OUR TWIN FLAME LINK: Twinklebear knows me better than I know myself!


A sign of being a Twin Flame couple, is that you naturally heighten each other’s awareness of your own selves. You both are the direct half and reflection of the other, being each other’s true other half, as you were originally one soul divided into two. You know the other like no others in your lives can. You become teachers of the other, as you objectively can know more about your Twin, than he or she can know about himself or herself. This is one of your missions as each other’s Twin, to enlighten and to make your Twin whole again.



Remember this quote of mine, as I will refer to it later.

Even though it seems like forever, it has only been a little over a year since “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I realized, that we were Twin Flames. When I began writing this memoir series on December 10, 2016 (see “Memoir: Twinklebear” ), we were still referring to ourselves as “soulmates.” “Twin Flames” had not entered our vocabularly yet.

We were real “babes in the woods” so to speak.

In fact, if we look back at the chronology of the memoirs, it wasn’t until I wrote “Memoir: Primal Scream” on April 25, 2017, when I began using the term “Twin Flames” in the writing.

We became aware that we are Twin Flames, though reading the ubiquitous “How to tell if you are Twin Flames” sites that populate the internet. We discovered these Twin Flame websites serendipitously, as we searched for information about “soulmates.” We intuitively knew what we were, but could not yet give it a proper name.

In the course of our research into Twin Flames, we came across the numerous “Ten Reasons How You Know You’re Twin Flames” types of lists. I was going to go through these again, to find a suitable “reason” to describe what I wanted to discuss, for use in this memoir. Then I thought…..

“Why bother? Twinklebear and I have learned enough from our own experiences, to describe exactly what occurred this morning.”

And so my quote earlier, does. Describe how what happened this morning, fits a parameter of why Twinklebear and I Are Twin Flames, that is.

This is the conversation that my beloved Twin Flame, “Twinklebear” Lesley Maclean and I, had this morning

(my quotes are in italics)


—–“My Sookybear, what’s the matter? You seem distracted?”

—–“Nothing’s wrong, Twinklebear. I’m just a little tired. I have slight headache. I’m always a little headachy every morning, you know that.”

—–“Hmmm. I know you. You never have a headache by this time of the morning. It’s usually gone by now. What’s really bothering you? There is always a reason.”

—–“No, really, there’s nothing bothering me. That I know of, that is.”

—–“No, I know you. I think that you are bored after quitting your job. You may not realize it, but you are still adjusting to the change. It is early days. It will take you awhile.”

—–“No, you are wrong! There’s nothing bothering me! I am fine, I’m telling you!”

(Me getting “bratty”)


And so it went. Twinklebear stating what she knew for sure, and me vociferously denying it. There was only one problem with my denials, as I doth protest too much.

She was right.

Damn! How does she know these things? Hell, I didn’t know it myself, until I gave it a lot of thought hours after we talked.

I hate it when that happens! And I love it when that happens. Ha! Awww….my lovely Twin Flame Baby, the Twinks!

I tend to be, in old world terms, a stoic. That means in the culture that I grew up in, that a man hated—and denied—weakness of any kind, and even the appearance of weakness. It was a sign of being tough, a man denying any and all weaknesses, no matter how ridiculous it seemed.

Hey, if a man had a setback of any kind, shut the hell up about it, get over it, and move on! That’s what I grew up learning, and what was reinforced in the macho world I thrived on outside of home. I still subscribe to this, as I truly believe in this credence. Yeah, I’m a tough guy alright! With one exception….

I can’t do with with Twinklebear.

Ha! I’m putty in her hands. More importantly, I have learned to be totally open with her. It is the only way I can be with my Twin Flame Baby, because she knows stuff about me, before I do. I am naked before her in every sense (“LEER”). Heh…..

Hey, once such a mesmerizing woman and Twin Flame such as Twinklebear, can tag me with the macho nickname like “Sookybear,” that tells you all you need to know. Ha! So funny.

OH YEAH, I’M TOUGH: My name is “Sookybear.” Ha!

I love my Twinklebear so very much. In spite of my pro forma protestations, I love the fact that with Twinklebear, I can truly be myself. To be able to be oneself, with all barriers fallen, is wonderful.

All jocularity aside, I can let some breath out, and admit that I am indeed in an adjustment period–from a 47 year period of being employed without a break—to be suddenly thrust into an unemployed state—is a lot to swallow (no smart comments from you, Twinklebear, you sexy thing! Ha!) in one gulp.

I can admit that now, thanks to my sweet Twinklebear.

Twinklebear and I learn more and more, about what it means to be Twin Flames. The funny thing is, we knew these things in previous lifetimes, as we are reincarnated Twin Flames.

In the meantime, we re-learn our lessons in this lifetime. My sweet Twinklebear, my lover, my teacher, my best friend, my Twin Flame, my whole world and Universe!—my everything. I love her so much—Forever and a day.

A special note to my Baby: It may seem silly, but my loss of the chair for Room 12 also threw me off. I just realized that! That has been rectified. Ha! The lessons come slowly, but inevitably for us.

I love you, Twinklebear
Forever and a day
Twin Flames always
Bear Pact Forver
12 12 12 in every way


2 thoughts on ““MEMOIR: ON MY MIND, IN MY MIND”

  1. You are so adorable! I love you so much too! Silly Billy! Of course the chair threw you off kilter! ” Dog with a bone! ” Like anything nagging you! ” Oi watch it!” ” Donk” ! I heard that !
    I hope you adjust accordingly my sookybear, as to be ( as you say) working for 47 years , then suddenly whoosh! You’re at home, finding things you normally do, at the weekend, filling into your week too. These are hobbies! Not the same all through the week also.
    In time , I mean give it time also, you will adjust ” baby steps” finding your way , learning to let go of old habits. Really it’s a blessing! You’ll soon see. You are no longer a ” slave to the rhythm…. You can be a ” man of leisure!” ” Donk! ” Ha!
    You will be fine I guarantee it! I too am adjusting , after my ordeal, as you will do also . When faced with no choices. We fight! ! We carry on.
    I thank you for this wonderful memoir, my sookybear! Which ( I foresaw ) you writing , as I see everything !!!! Hs! Bad boy! Now, relax, stop doing what I do, and over analyse things. Fight! Don’t fall into a ” rut!” I love you forever and always! My sookybear podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 12

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww..my sweet Twinklebear, such a beautiful comment you left! Now, as to having a lot swallow—“WINK” You! Bad girl! Ha! I love you so very much. Thanks so much for being my wise half (“COUGH”)…Ha! Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear Pact Forever! Forever and a day, my love. 12 12 12


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