Twinklkebear (left) with her cousin Catherine.

I just watched an online video titled, “7 Reasons Why You’re Crazy Lucky To Be A Twin flame.” There are many such videos online, which turn out to be an important resource for people like me and my Twin Flame, “Twinklbear” Lesley Maclean.

Let’s face it, the soulmate culture in general, and Twin Flame culture in particular, are so esoteric and outside the framework of ordinary, daily existence—that you are not going to find postgraduate courses about these highly spiritual issues. “Mainstream” and Twin Flame” are unlikely terms to coexist, in the same breath.

There is much literature regarding Twin Flames, but these mirror the aforementioned online videos, often authored by the same writers who generated the online videos for commercial purposes.

I originally was going to use all “7 reasons” from the online video, as a framework for this memoir–in effect, to elucidate under each category, how Twinklebear and I manifest them as Twin Flames.

I found however, that some of the “reasons” outlined by the author, to be far beyond my grasp of spiritual matters. I also have a lagging skepticism, with respect to some of it. Language such as “shifting energy” admittedly, makes my eyes glaze over.

Some of the material is so “into the weeds” of new age philosophy so to speak—that I thought that I’d synopsize some of the obvious of the “7 reasons”—and explain how Twinklkebear and I live and love under these categories.

There was also some overlapping of Twin Flame virtues—in some of the “reasons”—which is why I am being selective in condensing Why You Are Crazy Lucky To Be A Twin Flame–down to two “reasons” to be Crazy Lucky To Be A Twin Flame.

Here then, are the two “reasons” I find the most compelling, and the most relevant to Twinklebear and me. They are also the most easy to be understood by novice Twin Flames, as they do not involve large swaths of new age verbiage—but embrace concepts that are valued in “everyday life.”


This one is big.

Truthfully, people never realize how much they are not experiencing this from another human being, until they do meet their Twin Flame. It is a truism, that one does not miss what what one does not know or have.

That was true of Twinklebear and I when we met in Late 2015. We each had our own lives, thinking we were completely happy, and certainly “understood” by the people in our past and present lives. We had no yardstick by which to measure how much that we were—or not—understood.

For Twinklebear and I, that changed very quickly. It became apparent, as we opened up to each other in a way that neither of us had done with other people in our respective lives, that we had been extremely “guarded” and relatively “closed” before. The ease with which we totally exposed our inner selves to each other, we found delightfully astonishing.

It was in a relatively short period of time, I would estimate a six month period, when we naturally eased into a totally open dynamic with each other. There was “something” intrinsic in our chemistries (which we had yet to recognize as a typically Twin Flame way of interacting), that compelled us to “open up” to each other.

It was like a mini force of nature, making us open up like never before. We felt helpless to resist this bonding process, through opening up. This in itself, was amazing to us. Along the way, we each silently thought to ourselves….

“Why am I telling (him or her) this? I never told that to anyone.

By June of 2015, Twinklebear and I became so close, so able to talk about anything and everything, including secret fears and aspirations, that could never have been done—with anyone else on Earth.

We learned through this opening up process, so much about ourselves, about how much we really had “hidden” from the outside world previously–but did not realize that we were hiding behind masks of self-preservation.

These masks we symbolically wore as a defensive mechanism, hardwired into us genetically since caveman days to protect ourselves–we no longer found necessary, in each other’s company. In our secluded Twin Flame World, Twinklebear and I felt “safe” and “at home”—finally.

We finally found someone in this world, the only other person who could understand us completely. And that was for each of us—the other. We truly are each other’s “other half” in every sense of the word.

This dovetails perfectly into the other reason Why We Are Crazy Lucky To Be Twin Flames:


It is so typically characteristic of Twin Flames, they feel that when they are together, that the “outside world” does not exist–that the Twin Flame dynamic creates this feeling that only one’s Twin Flame World exists, and matters.

This actually happened to Twinklebear and me even before we evolved, into being totally “open” with each other. Amazingly, within only a matter of four weeks, we felt this way with each other when together.

From December 12, 2015 (we consider this our anniversary date when we knew there was something special about “us,” but couldn’t adequately define it yet) until mid January 2016, we each felt inexorably tied to the other other, as if an invisible tether bound us to each other, that transcended time and distance.

From that point forward, we felt compelled to spend every available moment together, every single day—which we did, and have done so up to the present. We became inseparable from December 12, 2015 on.

Due to natural denial, balanced with the silent thought that we each were going clinically insane, we were loathe to verbalize the obvious:

That even after a mere month of bonding, we each silently realized, that we could not from that point forward, live without the other.

This gets to the point of “experiencing pinnacles of existence.” It is considered a pinnacle of human existence, for people to live and enjoy “peak experiences.” A “peak experience” is one that is so rare, so full of joy and exhilaration, that not many humans get to know it up close and personally.

How many people get to enjoy anything beyond the mundane, to truly enjoy the passion, love and mystery of the Twin Flame relationship? Not many. Money can’t buy it. People always want it. Only Twin Flames get to experience it.

Twin Flames get to experience this rare passion, love and mystery. Falling breathlessly, hopelessly, deeply and irresistibly in love, something Hollywood and Hallmark can only hint at—is what Twinklebear and I have done. Remarkably, this passion, love and mystery only increases with the passage of time, for Twinklebear and me.

For Twinklebear and me, the passion, love and mystery feels analogously like the “infatuation phase” of an ordinary romantic relationship. In this infatuation phase, lovers can’t stop thinking about each other; they each become “obsessed” with the other. They miss each other with every minute apart.

That is the way it felt for Twinklbear and me, except that it continues to feel that way, without abating. The emotions are breathtaking, unrelenting, and joyously intense.

The difference is, the infatuation of mundane relationships, only lasts a few weeks–whereas our intense emotion, is forever—and is hundred times more profound.

Twinklebear and I are lucky. We are in fact, crazy lucky to be Twin flames.

I love you, Twinklbear Lesley Maclean
Forever and a day
Twin Flames, Podmates always
Bear Pact Forever!
12 12 12 in every way



  1. So remarkable, how we literally , stumbled, upon the ” Twinflame” philosophy. I still cannot always believe it now. Yet, know we are true Twinflames. This memoir, is so great my sookybear. I love you so much. Podmates Twinflames 🐻 pact forever and a day! 121212 .. I am so glad, we managed to reunite. Thanks so much, for writing our story. Aww.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, my AC Twinklebear, I too, am still gobsmacked by the suddenness of it all, the depth of it all, the intensity of it, and the permanence of it all, that does transcend time. When we say “forever and a day,” it is not merely c cute throwaway line, but meant literally. Twin Flames, Podmates, Bear pact Forever, my love! 12 12 12. You’re welcome! awww…


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