without having the feelings, thoughts or experiences communicated in an explicit manner. Have you ever been in a great positive mood, having a great day and out of nowhere and wanted to cry for no reason? Has sadness, frustration or anger come out of nowhere and taken over your emotions? In Twin Flame relationships, that is what happens when you have an empathic connection with each other.”


And so it was with us, when I was overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of Twinklebear’s emotions. My thoughts became sublimated. My emotional centers became a hungry sponge, absorbing all that Twinklebear’s sadness and anger had to offer.

It was at that time, that I realized what the Twin Flames relationship consists of….

It is us giving our all to the other.

This kind of one hundred percent, unencumbered giving and receiving between Twin Flames, cannot exist in a normal, non-Twin Flame relationship. There is too much “normal restraint” and defensive-protective barriers, for this type of unfettered exchange of emotion to occur.

The Twin Flame Highway is a two way high speed thoroughfare, on which there are no red lights or stop signs.

A Twin Flame relationship, is one where the Twins have no choice but to “give his or her all” to the other, simply because the barriers that impede, filter or block emotional transmissions between the two, are eliminated. There is nothing but clear air between Twin Flames, encouraging total openness with each other.

I can tell you this—when that moment arrived, when I felt a tear in my eye in sync with Twinklebear’s emotions—that was a beautiful, overwhelmingly loving moment. It was a true Twin Flame moment, when Twinklebear and I were one.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way



  1. So amazingly accurate my sookybear, I feel the same way. When you are feeling a certain emotion. Especially when you are ” frustrated” over anything. It seems YOU are connected to my emotional side, and I am connected to your frustration side . In a nutshell, we sense and feel each other , as one person.
    I love how you made sense, of my feelings over this, and made me realise , I’m not the guilty party! Sometimes it’s others.. thanks so much my sookybear. I love you forever and a day! Podpact Twinflames 🐻 pact forever! 121212

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww..my poor Baby! Course you were not at fault, whatsoever! You are good, and you are caring and loving–and giving! I love you so much, Forever and a day, my love. Twin Flames, Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12 “BEARFACE”….because I don’t have an icon for it! 🙂


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