TWINKLEBEAR: Our goodbye took three hours!

We hate to say goodbye.


10:00 A.M.: We start to say goodbye.
(But before we finish, we discuss:)

—–The swamping of the British welfare state by immigrants
—–How the indigent on food stamps use benefits to buy beer and cigarettes
—–How the Vikings arrival in Greenland preceded the Inuits by a century
—–The male ego and how males perceive self-image
—–The emotional ramifications of total hystectomy
—–The natural emotional distancing between parents and 20 year old children
—–How the ancient genetics of one’s ethnic group determines modern diet
—–Why herbivores feel healthier eating solely vegetable and fruit diets
—–How intelligent people project several steps ahead in conversation
—–How staying ahead in conversation mentally skews accuracy of perceptions
—–How interpersonal history dictates one’s perception of others’ motivations
—–How beautiful and sexy Twinklebear is
—–How handsome and sexy Sookybear is
—–The manifestations of symmetry in Asian faces
—–Epicanthal folds in Asians and how this affects eye shape
—–Biographical books about Temujin (Genghis Khan)
—–The prevalence of elocution lessons for British women in the 1940s
—–How food volume intake influences weight gain and loss
—–The true meaning of starvation
—–How Twin Flames know more about their Twin than the Twin about himself
—–The benefits of acupuncture for arthritis
—–How martial arts charlatans use fakery techniques to sell their ideas
—–Weather patterns in the US and the UK
—–The behavior of aging dogs
—–The howling characteristics of Alaskan Malamutes
—–How flies are harvested in Africa and hamburgers are made of them
—–English cuisine cookbooks
—–Chinese cuisine cookbooks
—–Powerful female sexual symbols to the male mind
—–Powerful male sexual symbols to the female mind
—–How the perception of Asian electronics has changed over past decades
—–The pros and cons of online banking
—–The benefits of aerobic exercise
—–History of the Romanoffs
—–The influence of various European countries in English Royal bloodlines
—–Catherine The Great of Russia
—–Hollywood’s exaggeration of historical events
—–Medical effects of estrogen
—–Benefits of melatonin
—–How the human psyche adjust to traumatic events
—–We exchange mutual “I LOVE YOUs” twenty-plus times

1:08 P.M.: We finish saying goodbye.


The conversation that took place as Twinklebear and I “were saying goodbye,” does not even include the two hours of conversation my Twin Flame “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I had—before we began “saying goodbye.”

This is not unusual for us. Ever since Twinklebear and I re-found each other (we are reincarnated Twin Flame couple, who had previous lives as such)in late 2015, this has been our pattern of interaction. Even though at this point, we are not married…..

If what Twinklebear and I have, is not “marriage”—then nothing is!

Neither of us has experienced anything like it. We are able to talk about anything and everything without reservation. We are totally open and honest about all things big and small.

We share everything with each other–and it is so liberating to be able to talk to another person so openly, without inhibition. It is especially rare, between males and females.

But that is what the definition of “Twin Flames” is—like speaking to one’s true other half, that makes the two halves together—a true whole.

Twinklebear and I hate to say goodbye. Which is why our “goodbyes” last so long.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. Wow! Amazing! We really did talk about all of this! Ha! Well for once ( don’t faint!) You won’t get a ” donk!” On your head, with the rolling PIN.. as you paid complete attention to all conversations. That is not only rare! It is almost unheard of !! As you are male! Ha ! We really do talk about all topics , don’t we. Aww I love you my Sookybear! I love our conversations. Which btw, you too, are extremely clever too.
    Also windy! Ha! Thank you so much for this great , enchanting, memoir. My sookybear. Scott Genghis Wong. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day 12

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Uhhhhh…AC Twinklebear Lesley Maclean, I THINK you just paid me a left-handed compliment. Which is appropriate, since you ARE left-handed! Ha! YOU! So cute, and BTW—I ALWAYS listen to you……”COUGH” Awww…I love our conversations, and I love you! Now, if only I can SHORTEN that string extending from your back, Chatty Cathy…. “RUNNING” Ha! I love you Forever and a day! Twin Flames, Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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