TWINKLEBEAR: She had Asianesque features.


“I had a weird flashback the other day. it was like a tent but bigger. Lesley was there but she had Asianesque features.  But I knew it was her.  We were waiting for you Scott.  Like we knew you would come soon.  There was a fire in the middle and we were making something for you. A celebration, a happy event I don’t know what kind.  And then you came.   You brought food! some kind of meat I think.   You came in and twirled Lesley around like a rag doll and laughed and laughed.  Then we gave it to you. A rope or ribbon that was dyed red. To tie back your long hair.  It matched something that was tied around your leg.  It could’ve been a weapon or just decoration of some sort I am not sure.  It happened yesterday….It was quick. But significant.  Usually dreams rule by ‘other sense’  I try to block out others because it freaks me out sometimes.  But it was vivid. Like a splash of cold water to my face.”



Althea is someone who my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I discovered, is somehow spiritually connected with us. Althea was a work colleague of mine.

As you know from previous memoirs, Twinklebear is gifted with the ability to see spirits, as was her mother and my mother. Twinklebear also has precognitive (predictive of future events) dreams, vivid dreams of great significance, and visions while awake, of past life events (“retrocognition”).

So does Althea.

Retrocognitive visions reveal events that have happened in past lives, that the person having the vision could not have known about through normal means, such as second hand accounts from other people.

The latter is exactly what Althea described in the opening of this memoir. I won’t go into the paranormal abilities and experiences Althea’s had since her early childhood, except to point out that they mirror to a great extent, what Twinklebear has experienced all of her life.

What Althea refers to as a “flashback” is how Twinklebear describes her visions, as waking phenomena with dreamlike features and feel, a deja vu sensation on steroids—except that instead of merely “having the feeling” that one has lived through a scenario before, the person knows that he or she has lived through it before.

Precognitive dreams are easily proven to be valid, as the premonition in predictive dreams either comes true or not. However, retrocognitive dreams or visions about past life events are often impossible to verify as accurate, as there may not be any written or anecdotal evidence that such events occurred.

In the case of Althea’s vision, there is strong circumstantial evidence that what she “saw” is valid. Althea envisioned Twinklebear as Asian, which Twinklebear was when we had a past life together in 12th century Mongolia. Twinklebear and I have had latent memories and vivid dreams of this period about us.

In fact, Twinklebear had a recurrent dream about us in Mongolia (or some Far Fast place like it), since the age of 15. Significantly, these dreams, which she had at least twice a year—completely stopped—when we met in 2015.

There are no coincidences in the Soulmate World. My biker nickname since my early twenties, is “Genghis,” as in Genghis Khan—a famous Mongol of the 12th century, when Twinklebear and I shared a past life as husband and wife.

A lifelong obsession of Twinklebear’s since the age of eight, has been the famed Mongol warrior and conqueror, Genghis Khan. She began reading biographies of Temujin (Genghis Khan’s given name) at elementary school age. She did this while her friends the same age, read Archie comics.

In Althea’s vision, she gave me a red ribbon to tie back my long hair. For a great part of my life, I had long hair. An interesting fact, which some might construe to be coincidence is, that I favored red rubber bands to tie my hair back. I purposely sought these out in drug stores. I can’t tell you why I liked red rubber bands over other colored ties and purposely sought them out, but I did.

NO COINCIDENCE: I used predominantly red rubber bands to tie my hair back.

Coincidence? There are no coincidences in the Soulmate World. I find that in this current lifetime, my habits replicate habits or traditions from past lives. This includes the predisposition toward certain colors. In my case, they are red, silver and black.

This includes of course, red ties for my hair—which is why Althea’s reference to a “red ribbon” in her vision is meaningful.

This replication of habits from another lifetime (such as the red ties for my hair), would indicate a template for behavior preferences, based on a genetic soul memory—similar to how “muscle memory” guides our disciplined movements in an automatic way—but far more significant in the grand scheme of things.

In the recurrent dream that Twinklebear had from the age of 15 until 2015, she dreamt of me in my “warrior colors” of red, black and silver.

My clothes in this life, have consisted exclusively of black jeans and black t-shirts. My righteous Harleys have always been silver and black, or silver and red. Like the red ties for my hair from another time and place, these colors persisted in my preferences, a result of vestigial genetic soul memory.

WARRIOR COLORS: Candy apple red and silver bike, black jeans and black shirts, black leather jacket and red hoodie. Result of “genetic soul memory?”

Twinklebear has had visions, in which an ancient Asian warrior and I were interchangeable, where afterwards, she could not distinguish between us. This also occurred in vivid dreams, which are different from visions. In all of these visions or dreams, I was in rescue or protective mode.

In the visions,, Twinklebear describes the warrior as a Mongol or samurai, as a lifelong spirit guardian. She had visions of this warrior spirit all her life, way before she met me in this life, in 2015. Coincidence? Or “genetic soul memory?”

Althea’s retocognitive vision was remarkable, in it’s alignment with my and Twinklebear’s past life experience. That Twinklebear and I have latent memories and vivid retrocognitive dreams (and in Twinklebear’s case, retrocognitive visions too) of our past life together, is not unusual for Twin Flames.

What is unusual, is another person’s retrocognition of our past life. It is amazing because it involves another Soul outside of our Twin Flame universe. This would indicate that Althea had some genetic soul memory connected with Twinklebear and me.

Clearly, Twinklebear and I have deep Twin Flame Roots that reach back centuries. Yet sadly, there are people in our immediate social circles, who profess to be spiritually aware, who try to cheapen what Twinklebear and I have.

If these somewhat phony people truly knew how difficult—in an out of the ordinary way—the Twin Flame journey is, they would not be so boldly critical. Small minds issue small proclamations, the hidden agenda being to inflict hurt feelings. I for one, have no patience to suffer these fools gladly.

I would say this: even self-proclaimed spiritual persons, who have not themselves experienced meeting their true Twin Flame Loves, can never understand the profundity of this timeless, distance less, momentous entity known as the Twin Flame Relationship.

Twinklebear to me, has become my absolute best friend, most closely held confidante, closest-person-in-the world-to-me, irreplaceable deep love, Eternal Wife, and My Everything.

She has become all of this to me, in almost complete contravention of “normal life” and traditions. That makes what we have, something I cannot do without—so deep is my need for Twinklebear and love for Twinklebear.

The intensity, depth and breadth of this, cannot be understood by those who have not experienced it firsthand. I cannot be without my Twinklebear, and I will not be without my Twinklebear, forever.


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates forever
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: FLASHBACK”

  1. So wonderful my sookybear! All of the pieces seem to fall into place , don’t they . Althea, the Genghis khan link, my predictions, and Althea’s
    I am so intrigued, as I had lots of precognitive dreams, and visions. These mainly occur when I’m highly stressed, or needing deep advice.
    I love the memoir sovery much. I love you so much! Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day 12. We are all piece’s, of a unique puzzle. I love our spiritual side and Twinflame status. Thanks so much for this brilliant memoir. . .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are exactly right, AC Twinklebear! The pieces are falling into place, and they have been falling into place since our early childhoods, apparently. Such an intriguing journey! I ,love you so muc, TOO much, my love—forever and a day. Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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