RECURRENT DREAM: Genghis rescued Twinklebear from imprisonment!


This is a reenactment of an event from Twinklebear’s past life, that I also took part in. Twinklebear and I are reincarnated Twin Flame lovers. The details of this event that are about to be recounted to you, are based on a recurrent vivid dream that Twinklebear has had since her teenage years.

She has had exactly the same dream at least twice a year, until late 2015, when she met me in this lifetime. Then the dreams stopped. What does this tell you?

When we met in 2015, Twinklebear recognized me as her lover in the dream. This event took place in the 12th century, in China.

There are some things you should know, before embarking on this true story.

First, in our past life when this event occurred, Twinklebear and I were both Mongolian, although Twinklebear had green eyes.

Secondly, Twinklebear has had a fascination with Genghis Khan since childhood, having demanded from her mum at age 8, history books and biographies about the Mongolian conqueror—when kids that age usually request coloring books, and a box of crayons.

Third, is that in this present lifetime, current year of 2018, the nickname I am known by in the hardcore biker subculture, is “Genghis.

What does this tell you?



I’VE BEEN KNOWN AS GENGHIS SINCE THE AGE OF 22: Coincidence? There are no coincidences in the Soulmate World.


The year was 1271, the year that Genghis Khan’s grandson—Kublai Khan—subjugated the Song Dynasty in Southern China, and became the Emperor of China. The place was the teeming trading city of Canton.

It took her a while to get her bearings. She was dizzy from being roughed up, when she was abducted from her husband, Chinggis—or as some called him phonetically—“Genghis.”

Genghis was out on patrol, when Lussee was forcibly taken from their abode in Canton.

Genghis was a warrior in Kublai Khan’s all-conquering army, an army that was now occupying China. And his beloved wife, was missing! He was angry, and vowed to find her, and avenge this travesty!

It was a combat force known for it’s disciplined structure, and the moral dichotomy of being extremely humane with its regulations, incongruously counterbalanced by a merciless brutality.

It was a trend started by Kublai’s grandfather, Genghis Khan. Temujin (Genghis Khan), who felt that he was the “Flail of God,” placed on Earth to punish sinners. And he did, as did Kublai Khan and his father—in the millions—who were slaughtered without mercy.

In a brutal orgasm of killing power, Kublai, his father, and Genghis Khan himself—left millions dead in their murderous wake, in their crusade to build their Mongol empire.

Her name was Lussee.

Lussee was a classic Mongolian beauty, with shiny black hair, symmetrically delicate features, but with a phyiscal anomaly which drew the attention and admiration of her abductor.

This anomalous physical feature, were Lussee’s green eyes.

The abductor seemed mesmerized by her green eyes, so piercing and deep. Fixated by her appearance, he kidnapped her for his own pleasures.

Lussee had magnetic green eyes.

Lussee looked around. In the dim light, she was able to see that she was in a storage area of some sort. Perhaps the basement of a building. She could see food supplies, such as you see for a restaurant.

She tried to rise, but was confined by some sort of barrier on all sides, yet she could see past the barriers, at the details of the room. She felt around her, at what was restricting her movement. She was walled in, in a box!

It was a box she was in—a box made of glass!

It was shaped like a casket, and felt like one–which terrified her.

She resigned herself to being restrained by this glass box, and said out loud, “Oh Genghis my love, please come help me!”

She then saw in the dim light, a shadowy figure, descending a flight of stairs she had not noticed before. It was an impossibly ancient looking man she saw, but powerful in build, nonetheless.

Trailing behind the ancient looking man, was a woman who appeared to be in her 60s. She was painted up, like an aging prostitute. Was this a brothel, masked as a restaurant? Was she the madam of a house of ill repute? She and the ancient looking man were clearly allies, in Lussee’s abduction and captivity.

The Chinese man seemed, in spite of his vigor, to be a Chinese man centuries old! She rubbed her tired eyes in disbelief. She gasped and whispered to herself, considering the locked glass box she was entombed in….

“It is the evil ‘box man’ who has abducted me!”

Genghis found his Lussee, because of their Twin Flame psychic connection.

Genghis galloped along the Cantonese road at a good clip, clothed in his battle colors of, black, silver and red. He searched mentally for Lussee, using his finely honed martial instincts, augmented by his Twin Flame mental connection with Lussee.

Lussee and Genghis were Twin Flames, so Genghis felt what she felt, and knew by their strong psychic connection, where to find her. He galloped up to a roadside restaurant where he felt Lussee was, and charged inside, looking for his beloved wife.

Genghis looked around, and sensed that his Lussee was below ground. His instincts told him to look for a doorway leading downward. When he found the door, he flung the door open, as he drew his deadly curved sword from its scabbard.

Genghis spotted the ancient looking Chinese abductor, and relying on the muscle memory borne of the ingrained martial arts practice since boyhood, proven in countless applications of the technique–he swung his sword in a lightning quick and accurate arc across the abductor’s neck, decapitating him.

Genghis then flung the Chinese woman aside, warning her not to engage others in following him and Lussee in their escape. At Genghis’ fury, the Chinese woman cowered in the corner. Genghis said….

“Follow us and you shall die, just as surely, but more painfully than your evil compatriot there….perhaps I should kill you too, right now!”

….as he pointed to the ancient man’s decapitated head in a pool of blood. The garishly painted lady pleaded….

“But sir, I tried to be kind to your woman…I meant her no harm….”

Genghis ignored the madam after that. He turned his attention to he glass box holding his beloved Lussee. He raised his sword above his head, and drove the sword down, using the heavy iron hilt end of the sword as a bludgeon on the top of the glass case. The glass broke, allowing him to claw the broken pieces away.

He gently helped Lussee out of the glass box, careful not to let her be cut from shards of sharp glass. They ran up the stairs, and exited the restaurant. When they emerged into the steaming summer heat, they discovered Genghis’ horse nowhere to be seen! Genghis said….

“Run, my love! We must get away from that evil place!:”

It was like a dream. Even though they emerged into the summer heat of Canton, as they ran, the temperatures fell, as if they had entered another dimension, where it was the dead of winter. The whole experience was surreal.

Tired from fleeing the toxic restaurant where Lussee was held captive, when they felt at a safe distance, Genghis solemnly said to her….

“Don’t worry my love. Whether in this lifetime or future lives, I shall love and protect you, always! I will never let anything happen to to you! We are under the protected sacred sign of the bear!”


I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates Always.
Bear Pact Forever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: THE GLASS BOX”

  1. Aww! This really is remarkable, my Sookybear! It has brought a tear, to my eyes. I love you , always . You are so talented, as a writer. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so very much my love. One thing ” if you paid attention in the first place, I would not have gone missing! ” Ha! Aww ” donk! ” Thanks for always protecting me. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day 12 this is so brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! AC Twinklebear, if you hadn’t nagged me to go out for a gallon of goat’s milk, I would have been home to prevent you from being abducted. “DONK” Owwww! I know, you were not “nagging”…you were “concerned” about my nutrition! Ha! YOU! I shall always protect you my love, and rescue and save you from the evil malignancies of the world. I love you, Forever and a day! Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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