MONGOLIAN ROOTS: Twinklebear and I have a Mongolian past.



Temujin said to Jochi, “See how well I chose a bride when I chose your mother?” To this, Borte interrupted and said to Temujin, “No—I chose you!” This suddenly occurred to Temujin as true, and said in a startled way, “Yes, that is true!” Temujin then remembered that when he was nine years old and Borte was ten years old, that Borte boldly said to Temujin, “You should choose me as your bride!” And then he did. In reality, she chose him.


My Twin Flame Love, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I, have a deep history with Mongolia. Instead of inundating you with the details of this, let me refer you to Memoir: He Was Asian And Wore All black.” and Memoir: Mongolian Iron Horse.”

If you haven’t already read these earlier memoirs, I urge you to do so before reading any further in this memoir, so that you may have a more comprehensive understanding, of how Mongolia played a role in Twinklebear’s and my history, as a reincarnated Twin Flame couple.

It is imperative that you have this background information, before reading the rest of this memoir

As a Twin Flame couple, Twinklebear and I are a gigantic puzzle. This puzzle is an amalgamation of, recurrent dreams, precognitive dreams, real memories and latent memories.

That is what is entailed every time that Twinklebear and I are reincarnted. We put the pieces together, again. It is an arduous yet loving task, worthy of our history.

But its there. Definitely there

Any of the four components of our puzzle I mentioned—recurrent dreams for the Twinks since the age of 15, Twinklebear’s precognitive dreams of events that came true, solid memories of past lives as replicated by our current behavior for both of us, and latent memories of when I’d rescued Twinklebear in past lives—any one of these examined by itself, would shock and amaze.

And these have been discussed in detail in the earlier memoirs I mentioned. I do draw parallels between us, and Genghis Khan and Borte.

There is a strong parallel between the way that Genghis Khan (Temujin) and his wife Borte met and became a couple, and the way that Twinklebear and I re-found each other in this lifetime. Twinklebear chose me. Twinklebear has said of our meeting….

“I saw you and knew. I knew there was something special about you that made you stand out. I’s almost as if I’d known you for years. I recognized you!”

Twinklebear is my Borte. As we have discussed, Tiwnklebear recognized me first. Hey, I’m just a dumb male, along for the ride.

As we found out, we did know each other, and intimately. We often peer intensely into each other’s eyes and say magically, “I know you! The only difference from when we first met is, we now both know it.

One of the signs of the true Twin Flame couple, is that the two Twins feel that they’ve “known each other forever.” It may sound like a cliche, but I can’t emphasize how profound the feeling–no, not just feeling, but the knowledge that the Twins have, about knowing each other forever—mainifests itself, as it has with us.

In my and Twinklbear’s case, it is true. We have known each other forever—no matter how much we reinvent ourselves with every reincarnation.

I’m certain, that this was they way that Borte felt about Temujin, when she was ten years old and he was nine years old. They were an eternal and inseparable Twin Flame couple, just as Twinklebear and I are. They “knew” each other, “recognized” each other, at the tender ages of nine and ten. It doesn’t hurt the analogy, that my biker nickname since my early 20s, is “Genghis.”

You know from previous memoirs, how I’ve rescued Twinklebear in past lives, as depicted in Twinklebear’s recurrent dreams since her teenage years (amazingly, yet not unpredictably stopping entirely, after we re-found each other in late 2015). You also know from the past events of the last year, of how I saved her in this lifetime—see Memoir: I Saved Her Life.

As a serious writer, I often wonder how these memoirs are being perceived by the general public. If I were on the “the other side of the glass,” (and believe me, I would have been, as the biggest skeptic in the world, before experiencing the Twin Flame trip with my sweet Twinklebear) I would consider my memoirs as “crackpot, addled.”

Yet—I persist, in telling it like it is–just as I’ve always done as a serious writer in the martial arts and biker subculture.

This bothers me more than you can know. To know something that I’ve learned though my esoteric Twin Flame journey with my beloved Twin, Twinklbear, and yet, not be able to convey this knowledge adequately—is frustrating.

But, I expect nothing else. The Twin Flame experience, colors outside of the lines of ordinary human life so thoroughly–that it defies description.

All I know is this. Twinklebear and I have this profoundly mysterious connection with Mongolia, and dare I say it? With Temujin and Borte. Call us crazy, but it is there. Just as Borte chose Genghis Khan, Twinkle Bear chose me. Thank god she did.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forevever
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: NO—I CHOSE YOU”

  1. ” let me tell you another thing also ” … Ha! Our souls, are very, very old! So each time we live and learn. Everytime we are reincarnated , we learn more. This time was just in time, and obviously planned, or meant to be. My Sookybear.
    I too was obsessed, at one point with Genghis khan, I wish my mum was here to verify it. As I had books, and so on , I even wrote in. Some kind of Chinese, or Mongolian, style writing, even drawing tiny pictures, of Oriental design. I would read from the back of my books too. My parents thought this was just being left handed, but no. It was obvious now that I was reincarnated. This memoir is so sweet, and a great record of our journey, my Sookybear. Thanks so much? I love you! Twinflames podmates bearpact 🐻 forever and a day! 1⃣2⃣

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha! Yes, AC Twinklebear, we do learn during every turn on this Earth. “Do we now?” Heh. “Yes, dear.” YOU! So adorable. I love you this time around, just like I have during every time—Forever and a day, my love. Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact Forever! 12 12 12


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